The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
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Protostellar Disks 22
High-mass 20
Molecular Clouds 20
Cores 19
SF Laws and IMF 15
Filaments 12
Magnetic Fields 11
Galactic-scale 10
Chemistry 7
Multiplicity 4

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142 Farhad Zadeh US Bipolar 13CO (2-1) Molecular Outflows within 1pc of Sgr A*: Evidence for Low-mass Star Formation Activity
141 Blakesley Burkhart US The Star Formation Rate in the Gravoturbulent Interstellar Medium
140 Jaime Pineda DE The GBT Ammonia Survey: Dense Gas Kinematic Property and the Properties of Dense Cores
139 Claire Esau UK No evidence for primordial mass segregation
138 Christine Ackerl AT Multiplicity Among 3500 Young Stellar Objects in Orion A
137 Ake Nordlund DK Registration cancelled
136 Hendrik Linz DE Far-Infrared Heterodyne Interferometry: What Can It Give Us? Can It Be Done?
135 Shuo Kong US The CARMA-Orion Survey
134 Sylvie Cabrit FR SVS13A as Archetype for the Role of Multiplicity in Accretion Bursts and Jets
133 Maria Maureira US Outflow and Envelope Properties of the Archetype First Hydrostatic Core Candidate L1451-mm
132 Sandra Trevino-Morales SE Are Spiral Filamentary Structures Ubiquitous in Massive Star-Forming Regions?
131 Catherine Dougados FR Rotating Molecular Cavities Scrutinized by ALMA: What Can They Tell Us about Magnetic Fields in Protoplanetary Disks ?
130 Anna Rosen US The Formation of Massive Stars with Radiative and Protostellar Outflow Feedback
129 Basmah Riaz DE Pre-Substellar Cores as Archetypes of Pre-Stellar Cores
128 Guang-Xing Li DE Star Cluster Scaling Relations from Turbulence-Gravity Interplay
127 Paolo Padoan ES The Star Formation Rate of Molecular Clouds
126 Philippe Andre FR The Properties of Nearby Molecular Filaments as Derived from Herschel Gould Belt Survey Observations
125 Lukasz Tychoniec NL Evolutionary Trend in Dust Masses of Embedded Disks Captured by VLA
124 Rachel Smullen US Studying the Time Evolution of Hierarchical Structures in Star Formation Simulations
123 Karolina Kubiak AT Radial Velocity Survey of the Complete Orion Star Forming Region
122 Josefa Grossschedl AT Star Formation Rate and Efficiency in the Orion A Giant Molecular Cloud
121 Elizabeth Watkins UK Massive Star Formation and the Impact of Stellar Feedback: The Case of the G316.75 Massive Star-Forming Ridge
120 Gwen Williams UK Gravity Drives the Evolution of Infrared Dark Hubs
119 Prabesh Joshi DE Resolution Requirements for Modelling the Molecular Hydrogen and CO
118 Mika Juvela FI Galactic Cold Clumps
117 Alexander Hygate DE Characterising the Cloud-Scale Physics of Star Formation and Feedback Beyond the Milky Way - Results from a Comprehensive Survey of Local-Universe Galaxies
116 Qizhou Zhang US Magnetic Fields at the Early Phases of Massive Star Formation
115 Jouni Kainulainen SE The PROMISE Survey: High-Resolution Column Density Mapping of the Galactic Plane
114 Aida Ahmadi DE Core Fragmentation and Disk Stability in High-Mass Star Formation: The W3(H2O) Archetype and Beyond
113 Che-Yu Chen US Fantastic Striations and Where to Find Them: The Origin of Magnetically Aligned Striations in Interstellar Clouds
112 Nicole Karnath US An ALMA + VLA Survey of Orion Protostars: The Youngest Class 0 Objects
111 Manuel Jung DE Early Phases of Protostellar Discs -- The Role of Radiative Feedback
110 Camilo Penaloza UK Can the Virial Parameter Reliably Trace the Dynamical State of Molecular Clouds?
109 Rosaria Bonito IT Accretion and Outflows in Young Stars: an Interdisciplinary Approach for a Multi-Band Investigation
108 Michael Rugel DE Feedback from HII Regions - Spatially Resolved Radio Recombination Line Analysis from the THOR Survey of the Milky Way
107 Maryvonne Gerin FR Nascent Disks in the First Hydrostatic Core/Class 0 archetypes B1b-N and B1b-S
106 Alberto Sanna DE Discovery of a Warped Infalling Disk around an O-type YSO
105 Asuncion Fuente ES Gas phase Elemental abundances in Molecular cloudS (GEMS)
104 Anders Koelligan DE Jets and Outflows of Massive Protostars
103 Peter Barnes US A new Archetype for Molecular Cloud Dynamical Evolution
102 Troels Haugboelle DK The Stellar IMF from Isothermal MHD Turbulence
101 Miaomiao Zhang DE Star-Forming Content of the Galactic Giant Molecular Filaments
100 Emily Drabek-Maunder UK Understanding the Early Stages of Terrestrial Planet Formation in the DG Tau A Disc
99 Eric Keto US Testing Theories of Star Formation
98 Orsolya Feher HU Revealing the Process and Characteristics of Episodic Accretion in FU Orionis-Type Eruptive Young Stars
97 Jan Forbrich UK Orion Radio News Update: Insights into High-Energy/Accretion Processes in the Time Domain with VLA/ALMA and Precision Astrometry with the VLBA
96 Maria Kirsanova RU Impact of Expanding Shells on High and Low Mass Star Formation in Giant Molecular Cloud G174+2.5
95 Thomas Nony FR Challenging the Relation between Cores masses and Stellar Masses: from W43-MM1 to the ALMA-IMF Large Program
94 Michael Kueffmeier DE The Role of Infall on Young Protostellar Systems
93 Manuel Riener DE Going Beyond Cloud Segmentation: Unveiling the Detailed Velocity Structure of the CO Gas in the Galactic Plane
92 Natsuko Izumi JP Star Formation Efficiency in Low Surface Gas Density and Low Metallicity Environment
91 Stefan Meingast AT Infrared Extinction in Orion A
90 Volker Ossenkopf-Okada DE Quantifying Filamentary Collapse Modes in Molecular Clouds
89 Dimitrios Gouliermis DE Deciphering Clustered Star Formation with Machine Learning Techniques
88 Satoshi Ohashi JP Gravitationally Unstable Condensations Revealed by ALMA in a Prestellar Core in the Orion A Cloud
87 Jacob Ward DE Not all Stars Form in Clusters - Measuring the Kinematics of OB Associations with Gaia
86 Yichen Zhang JP Protostellar Outflows in the Perseus Molecular Clouds
85 Daniel Seifried DE Linking Molecular Cloud Simulations to Observations
84 Josep-Miquel Girart CT Polarization Archetypes in Protostellar Disks
83 Eleonora Zari NL Young Stellar Populations Towards Orion with Gaia DR2
82 Elena Redaelli DE Unveiling the Dynamics of the Barnard 59 Star-Forming Clump
81 Rainer Koehler AT Observations of Binary Stars
80 Zhiwei Chen CN The Magnetic Fields in HII Region-Driven Bubbles
79 Juergen Steinacker FR Star Formation Rates Derived from Current Core Mass Functions: Why are They Physically Not Meaningful?
78 Emeric Bron ES Unsupervised Characterization of the Physical/Chemical Phases in a GMC
77 Adam Ginsburg US Star Formation Laws Evaluated at our Galaxy's Highest Density
76 Javier Ballesteros-Paredes MX Are There Really Archetypes for Molecular Clouds, Filaments and Cores?
75 Matthias Gritschneder DE Cutting the Edge - on the Survival of Finite Filaments
74 Bram Ochsendorf US What Drives the Formation of Massive Stars and Clusters?
73 Sami Dib DK A non-universal IMF in the Milky Stellar Clusters
72 Hans Baehr DE Formation of Stellar Companions through Disk Fragmentation
71 Yuan Wang DE Dense Gas in Giant Molecular Filaments: Connecting the Milky Way to other Galaxies
70 Juan Soler DE The Imprints of the Molecular Cloud Formation Process as Revealed by Machine Vision
69 Elena Nikoghosyan AM New Embedded Eruptive Variable YSO UKIDSS-J185318.36+012454.5
68 Jan Orkisz FR Outstanding Radio-Imaging of OrioN-B: Characterizing the Different Environments of a GMC
67 Nathaniel Kee DE Near Star Radiative Feedback and the Stellar Upper Mass Limit
66 Hope Chen US Droplets: Pressure-Confined Sub-0.1 pc Coherent Structures
65 Sebastian Ramirez CL Systematic Search of Massive Clusters in NIR Photometric Surveys (and the Variety of Results)
64 Mehrnoosh Tahani CA Helical Magnetic Fields in Molecular Clouds? A New Method to Determine the Line-of-Sight Magnetic Field Structure in Molecular Clouds
63 Rolf Kuiper DE First Hydrodynamics Simulations of Radiation Forces and Photoionization Feedback in Massive Star Formation
62 Antoine Gusdorf FR Shocks and the Early Phases of Star Formation
61 Aurore Bacmann FR Is Dust Continuum Emission a Good Gas Tracer in Pre-Stellar Cores?
60 Asmita Bhandare DE First Core Lifetime from Low- to High-Mass Star Formation
59 Will Fischer US HOPS 383, the Archetypical Outbursting Class 0 Protostar
58 Alexander Howard UK Differential Column Density in Super-Resolution in Taurus
57 Rowan Smith UK Star Formation in Galactic Clouds and Filaments
56 Jonathan Henshaw DE Seeding the Galactic Centre Gas Stream: Initial Conditions for the Formation of Young Massive Clusters
55 Birgit Hasenberger AT Effective Dust Temperatures in the Pipe Nebula's Dense Cores
54 Stefan Heigl DE Core Formation in Filaments under the Influence of Turbulence and Large Scale Velocity Gradients
53 Sarah Jeffreson DE A General Analytic Theory for the Giant Molecular Cloud Lifetime: Unifying the Zoo of Evolutionary Mechanisms Governing the Cloud Lifecycle
52 Nacho Anez ES GGD27 MM1: is it an Archetype of an Accretion Disk around a Massive YSO?
51 Melanie Chevance DE A Dominant Reservoir of CO-Dark Molecular Gas in 30 Doradus - the Local Archetype of Extreme High-Mass Star-Forming Regions
50 Richard Klein US The Formation of Massive Clusters From High Redshift to the Present Day Universe
49 Joseph Mottram DE From Clump to Disk Scales in W3IRS4 - the Impact of Neighbourhood on Massive Star Formation
48 Kazuki Tokuda JP A Detached Protostellar Disk around a ~0.2Msun Protostar in a Possible Site of a Multiple Star Formation in a Dynamical Environment in Taurus
47 Diederik Kruijssen DE The Critical Role of Galactic Dynamics in Regulating the Spatial Structure, Kinematics, and Star Formation Activity of Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone
46 Yoko Oya JP Three Cases of Chemical Differentiation in Disk-Forming Regions of Low-Mass Protostellar Sources
45 Aina Palau MX Fragmentation of Massive Dense Cores: from 0.1 to 0.01 pc
44 Yueh-Ning Lee FR A Robust Explanation of the Peak of the IMF
43 Paul Rohde DE Evolution of Hubble Wedges in Episodic Protostellar Outflows
42 Mario Tafalla ES Clues to the Outflow Acceleration Mechanism from ALMA Observations of the L1448 Archetype
41 Hsi-Wei Yen DE Disk Growth and Angular Momentum Transfer at the Early Stage of Star Formation
40 Seamus Clarke DE Synthetic Observations of Fibrous Filaments: the Problems of Mapping from PPV to PPP
39 Ramon Rey-Raposo UK Cloud Morphology Also Shapes the Clusters
38 Pierre Marchand JP Non-Ideal MHD in Star Formation and the Treatment of the Hall Effect in Numerical Codes
37 John Tobin US The VLA/ALMA Nascent Disk and Multiplicity Survey of Perseus and Orion
36 Yang Gao CN Variable Protostellar Mass Accretion Rates in Cloud Cores
35 Patrick Sheehan US Constraints on Embedded Disk Structures and Masses as Seen by CARMA and ALMA
34 John Ilee UK Unveiling Massive Star Formation with Multi-Wavelength Observations
33 Timea Csengeri DE Signatures of Accretion Shocks in the Inner Envelope of a Young High-Mass Protostar
32 Erick Young US JWST Extinction Mapping of IR Dark Clouds
31 Shmuel Bialy IL The HI-to-H2 Transition in a Turbulent Medium
30 Elena Kadyshevich RU Bok-Globules as an Early Stage of Star Formation in the Context of the PFO-CFO Theory of Solar System Formation and Transformation
29 Yao-Lun Yang US Direct Infall Signatures and Complex Organic Molecules Found Toward Two Isolated Cores, BHR71 and B335
28 Thomas Henning DE Conference Summary
27 Ralph Pudritz CA The Origin and Growth of Massive Star Clusters
26 Bastian Koertgen DE The Origin of Filamentary Star Forming Clouds in Magnetised Galaxies
25 Doug Johnstone CA The Variability of Deeply Embedded Protostars in the Sub-Millimetre
24 Aleksandr Nesterenok RU Modelling C-Type Shock Waves in Dense Clouds
23 Greg Doppmann US Searching for Residual Gas and Dust in Protostellar Disks
22 Anna McLeod NZ HH 1177: an Optical Parsec-Scale Jet from a Massive Young Stellar Object in the Large Magellanic Cloud
21 Quentin Salome MX The Draco Nebula: the Atomic-to-Molecular Transition in a Colliding Flow
20 Aleksandra Kuznetsova US Distribution of Angular Momenta in Protostars and Their Envelopes
19 Andreas Burkert DE A Bathtub Model for the Star-Forming ISM
18 Henrik Beuther DE Magnetic Fields at the Onset of High-Mass Star Formation
17 Karin Oeberg US Chemistry of the Early Phase of Star Formation
16 Becky Arnold UK Quantifying Velocity Structure in Star Clusters
15 Naiping Yu CN Chemical Evolution of Red MSX Sources (RMSs) in the Southern Sky
14 Chat Hull CL Using ALMA to Probe the Role of the Magnetic Field in the Earliest Stages of Star Formation
13 Carlos Carrasco-Gonzalez MX Observing Magnetic Fields and Collimation in Protostellar Jets
12 James Di Francesco CA Molecular Cloud Cores
11 Clare Dobbs UK The Early Phase of Star Formation on Galaxy-Scale
10 Alex Lazarian US Tracing Magnetic Fields with Velocity Gradients
9 Mark Krumholz AU High-Mass Star/Star Cluster Formation
8 Simon Goodwin UK Multiplicity in the Early Phase of Star Formation
7 Shu-ichiro Inutsuka JP Molecular Clouds: Formation and Evolution During Early Star Formation
6 Charles Lada US Star Formation Laws and the IMF
5 Alvaro Hacar NL Filaments
4 Benoit Commercon FR The Role of Magnetic Fields During the Early Phase of Star Formation
3 Nami Sakai JP Protostellar Disks
2 Joao Alves AT Archetypes
1 John Carpenter CL Probing the Physical Conditions in Star Forming Regions with ALMA
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