The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2016 Objectives
Ten years have passed since the first EPoS meeting.
Do we better understand how stars of all masses are formed from the assembly of a molecular cloud through the collapse of cores within the cloud to the formation of a protostar?

Recalling the progress we made through the years, EPoS 2016 is dedicated to an assessment of main obstacles that hinder our comprehension of the complex formation process.

Both early formation of stars from the low- to the high-mass regime are considered.

Individual astrophysical topics of interest are: triggered star formation, clustered star formation, cores, chemistry, collapse, fragmentation, jets, competitive accretion, giant molecular clouds, binarity, magnetic fields, initial mass function, turbulence, X-rays, and early phases of disks.
The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.