EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Simulations of massive magnetized dense core collapse

Matthias Gonzalez
U Paris Diderot - CEA, Saclay, FR
Discs and outflows are observational features of star formation. While discs and outflows formation is becoming increasingly constrained thanks to radiation magnetohydrodynamics models in the context of low-mass star formation, it is not the case for massive star formation. We will present results of massive magnetized dense core collapse simulations including radiative feedback and ambipolar diffusion. We will show how magnetic fields and radiative feedback work together to launch outflows. We will study the formation and properties (early evolution and fragmentation) of the disc around the massive protostars.
B. Commercon, ENS Lyon, FR
N. Vaytet, NBI, Copenhagen, DK
J. Masson, U Exeter, GB
G. Chabrier, ENS Lyon, FR
Suggested Session: Massive Star Formation