EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Circumstellar disks of the most vigorously accreting young stars

Baobab Liu
ESO, Munich, DE
We imaged a sample of unusually actively accreting young stellar objects (YSOs), namely the FU Orionis objects, with extremely high contrast and resolution, using the Subaru 8.2 m Telescope. These observations unveiled large-scale gas arms and arcs surrounding the protostars. They are smoking guns of chaotic gravitational interactions between protostars and protoplanetary disks, which are kneading the protoplanetary disk material into condensed gas clumps. The occasional violent accretion of young stars may be via engulfing those condensed gas clumps with the large-scale gas arms and arcs.
M. Takami, ASIAA, TW
T. Kudo, NAOJ, JP
J. Hashimoto, NAOJ, JP
R. Dong, Berkeley, US
E. I. Vorobyov, Vienna, AT
T.-S. Pyo, NAOJ, JP
M. Fukagawa, NAOJ, JP
M. Tamura, Univ. Tokyo, JP
Th. Henning, MPIA, DE
M. M. Dunham, CfA, US
J. Karr, ASIAA, TW
N. Kusakabe, NAOJ, JP
T. Tsurie, NAOJ, JP
Suggested Session: Disk Formation