The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2008 Registered Persons

Name Affil. Co Suggested Contribution
Lori Allen HSCfA US Star formation at 2 kpc and beyond: Sucesses and limitations of Spitzer
Richard Allison Univ. Sheffield UK The dynamical evolution of fractal clusters
Philippe Andre CEA Saclay FR Probing the demography of core formation with Herschel surveys
Rhianne Attwood Cardiff Univ. UK Simulating Prestellar Cores
Joao Alves Calar Alto Obs. ES The dark future of Star Formation
Aurore Bacmann (ORG) LAOG FR Kinematics of pre-stellar cores: fast infall
Javier Ballesteros CRyA, UNAM MX On the gravitational content of molecular clouds and their cores
Robi Banerjee ITA, ZAH DE Molecular Cloud Formation out of the magnetized ISM
Shantanu Basu Univ. West. Ontario CA Magnetic Fields: Recent Progress and Future Tests
Matthew Bate Univ. Exeter UK Radiation hydrodynamical simulations of the earliest stages of low-mass star formation
Henrik Beuther MPIA DE Massive Star Formation: Major Questions and Potential Answers
Tyler Bourke HSCfA US The Initial Conditions for Star Formation in Clusters
Annabel Cartwright Cardiff Univ. UK Directionality in Star Clusters
Paola Caselli Univ. of Leeds UK Chemistry: achievements and challenges
Cecilia Ceccarelli LAOG FR -
Rolf Chini AIB DE M17 - a test bed for the formation of high-mass stars
Paul Clark ITA/ZAH DE The thermodynamic evolution of GMCs and the formation of clusters
Benoit Commercon CRAL ENS & CEA FR AMR Radiation hydrodynamics for protostellar collapse calculations
Richard Crutcher Univ. of Illinois US Magnetic Fields and Star Formation: New Observational Tests and Analyses, and Surprising New Results
Timea Csengeri CEA FR Deep investigation of high-mass star formation in the DR21(OH) clump - from large scales to small scales
Wolf Dapp Univ. West. Ontario CA New tests of the role of magnetic fields in star forming regions
Sami Dib CEA FR From Cores to Stars: The role of Gravity
James Di Francesco NRCC CA Wide-field H2D+ Observations of Starless Cores
Clare Dobbs Univ. of Exeter UK Revealing the formation and properties of GMCs through galaxy simulations
Michael Dunham Univ. Texas US Identifying the Low Luminosity Population of Embedded Protostars in the c2d Observations of Clouds and Cores
Melissa Enoch UC Berkeley US Characterizing the structure and evolution of deeply embedded protostars with mid-IR to millimeter observations
Cassandra Fallscheer MPIA DE Early evolution of massive protostellar objects and the search for disks
Davide Fedele Univ. Padova IT The timescale of gas dispersion in protoplanetary disks
Rachel Friesen Univ. Victoria CA Clustered Low Mass Star Formation in the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud
James Furness Univ. Sheffield UK Observational Evidence for Massive Clusters in Compact and Ultracompact HII regions
Gilberto Gomez CRyA, UNAM MX A simple model for the formation and collapse of molecular cloud cores
Alyssa Goodman HSCfA US Ready-to-Eat?: What Early "Taste-Tests" Say about Modern Simulations of Star Formation
Fabian Heitsch Univ. Michigan US New Approaches to Understanding the Formation of Molecular Clouds and Stars
Martin Hennemann MPIA DE Young massive cores in the ISOSS 170 um sample
Thomas Henning MPIA DE The Earliest Stages of Massive Stars - The Search Continues
Aya Higuchi NRO TIT JP A study of the physical relation between embedded clusters and their natal clumps using the Nobeyama 45m telescope
Tracey Hill Univ. Exeter UK Mopra observations of cold cores
Masaaki Hiramatsu IAA, AS TW AzTEC/ASTE Wide-Field Imaging of Southern Star Forming Regions at Lambda = 1.1 mm
Vera Hoffmeister AIB DE Triggered star formation in M17
Joseph Hora HSCfA US The Spitzer Legacy Survey of the Cygnus-X Region: Status and Results
Takashi Hosokawa NAO JP Evolution of massive protostars growing under high accretion rates
David Hubber Univ. Oslo NO The dynamical fragmentation of prestellar cores
Izaskun Jimenez-Serra Univ. Leeds UK Unveiling the main heating source in the Cepheus A HW2 star cluster
Doug Johnstone HIA CA Conference Summary
Alberic Joos de ter Beerst CRAL ENS Lyon FR Protostellar collapse simulations: Comparison of three approximations of the grey RHD
Jes Jorgensen AIfA DE Early Phases of Disks
Jens Kauffmann HSCfA US Star Formation of L1448 in 3D: Does only Gravity matter?
Eric Keto HSCfA US Models of Starless Cores
Helen Kirk Univ. Victoria CA Constraining the Environment of Star-Forming Regions: From Observations to Simulations and Back Again
Pamela Klaassen McMaster Univ. CA Infall, Rotation and Outflow in Four Massive Star Forming Regions
Richard Klein Univ. California, Berkeley US The Effects of Feedback on the Formation of High Mass Stars
Ralf Klessen ITA/ZAH DE Fragmentation of Turbulent Molecular Clouds and Star Formation
Kathleen Kraemer US AFRL US The Spitzer Legacy Survey of the Cygnus-X Region: the 24 micron Data
Kaitlin Kratter Univ. Toronto CA Protostellar disk formation and evolution: the influence of stellar mass and environment
Rolf Kuiper MPIA DE Modeling Disks in Massive Star Formation
Charlie Lada HSCfA US The physical nature of dense cores and the role of pressure in the initial stages of star formation
Hendrik Linz MPIA DE Dissecting massive YSOs with MIR interferometry
Marco Lombardi ESO ST-ECF Garching DE The three-dimensional structure of giant molecular clouds: current status and prospects with GAIA
Anaelle Maury CEA FR Probing the early phases of clustered star formation: a millimeter study of a newly discovered protocluster in Serpens/Aquila Rift
Thomas Megeath Univ. Toledo US The Formation and Early Evolution of Clusters and Associations
Farzana Meru Univ. Exeter UK Radiation hydrodynamical calculations of the early evolution of massive accretion discs
Lawrence Morgan St Mary's Univ. CA Varied Mechanisms for Star Formation in Bright-Rimmed Clouds
Frederique Motte CEA FR Properties of high-mass protostars and massive pre-stellar cores at the dawn of Herschel and ALMA
Telemachos Mouschovias Univ. Illinois US Recent Advances and Future Directions of the Role of Magnetic Fields in Protostar Formation: What Close Collaborations between Theorists and Observers Can Achieve in Dispelling Myths and Testing Theories
Phil Myers HSCfA US Protostar Mass Due to Infall and Dispersal
Erick Nagel CRyA MX Size estimation of disks around proto-stars, from boundary conditions in collapsing dense cores
Fumitaka Nakamura Niigata Univ. JP Magnetically Regulated Star Formation in Low-Mass Star Forming Regions
Antonella Natta Arcetri Obs. IT -
Markus Nielbock MPIA DE A brief history of the large accretion disc in M 17
Dieter Nuernberger ESO Santiago & Paranal CL High Mass Star Formation to the Extremes: NGC 3603 at High Angular Resolution from Infrared to Millimeter Wavelengths Star Formation in Low-Mass Star Forming Regions
David Nutter Cardiff Univ. UK The origins of stars: Spitzer, Harp, Scuba2 and beyond
Richard Parker Univ. Sheffield UK The Dynamical Effect of Star Cluster Evolution on Binary Systems
Dawn Peterson HSCfA US The Role of Environment in Star Formation: Isolated Clusters vs. Bright-Rimmed Clouds
Monika Petr-Gotzens ESO-Garching DE Brown dwarfs and candidate planetary mass objects in the Orion Trapezium Cluster
Jaime Pineda HSCfA US The COMPLETE study of dense cores with the GBT: pointed observations and maps
Ralph Pudritz McMaster Univ. CA The role of magnetic fields in star formation
German Racca INPE BR A 2MASS Analysis of the Stability of Southern Bok Globules
Sarah Ragan Univ. Michigan US Constraining Conditions of Cluster Formation: Paving the Way for the ALMA age
Javier Rodon MPIA DE W3 IRS 5: A Trapezium in its making
Jonathan Rowles Univ. Kent UK An All Sky Investigation of Giant Molecular Cloud Structure
Kazi Rygl MPIfR DE Early phases of massive star formation in high extinction clouds
Takeshi Sakai NRO JP A Survey of Molecular Lines toward Massive Clumps Associated with Infrared Dark Clouds
Anuj Sarma DePaul Univ. US Magnetic Field Observations at High Angular Resolution in Star Forming Regions
Markus Schmalzl MPIA DE CB17: A prestellar core at the verge of collapse
Frederic Schuller MPIfR DE The APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy (ATLASGAL)
Dmitry Semenov MPIA DE -
Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar MPIA DE Multiwavelength observations of young clusters
Michael Smith Univ. Kent UK Deciphering protostellar outflows with molecular hydrogen
Dimitris Stamatelos Cardiff Univ. UK Brown dwarf formation by fragmentation of early-phase massive discs
Juergen Steinacker (ORG) MPIA DE The Future of Cloud Core Modeling
Mario Tafalla OAN ES Low-mass cores: achievements and challenges
Jonathan Tan Univ. Florida US Constraints on Star Formation Theories from Studies of Infrared Dark Clouds
Konstantinos Tassis Univ. Chicago US The Shocking Birth of Protostars
Susan Terebey Cal State LA US Insights into the VeLLO source L1521F IRS using 160 micron data from the Taurus Spitzer Legacy Survey
Leonardo Testi ESO DE ALMA - status, capabilities, future possible developments, and outlook on (early phase) star formation research with this facility
Thomas Troland Univ. Kentucky US Statistically significant observations of magnetic field strengths in molecular clouds
D. Johan van der Walt North West Univ. SA Periodic masers in G9.62+0.20E: Seeing the Unseen
Tim van Kempen Leiden Obs. NL The identification and characterisation of embedded YSOs
Anton Vasyunin MPIA DE Study of stochastic effects in grain surface chemistry with Monte Carlo approach
Tatiana Vasyunina MPIA DE Millimeter mapping and MIR extinction maps for southern IRDCs
Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni CRyA, UNAM MX Topology of the velocity and magnetic fields, and the star formation efficiency
Malcolm Walmsley INAF IT Tracing the dense component in prestellar cores
Anthony Whitworth Cardiff Univ. UK Star formation triggered by expanding HII regions
Dmitry Wiebe IARAS RU Toward truly initial conditions for chemistry in starless cores
Harold Yorke JPL Caltech US Evolution of Accreting Protostars
Hans Zinnecker AIP DE The Multiplicity of Massive Stars
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