The poster boards have the format 1.80m in height and 1.20m in width.
1 Henrik BeutherHigh-mass star formation at sub-50AU resolution
2 Tyler BourkeJets and Outbursts in the BHR 71 Class 0 Outflows
3 Hope How-Huan ChenCoherent Structures and Star Formation: An Updated Story of Islands of Calmness in a Sea of Turbulence
4 Maximilian DischThe Energy Budged of a Molecular Cloud
5 Juan FariasThe Dynamics of Star Cluster Formation
6 Alyssa GoodmanHigh-Dimensional Data Visualization with glue
7 David GuszejnovReconciling extragalactic IMF variations with MW universality
8 H Perry HatchfieldThe CMZoom Catalog of Clumps in the Central Molecular Zone
9 Jonathan HenshawWhat's sculpting the Brick?
10 Alex HygateA physically motivated approach to measure diffuse emission fractions and ISM fragmentation lengths
11 Benjamin KellerStar Formation in L* Galaxies Regulated by Entropy Driven Winds
12 Katharin KreckelThe Ionized Milky Way: The Local Volume Mapper (LVM) in SDSS-V
13 Victor KsollCharacterising extragalactic Pre-Main-Sequence Stars with Machine and Deep Learning Techniques
14 Yao LiuThe Ring structure in the MWC 480 disk Revealed by ALMA
15 Michael MatternThe kinematics of of ATLASGAL filaments
16 Raphaël Mignon-RisseHybrid Radiative Transfer Methods for Prestellar Isolated Core Collapse
17 Farrukh NaumanGlobal simulations of disks around massive stars
18 Eric PellegriniWARPFIELD II-EMP: The Physics Driving Time-Dependent HII+PDR emission from evolving star forming regions
19 Gerardo Ramon FoxGalactic Scale Flows and the Formatio of Molecular Clouds
20 Marta Reina-CamposThe environmental variation of the cosmic formation histories of stars, clusters, and globular clusters in E-MOSAICS
21 Stefan ReisslQuantifying the magnetic field in the Milky Way: new advances in radiative transfer modeling
22 Fabio SantosThe far-infrared polarization spectrum of Rho Ophiuchi A from HAWC+/SOFIA observations
23 Patrick Sheehanpdspy: Radiative Transfer Modeling Tools for the ALMA Era and Beyond
24 Mattia SormaniMass inflow rate in the Central Molecular Zone: observational determination and evidence of episodic accretion
25 Andri SpilkerTBD
26 Sümeyye SuriStar Formation in the Orion A Molecular Cloud
27 Jonas SyedHI cloud formation
28 Yuan WangStudying atomic hydrogen during cloud formation by means of HI self absorption (HISA)
Background image: Robert Hurt, IPAC