Heidelberg - Jena - St.Petersburg - Database of Optical Constants (HJPDOC)

Optical properties:

The light scattering tools are used to calculate the optical properties of scatterers (cross-sections, scattering matrix, etc.) from given optical constants for a selected scatterer model.
  1. Database of optical properties of scatterers
    A still developing site devoted to systematic consideration of the optical properties of various scatterer models and related topics. It (will) contains original light scattering (LS) tools, reviews of LS methods, library of tabales and graphics illustrating the optical properties of different scatterers, a special on-line tool to calculate some optical properties for selected scatterer model, links to related WWW resources.


In hydrodynamical calculations making for dusty media one is known to require the data on the optical propetries of particles in the form of opacities calculated for different temperature and density values.
  1. Opacities for protoplanetary disks
    The WWW pages concern different aspects of calculation of monochromatic, Rosseland and Plack mean opacities for dusty media under conditions typical of protoplanetary disks (bibliography, data, codes). Obtained opacities are expected to be in tabular and graphic forms.

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