Heidelberg - Jena - St.Petersburg - Database of Optical Constants (HJPDOC)

How is the database organized?

You have arrived at our welcome page. It contains a link to the homepage of the database, which gives a list of material groups (silicates, oxides and so on) and a description of related topics (Internet resources, books, etc).

Each group of materials has its own page that includes a table whose columns show: the state of the material (amorphous, crystalline, glassy), the quantity measured or calculated (refractive index, reflectance, etc), the form of the data (table, figure), the considered wavelength range (in microns), and reference to the paper.

When the data in a paper were available we created a corresponding HTML page and supplied the table of references with a link to the page. Such a page can contain links to data and graphic files, information about the paper (e.g. its ADS abstract), a description of how the data were derived and so on.
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