January 11 ()  
January 18 (Roy)Paul BoleyUpdate on the massive YSO program with MATISSE
January 25 (Roy)María Claudia Ramírez-TannusJWST first results: MIRI spectrum of an irradiated proto-planetary disk
February 1 ()Lukas Gehrig, ViennaCo-modelling protoplanetary disks and their stars
February 8 ()Guang-Xing Li, Yunnan UniversityStar formation: a journey through scales
February 15 ()Simon Ringqvist, Stockholm UniversityResolved near-UV hydrogen emission lines at 40-Myr super-Jovian protoplanet Delorme 1 (AB)b: Indications of magnetospheric accretion
February 22 ()Dhruv Muley, MPIAThree-temperature radiation hydrodynamics: tests and applications to protoplanetary disks
March 1 ()Akemi Tamanai, RIKENLaboratory-based verification of agglomerated dust grains on infrared extinction spectrum by synchrotron microspectroscopy
March 8 (Bert)Christoph Schäfer, Tübingen UniversitySPH simulations of collisions of bodies of different size
March 15 ()Dmitry Semenov, MPIATBD
March 22 ()no PSF coffee... but Fachbeirat
March 29 (Roy)Shrishmoy Ray, ExeterDetecting planetary mass companions near the water frost-line using JWST interferometry
April 5 (Roy)Paola Pinillathe ALMA survey of Gas Evolution in PROtoplanetary disks
April 12 ()No PSF coffee... but PPVII
April 19 ()  
April 26 ()Yuhiko Aoyama, Peking UniversityThree-dimensional Global Simulations of Type-II Planet-disk Interaction with a Magnetized Disk Wind: I. Magnetic Flux Concentration and Gap Properties
May 3 ()Bayron Portilla ReveloClosing the gap between theory and observations of planet forming regions with thermo-chemical models
May 10 ()No PSF solidarity with our colleagues writing ALMA proposals
May 17 (Note: 14:30!)  
May 24 (Mario)Anibal Sierra, Univ. of ChileMulti-wavelength observations of transition disks
May 31 ()Jesse Weder, Uni BernPopulation study on MHD wind-driven disc evolution -- Confronting theory and observation
June 7 ()  
June 14 (Bert)Geoffrey Andama, North-West UniversityPlanet formation by accretion of multi-pebble species
June 21 ()Rachel Pillsworth, McMaster UniversityTBD
June 28 ()Célia Desgrange, MPIAPlanetary system architectures with inner small planets
July 5 ()Bertram Bitsch, MPIATBD
September 07 (Hendrik)Klaus Paschek, MPIA

Jonathan Marshall, ASIAA
"Meteorites and the RNA World: Synthesis of Nucleobases and Ribose in Carbonaceous Planetesimals"

"Extreme Occultation of a Sun-like Star"
September 14 (Sierk)Oliver Völker et al., MPIA &

Tsevi Mazeh, Tel Aviv University
"New developments for the virtual conferencing & networking tool sci-an"

"Duration Variation of the Kepler Transiting planets: Probe into the 3-D Structure of Multiple Planetary Systems"
September 21 ()Charles Law, CfA"Zooming in on the Chemistry of Planet Formation with ALMA" SPECIAL PLACE Multifunktionsraum
September 28 (Hendrik)Matias Jones, ESO"News from the EXPRESS project and the WYNE collaboration" SPECIAL TIME 13:30 h
October 05 (Sierk)David Melon Fuksman, MPIA“Are protoplanetary disks stable to self-shadowing?"
October 12 (Macla)Marina Rachid, Leiden"Laboratory spectroscopy in support of JWST observations of interstellar ices"
October 19 (Hendrik)Ondrej Chrenko, Charles University Prague"Planet-disk interactions as probes of the inner disk properties"
October 26 ()no PSF Coffee ...... but last day of PSF Retreat
November 02 (Macla)Sarah Betti, University of MassachusettsNear-infrared Accretion Signatures from the Circumbinary Planetary Mass Companion Delorme 1 (AB)b
November 09 (Sierk)Molly Wells, MPIA"Dynamical Accretion Flows"
November 16 (Macla)Lin Qiao, Queen Mary University of LondonExternally Irradiated proto-planetary disks
November 23 (Bert)Giovanni Picogna, LMU München"Disk photoevaporation and the search for theoretical predictions of observables"
November 30 (Roy)Jeroen Bouwman, MPIAExoplanet news from JWST
December 07 (Bert)Konstantin Batygin, CaltechPlanet Nine from Outer Space: a Status Update
December 14 ()No PSF Coffee: Holiday Party 
December 21 ()No PSF Coffee 

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