Jan. 05 () no talk
Jan. 12 (Sierk)Dhruv Muley, MPIA"CI Tau: A controlled experiment in disk-planet interaction"
Jan. 19 (Giulia Perotti)Jan Orkisz, Chalmers"What controls star formation rates"
Jan. 26 (Hendrik)Giulia Perotti and Jiao HeAmmonia in water-dominated ice mixtures explains the non-detection of the 2152 cm-1 band
Feb. 02 (Sierk)Matthias SamlandDiscovery of a high mass planet around a young massive stellar binary system
Feb. 09 (Matthias Samland)Working GroupsImpostor Syndrom workshop
Feb. 16 (Hendrik)Alexey Potapov, MPIA Laboratory Astrophysics Group @ Uni Jena"JWST observations on ice features in disks and other collaborative projects with the Laboratory Astrophysics Group"
Feb. 23 (Sierk)Bertram Bitsch, MPIA"Can we constrain planet formation from atmospheric abundances?"
Mar. 02 (Sierk)Tomas Stolker, Universiteit Leiden"Characterizing the Protolunar Disk of the Accreting Companion GQ Lupi B"
Mar. 09 (Hendrik)Serge Krasnokutski, MPIA Heidelberg & Uni Jena"A pathway to peptides in space through the condensation of atomic carbon"
Mar. 16 (Macla)Camilo González-Ruilova, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile"A multiscale ALMA study of protoplanetary discs in Ophiuchus: from substructures to outflows"
Mar. 23 (Macla) (SPECIAL PLACE: HdA Seminar Room II)Andri Spilker, Chalmers University"Bird's-eye view of molecular clouds in the Milky Way"
Mar. 30 (Sierk)Paola Pinilla, MPIA"The Distributions of Gas, Small-, and Large-grains in the LkHa 330 Disk Trace a Young Planetary System"
Apr. 06 (Hendrik)Jozsef Varga, Universiteit Leiden"Structure of planet-forming disks within the first au: the VLTI/MATISSE view"
Apr. 13 (Macla)Jonathan Jiang, JPL

Alyssa Goodman, Radcliffe (Wave) Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard
"Angular momentum distributions for observed and modeled exoplanetary systems"

"The New Milky Way, in 3D"
Apr. 20 ()no seminaras a courtesy to all ALMA proposal writers who frantically work towards the April 21 deadline
Apr. 27 (Sierk)Takahiro Ueda, MPIA"Massive compact dust disk with a gap around CW Tau revealed by ALMA multiband observations"
May 04 (Hendrik)Tobias Moldenhauer, Uni Tübingen"Atmospheric Recycling Prevents Premature Collapse of Protoplanetary Atmospheres of Close-in Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes"
May 11 (Macla)Kiyoaki Doi, Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI), Tokyo

Murthy Gudipati, JPL
"The vertical dust distribution of the HD 163296 disk"

"Evolution of ice and organics in the universe"
May 18 (Sierk)Dylan Kee, NSO"Constraints on the stellar upper mass limit from radiative feedback within an au of the star"
May 25 (Giulia)Tushar SuhasariaUV processing of pure formamide ice
June 01 (Macla)Anatoly Miroshnichenko, University of North Carolina at Greensboro"FS CMa type stars - mass-transferring binary systems with gaseous and dusty disks"
June 08 (Sierk)Nicolas Kurtovic, MPIA"Observing changes in planet-forming disks in timescales of years, with ALMA"
June 15 (Hendrik)Andrew Gould, MPIA & Ohio State University"Free-Floating Planets, the Einstein Desert, and 'Oumuamua"
June 22 (Sierk)Vito Squicciarini, University Padoa & INAF Padoa" A scaled-up planetary system around a supernova progenitor"
June 29 (Macla)Lizxandra Flores, MPIA"Forbidden emission lines in protostellar outflows and jets with MUSE/VLT"
July 06 (Hendrik) still available
July 13 (Sierk)Melissa and JanExoplanets IV summary
July 20 () still available
July 27 ()Urs Schäfer, University of KopenhagenTBD
AugustSummer breakno talks
September 07 () still available
September 14 () still available
September 21 () still available
September 28 ()Matias Jones, ESOTBD

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