Jets and Outbursts in the BHR 71 Class 0 Outflows

Tyler Bourke

Poster -- Star-forming regions

The BHR 71 low-mass protostellar binary system powers two highly collimated outflows, with the outflow from the primary (IRS1) producing shock-induced chemical activity only seen in a handful of other outflows, notably L1157, but also L1448C and IRAS04166 (Bourke+ 1997, Garay+ 1998, Bourke 2001, Parise+ 2006). This may represent a very short phase in the outflow process that we don't yet understand. The shocks are likely caused by jets with velocities > 50 km/s impacting on the ambient material, but unlike in the other outflows mentioned above, no such jet has yet been identified in BHR 71, although hints are found in low-resolution Herschel water and high-J CO observations (Yıldız+ 2013, Mottram+ 2014). We present ALMA observations that reveal the jets for the first time, and also reveal past and ongoing episodic outflow ejections and precession.

Background image: Robert Hurt, IPAC