The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2016 Posters

P01 Aida Ahmadi Disk kinematics in the high-mass star forming regions W3(H2O) and W3(OH)
P02 Andreas Burkert ISM dynamics and star formation in gas-rich galactic disks
P03 Che-Yu Chen Formation of Magnetized Pre-Stellar Cores in Turbulent Clouds
P04 Hope Chen High-Dimensional Identification and Statistics of Star-Forming Substructures in GMCs
P05 Roxana-Adela Chira Dust Radiative Transfer in Star-Forming Filaments
P06 Seamus Clarke Pertubation growth in accreting filaments
P07 Emily Drabek-Maunder Understanding the influence of outflows on Gould Belt clouds
P08 Jan Forbrich The Orion Radio All-Stars: new perspectives in stellar radio astronomy
P10 Matthias Gonzalez Simulations of massive magnetized dense core collapse
P11 Matthias Gritschneder Filament fragmentation at arbitrary length scales
P12 Stefan Heigl Non-linear dense core formation in filaments by gravitational fragmentation
P13 Patrick Hennebelle Feedback: the impact of supernovae remnants and HII regions
P14 Chat Hull Formation of proto-multiple stellar systems in a magnetized, fragmenting filament
P16 Richard Klein Multi-Physics, Multi-scale Simulations of Star Formation in Filamentary Infrared Dark Molecular Clouds: A Hierarchical Approach from Large Scale Magnetized Clouds to Stellar Clusters
P17 Vera Koenyves A census and properties of dense cores and filaments in the Aquila and Orion B cloud complexes
P18 Diederik Kruijssen The physics setting the molecular cloud lifetime
P19 Rolf Kuiper Multi-Physics of Feedback in Massive Star Formation
P20 Hendrik Linz Painting better pictures of early massive SF in the aftermath of Herschel
P21 Baobab Liu Circumstellar disks of the most vigorously accreting young stars
P22 Anna McLeod Observing massive star formation feedback: what optical and near-infrared integral field spectroscopy can do for you
P23 Joseph Mottram The role of local environment in the formation of massive stars
P24 Fumitaka Nakamura Are Prestellar Cores Magnetically-Subcritical?
P25 Yoko Oya Infalling-Rotating Envelopes and Disks around Low-Mass Protostars
P26 Jaime Pineda On the fragmentation of filaments and the origin of wide separation multiples
P27 Adele Plunkett Uncovering episodic outflows and their feedback in protostellar clusters
P28 Andy Pon Observational Evidence for Turbulence Dissipating in Giant Molecular Clouds
P29 Julia Roman-Duval Distribution and mass of diffuse and dense CO gas in the Milky Way
P30 Michael Rugel Physical properties of transition regions between atomic and molecular gas in the interstellar medium with the THOR survey
P31 Nami Sakai Chemical Diversity in Low-Mass Star-Forming Cores and It's Future toward the Protoplanetary Disks
P32 Eugenio Schisano Wispy features in the Milky Way: a global view of filamentary structures in the Galactic Plane
P33 Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar Multi-episodic and triggered star formation in IC 1396 A: A Herschel surprise and IRAM followup of a newly formed object
P34 Ke Wang Automated identification of large-scale velocity-coherent filaments in the Galaxy
P35 Harold Yorke Star Formation in the Early Universe
P36 Hans Zinnecker Star formation in collapsing proto-clusters

The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.