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What is new at the HJPDOC

17.03.2008 I started to put ADS-Links for the references (if available). Already works for Silicates, Silicon and quartz, metales. JP
28.01.2008 The new HJPDOC site is now available in public.
17.01.2008 A totaly revised homepage design is uploaded by Jan Pitann
11.2007 The JPDOC is now installed on a server at the MPIA in Heidelberg.
So it was renamed to "HJPDOC"
237 new references are added
07.2002 over 100 references were added by D.Semenov (Jena),   so now totally over 1150 refs.
05.2002 Essential additions and updates:
  more references to books and reviews,
  more references to papers (included about 150 ones from physical journals and about 50 recent ones from astronomical journals),
  more links to other sources (Opacities pages, Ioffe Inst. lib., DOP, etc.),
  new section (Miscellaneous, incl. FeSi, carbonils, etc.) and subsections (Other carbon forms, TiO2, etc.),
  some more graphics (quick looks mostly from Ioffe lib.),
  access to more data from Jena lab.
02.2002 There were included: links to a new database of Ioffe Institute and WWW pages with physical properties, a few tens of additional references.
2000-01 Various minor updates. Thanks to many people for their remarks and comments!
09.02.00 New version of JPDOC is installed in Jena and St.Petersburg. It includes about 700 references now.
28.12.99 A properties page (Al2O3) was created.
Some changes of design of several pages.
Section Space materials was fully included.
23.12.99 The section on sulfur, sulfides, and silicon were extended (altogether about 50 new references).
10.12.99 A few recent (mostly astronomical) papers and papers cited in them were incluided (about 50 new references).
25.11.99 The links to the codes of Dr.V.Ossenkopf (available via FTP) were added.
19.11.99 New counters on JPDOC pages.
12.11.99 This page appeared.
~03.1999 New version of JPDOC is installed in Jena and St.Petersburg.
28.01.98 JPDOC was opened for free access via the Internet.

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