August 30 Tim Pearce, JenaDebris Discs as Probes of Planetary Systems
September 06 Tsevi Mazeh, Tel AvivFeatures of Gaia DR3 spectroscopic binaries I. Tidal circularization of main-sequence stars
September 13   
September 20 Heidi KorhonenStellar coronal mass ejections - what are they and why should I care?
September 27 Molly Wells, MPIADynamical Accretion Flows in High Mass Star Forming Clusters
October 04 Lukas Neumann, BonnHCN as a tracer of bulk vs dense gas from Galactic to extragalactic scales with LEGO
October 11 Peter Scicluna, ESOModelling observations of dust without breaking the bank: accelerated inference with misspecified models
October 18   
October 25 ()No PSF coffee...... but PSF retreat
November 01 No PSF CoffeeAll Saints Holiday
November 08 Maria Teresa Valdivia-Mena, MPERivers in the sky: Disrupting Symmetry in Star Formation Through Asymmetric Infall onto Protostars
November 15 Annelotte Derkink, UvAVariability in massive young stellar objects
November 22 Julia Lienert (MPIA)Photoevaporation in protoplanetary disks
November 29 René Heller (MPS Göttingen)Exomoon Detections with the Kepler and PLATO Space Missions
December 06 Alex Ziampras (Queen Mary University London)The role of radiation transport in planet formation: gaps, rings and planet migration
December 13 ()Sarah Betti (STScI Baltimore)CASPAR: Characterizing Accretion across the Brown Dwarf Regime
December 20 ()  
January 03 ()no seminarEnjoy the first week without a talk!
January 10 ()  
January 17 ()Riccardo Franceschi (MPIA)From small to large grains: protoplanetary disk physics from dust emission
January 24 ()  
January 31 ()  

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