WARPFIELD II-EMP: The Physics Driving Time-Dependent HII+PDR emission from evolving star forming regions

Eric Pellegrini

Poster -- Star-forming regions

By coupling the dynamical evolution of 1D to models of the structure of HII/PDR clouds we are able to produce self-consistent predictions for emission lines and continuum observations as a function of metallicity, cloud mass, density and star formation efficiency. Our models allow us to break long standing degeneracies in line diagnostics, by constraining the evolution of the ionization parameter and G0 to the cloud and cluster age. The ISM is full of many emission sources, like that of 12CO and [CII]. However, these models represent the first self consistent attempt to describe the emission that originates as a result of star formation in the dense, star forming ISM, and represent the minimum emission from the star forming building blocks of a galaxy.

Background image: Robert Hurt, IPAC