January 18 (Roy)Paul BoleyUpdate on the massive YSO program with MATISSE
January 25 (Roy)María Claudia Ramírez-TannusJWST first results: MIRI spectrum of an irradiated proto-planetary disk
February 1 ()Lukas Gehrig, ViennaCo-modelling protoplanetary disks and their stars
February 8 ()Guang-Xing Li, Yunnan UniversityStar formation: a journey through scales
February 15 ()Simon Ringqvist, Stockholm UniversityResolved near-UV hydrogen emission lines at 40-Myr super-Jovian protoplanet Delorme 1 (AB)b: Indications of magnetospheric accretion
February 22 ()Dhruv Muley, MPIAThree-temperature radiation hydrodynamics: tests and applications to protoplanetary disks
March 1 ()Akemi Tamanai, RIKENLaboratory-based verification of agglomerated dust grains on infrared extinction spectrum by synchrotron microspectroscopy
March 8 (Bert)Christoph Schäfer, Tübingen UniversitySPH simulations of collisions of bodies of different size
March 15 ()Dmitry Semenov, MPIATBD
March 22 ()no PSF coffee... but Fachbeirat
March 29 (Roy)Shrishmoy Ray, ExeterDetecting planetary mass companions near the water frost-line using JWST interferometry
April 5 (Roy)Paola Pinillathe ALMA survey of Gas Evolution in PROtoplanetary disks
April 12 ()No PSF coffee... but PPVII
April 19 ()  
April 26 ()Yuhiko Aoyama, Peking UniversityThree-dimensional Global Simulations of Type-II Planet-disk Interaction with a Magnetized Disk Wind: I. Magnetic Flux Concentration and Gap Properties
May 3 ()Bayron Portilla ReveloClosing the gap between theory and observations of planet forming regions with thermo-chemical models
May 10 ()No PSF solidarity with our colleagues writing ALMA proposals
May 17 (Note: 14:30!)  
May 24 (Mario)Anibal Sierra, Univ. of ChileMulti-wavelength observations of transition disks
May 31 ()Jesse Weder, Uni BernPopulation study on MHD wind-driven disc evolution -- Confronting theory and observation
June 7 ()  
June 14 (Bert)Geoffrey Andama, North-West UniversityPlanet formation by accretion of multi-pebble species
June 21 ()Rachel Pillsworth, McMaster UniversityThe effects of CNM environment on filament and star formation
June 28 ()Célia Desgrange, MPIAPlanetary system architectures with inner small planets
July 5 ()Bertram Bitsch, MPIAHeavy element content and composition of giant planets
July 12 ()Huabai Li (Hong Kong)A Unified Interpretation of Zeeman Measurements and Polarized Thermal Dust Emission
July 19 ()Alice Somigliana, ESOdisk populations simulations
Summer break  
August 30 Tim Pearce, JenaDebris Discs as Probes of Planetary Systems
September 06 Tsevi Mazeh, Tel AvivFeatures of Gaia DR3 spectroscopic binaries I. Tidal circularization of main-sequence stars
September 13   
September 20 Heidi KorhonenStellar coronal mass ejections - what are they and why should I care?
September 27 Molly Wells, MPIADynamical Accretion Flows in High Mass Star Forming Clusters
October 04 Lukas Neumann, BonnHCN as a tracer of bulk vs dense gas from Galactic to extragalactic scales with LEGO
October 11 Peter Scicluna, ESOModelling observations of dust without breaking the bank: accelerated inference with misspecified models
October 18   
October 25 ()No PSF coffee...... but PSF retreat
November 01 No PSF CoffeeAll Saints Holiday
November 08 Maria Teresa Valdivia-Mena, MPERivers in the sky: Disrupting Symmetry in Star Formation Through Asymmetric Infall onto Protostars
November 15 Annelotte Derkink, UvAVariability in massive young stellar objects
November 22 Julia Lienert (MPIA)Photoevaporation in protoplanetary disks
November 29 René Heller (MPS Göttingen)Exomoon Detections with the Kepler and PLATO Space Missions
December 06 Alex Ziampras (Queen Mary University London)The role of radiation transport in planet formation: gaps, rings and planet migration
December 13 ()Sarah Betti (STScI Baltimore)CASPAR: Characterizing Accretion across the Brown Dwarf Regime
December 20 ()  
Jan. 05 () no talk
Jan. 12 (Sierk)Dhruv Muley, MPIA"CI Tau: A controlled experiment in disk-planet interaction"
Jan. 19 (Giulia Perotti)Jan Orkisz, Chalmers"What controls star formation rates"
Jan. 26 (Hendrik)Giulia Perotti and Jiao HeAmmonia in water-dominated ice mixtures explains the non-detection of the 2152 cm-1 band
Feb. 02 (Sierk)Matthias SamlandDiscovery of a high mass planet around a young massive stellar binary system
Feb. 09 (Matthias Samland)Working GroupsImpostor Syndrom workshop
Feb. 16 (Hendrik)Alexey Potapov, MPIA Laboratory Astrophysics Group @ Uni Jena"JWST observations on ice features in disks and other collaborative projects with the Laboratory Astrophysics Group"
Feb. 23 (Sierk)Bertram Bitsch, MPIA"Can we constrain planet formation from atmospheric abundances?"
Mar. 02 (Sierk)Tomas Stolker, Universiteit Leiden"Characterizing the Protolunar Disk of the Accreting Companion GQ Lupi B"
Mar. 09 (Hendrik)Serge Krasnokutski, MPIA Heidelberg & Uni Jena"A pathway to peptides in space through the condensation of atomic carbon"
Mar. 16 (Macla)Camilo González-Ruilova, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile"A multiscale ALMA study of protoplanetary discs in Ophiuchus: from substructures to outflows"
Mar. 23 (Macla) (SPECIAL PLACE: HdA Seminar Room II)Andri Spilker, Chalmers University"Bird's-eye view of molecular clouds in the Milky Way"
Mar. 30 (Sierk)Paola Pinilla, MPIA"The Distributions of Gas, Small-, and Large-grains in the LkHa 330 Disk Trace a Young Planetary System"
Apr. 06 (Hendrik)Jozsef Varga, Universiteit Leiden"Structure of planet-forming disks within the first au: the VLTI/MATISSE view"
Apr. 13 (Macla)Jonathan Jiang, JPL

Alyssa Goodman, Radcliffe (Wave) Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard
"Angular momentum distributions for observed and modeled exoplanetary systems"

"The New Milky Way, in 3D"
Apr. 20 ()no seminaras a courtesy to all ALMA proposal writers who frantically work towards the April 21 deadline
Apr. 27 (Sierk)Takahiro Ueda, MPIA"Massive compact dust disk with a gap around CW Tau revealed by ALMA multiband observations"
May 04 (Hendrik)Tobias Moldenhauer, Uni Tübingen"Atmospheric Recycling Prevents Premature Collapse of Protoplanetary Atmospheres of Close-in Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes"
May 11 (Macla)Kiyoaki Doi, Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI), Tokyo

Murthy Gudipati, JPL
"The vertical dust distribution of the HD 163296 disk"

"Evolution of ice and organics in the universe"
May 18 (Sierk)Dylan Kee, NSO"Constraints on the stellar upper mass limit from radiative feedback within an au of the star"
May 25 (Giulia)Tushar SuhasariaUV processing of pure formamide ice
June 01 (Macla)Anatoly Miroshnichenko, University of North Carolina at Greensboro"FS CMa type stars - mass-transferring binary systems with gaseous and dusty disks"
June 08 (Sierk)Nicolas Kurtovic, MPIA"Observing changes in planet-forming disks in timescales of years, with ALMA"
June 15 (Hendrik)Andrew Gould, MPIA & Ohio State University"Free-Floating Planets, the Einstein Desert, and 'Oumuamua"
June 22 (Sierk)Vito Squicciarini, University Padoa & INAF Padoa" A scaled-up planetary system around a supernova progenitor"
June 29 (Macla)Lizxandra Flores, MPIA"Forbidden emission lines in protostellar outflows and jets with MUSE/VLT"
July 06 (Hendrik)Shyam Menon, ANU Canberra"The role of stellar feedback in star formation through radiation hydrodynamic simulations"
July 13 (Sierk)Melissa and JanExoplanets IV summary
July 20 () still available
July 27 ()Urs Schäfer, University of Kopenhagen"Thresholds for planetesimal formation owing to streaming instability and vertical shear instability"
AugustSummer breakno talks
September 07 (Hendrik)Klaus Paschek, MPIA

Jonathan Marshall, ASIAA
"Meteorites and the RNA World: Synthesis of Nucleobases and Ribose in Carbonaceous Planetesimals"

"Extreme Occultation of a Sun-like Star"
September 14 (Sierk)Oliver Völker et al., MPIA &

Tsevi Mazeh, Tel Aviv University
"New developments for the virtual conferencing & networking tool sci-an"

"Duration Variation of the Kepler Transiting planets: Probe into the 3-D Structure of Multiple Planetary Systems"
September 21 ()Charles Law, CfA"Zooming in on the Chemistry of Planet Formation with ALMA" SPECIAL PLACE Multifunktionsraum
September 28 (Hendrik)Matias Jones, ESO"News from the EXPRESS project and the WYNE collaboration" SPECIAL TIME 13:30 h
October 05 (Sierk)David Melon Fuksman, MPIA“Are protoplanetary disks stable to self-shadowing?"
October 12 (Macla)Marina Rachid, Leiden"Laboratory spectroscopy in support of JWST observations of interstellar ices"
October 19 (Hendrik)Ondrej Chrenko, Charles University Prague"Planet-disk interactions as probes of the inner disk properties"
October 26 ()no PSF Coffee ...... but last day of PSF Retreat
November 02 (Macla)Sarah Betti, University of MassachusettsNear-infrared Accretion Signatures from the Circumbinary Planetary Mass Companion Delorme 1 (AB)b
November 09 (Sierk)Molly Wells, MPIA"Dynamical Accretion Flows"
November 16 (Macla)Lin Qiao, Queen Mary University of LondonExternally Irradiated proto-planetary disks
November 23 (Bert)Giovanni Picogna, LMU München"Disk photoevaporation and the search for theoretical predictions of observables"
November 30 (Roy)Jeroen Bouwman, MPIAExoplanet news from JWST
December 07 (Bert)Konstantin Batygin, CaltechPlanet Nine from Outer Space: a Status Update
December 14 ()No PSF Coffee: Holiday Party 
December 21 ()No PSF Coffee 
Jan. 06 ()no talkpublic holiday
Jan. 13 ()Paola Pinilla, MPIA"Growing and Trapping Pebbles with Fragile Collisions of Particles in Protoplanetary Disks"
Jan. 20 ()Matías Gárate, MPIAVariable Luminosity from Growing Planets
Jan. 27 ()Bertram Bitsch, MPIA"How does the disc structure shape planetary systems?"
Feb. 03 ()G. André Oliva, University of Tübingen"Modeling disk fragmentation and multiplicity in massive star formation"
Feb. 10 ()Célia Desgrange, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon & MPIA"Investigation of protoplanetary discs in near infrared by new image processing"
Feb. 17 ()Christian Eistrup, MPIA"From Midplane to Planets - The Chemical Fingerprint of a Disk"
Feb. 24 ()Henrik Beuther, MPIA"Behind the scenes of MPIA Helpdesk"
Mar. 03 ()Tobias Moldenhauer, University of Tübingen"Steady State by Recycling prevents Premature Collapse of Protoplanetary Atmospheres"
Mar. 10 ()Dima Semenov, MPIA & LMU Munich"Sulfur chemistry of the DM Tau disk revealed with ALMA and NOEMA"
Mar. 17 ()Diana Kossakowski, MPIA"Sustainability@MPIA - An assessment of MPIA's travel activities 2018-2020"
Mar. 24 ()Roy van Boekel, MPIANews from MATISSE, the ESO mid-IR interferometer
Mar. 31 ()Grigorii Smirnov-Pinchukov, MPIA"Chemical modeling of protoplanetary disks. Does machine learning work?"
Apr. 07 ()no talkEaster Holidays
Apr. 14 ()allNews session / general discussion
Apr. 21 ()Tushar Suhasaria, MPIAEnergetic processing of interstellar ice analogues
Apr. 28 ()Johann Olofsson, Uni Valparaiso (Chile)"Down the rabbit hole: are debris disks flat?" (SPECIAL TIME 15:00 h)
May 05()Bertram Bitsch, MPIA"Dry or water world? Constraining giant planet formation via the water content of inner planets"
May 12 ()Paola Pinilla, MPIAFurther aspects of the Mental-Stress workshop: "Healthy Collaborations"
May 19 ()Anusha Kalyaan, Texas State University"Linking Outer Disk Pebble Dynamics to Inner Disk Water Enrichment"
May 26 ()Diana Kossakowski & Sustainability Group (MPIA)"An assessment of MPIA’s computing-related carbon footprint"
Jun. 02 ()Oliver Schib, Uni Bern (CH)"The influence of infall on the properties of protoplanetary discs"
Jun. 09 ()Nicolas Kurtovic, MPIA"Analysis of the millimeter emission from PDS70 b and c"
Jun. 16 ()Francesco Biscani, MPIA"heyoka: Revisiting high-order Taylor methods for astrodynamics and celestial mechanics (prelim.)"
Jun. 23 ()Camille Bergez-Casalou, MPIA"Constraining planet formation during the disc phase with ALMA and SPHERE"
Jun. 30 ()Bertram Bitsch, MPIA"How drifting and evaporating pebbles shape giant planets"
Jul. 07 ()Rolf Kuiper, Uni Tübingen and ITA Heidelberg"Photoevaporation of Planetary Atmospheres around active M-stars"
Jul. 14 ()Oliver Völkel, MPIA"On the multiple generations of planet formation - the tip of the iceberg"
Jul. 21 ()Mario Flock, MPIA"Streaming instability in global simulations of protoplanetary disks"
Jul. 28 ()Oliver Völkel et al.Special Poster Session on
Aug. summer break
Sep. 08 ()Jiao He, MPIA"Phase transition of interstellar CO ice and the formation of complex organic molecules"
Sep. 15 (Sierk)Jochen Stadler, MPIA"How pressure bumps affect the observational properties of circumstellar disks (prelim.)"
Sep. 22 (Macla)Mirek Brandt, UCLA Santa Barbara, USA"The First Dynamical Mass Measurement in the HR 8799 System (SPECIAL TIME 16:00 h) "
Sep. 29 (Hendrik)MPIA well-being Working Groupsintroduction of WGs and discussion
Oct. 06 ()Sierk van Terwisga, MPIA"Dust masses across Orion A: first results from SODA"
Oct. 13 ()Yuhiko Aoyama, Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University"Comparison of planetary H alpha-emission models: A new correlation with accretion luminosity"
Oct. 20 ()no PSF Coffee ...... but first day of PSF Retreat
Oct. 27 (Macla)Ashley Barnes, Argelander-Institut, Universität Bonn"ALMA-IRDC: Dense gas mass distribution from cloud to core scales (prelim.)"
Nov. 03 (Hendrik)Nicole Pawellek, University of Vienna"Fast and Furious - Debris Discs in the β Pic Moving Group"
Nov. 10 (Sierk)Maitraiyee Tiwari, University of Maryland"Stellar FEEDBACK in RCW49: observations and models"
Nov. 17 (Hendrik)Sami Dib, MPIA & University of Kopenhagen"Structure and characteristic scales in the ISM: from the molecular to the diffuse phase"
Nov. 24 (Macla)Fabian Walter, MPIA"Scientific Publishing (prelim.)"
Dec. 01 (Sierk)Nicolas Kurtovic, MPIA"SIMIO: An easy way to connect simulations and observations"
Dec. 08 (Macla)Trifon TrifonovThe Exo-Striker exoplanetary modeling toolbox
Dec. 15 (Hendrik)Jiao He, MPIA"Can trapping in water ice explain the molecular oxygen in comets?"
Dec. 22 () no talk
Jan. 15 (Paola Pinilla)Gerhard Wurm, Universität Duisburg-Essen"Sticking properties of grains revisited: silicates beat water ice in protoplanetary disks"
Jan. 22 (Thomas Henning)Antonio García Muñoz, TU Berlin"Exoplanet aeronomy"
Feb. 05 (Paola Pinilla)Leon Trapman, University of Leiden"(Disk) size matters! Effects of dust evolution and viscous spreading in protoplanetary disks"
Feb. 12 (Martin Schlecker)Remo Burn, University of Bern"The next generation planetary population synthesis: Influence of the stellar mass"
Feb. 19Thomas Henning & Henrik Beuther, MPIA"Potential psychological stress at work - discussion of the poll outcome"
Feb. 26 (Nicolas Kurtovic)Paola Pinilla, MPIA“The ALMA view of - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust - in Protoplanetary Disks”
Mar. 11 ()Hendrik Linz, MPIA"Episodic accretion in high-mass SF - Masers as Canary Birds"
Mar. 25 (Sümeyye Suri)Yuan Wang, MPIA"Dense gas in a Giant Molecular filament"
Apr. 01 (Hendrik Linz)Riccardo Franceschi, MPIA"Disks surface density and dustlines"
Apr. 08 (Lucia Klarmann)Hendrik Beuther, MPIA"Dynamical cloud formation traced by atomic & molecular gas"
May 06 (Lucia Klarmann)Juan Soler, MPIA"The Galactic dynamics revealed by the HI filamentary structure"
May 13 ()Gesa Bertrang, MPIA"Self-scattering of non-spherical dust grains: Towards understanding grain-size distributions in circumstellar disks"
May 20 ()Bertram Bitsch, MPIA"The eccentricity distribution of giant planets and the super-Earth cold Jupiter relation"
May 27 ()Camille Bergez-Casalou, MPIA"How planetary gas accretion changes the shape and depth of gaps in protoplanetary discs"
Jun. 03 ()Miriam Keppler, MPIA"SPHERE observations of binary-disk interactions in GG Tau A"
Jun. 10 () no talk
Jun. 17 () no talk
Jun. 24 () no talk
Jul. 01 ()Sümeyye Suri, MPIA"Disk fragmentation in high-mass star formation"
Jul. 08 ()Karan Molaverdikhani, MPIA"Observing sub-Jovians’ non-thermal emission by JWST"
Jul. 15 ()Henrik Beuther, MPIA"Assessment of the >>Mental Stress at Work<< survey"
Jul. 22 ()Timmy Delage, MPIA"Disk sub-structures from the variation of disk ionisation"
Sep. 09 ()Hubert Klahr, MPIA"Turbulence sets the length scale for planetesimal formation"
Sep. 16 ()Núria Miret Roig, Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Bordeaux"Dynamical traceback age of young local associations"
Sep. 23 ()no talkAG20 meeting
Sep. 30 ()Nicolas Kurtovic, MPIATBD
Oct. 07 ()Lizxandra Flores, MPIA“Vertical Shear Instability and Photoevaporative winds”
Oct. 14 ()no talk3rd day of our Virtual PSF Retreat
Oct. 21 ()Christian Lenz, MPIA"From tiny dust grains to planetesimals“
Oct. 28 ()Paola Pinilla, MPIATBD
Nov. 04 ()Marcelo Barraza, MPIA'Observability of the Vertical Shear Instability in CO kinematics'
Nov. 11 ()Gideon Yoffe, MPIA“A Simplified Photodynamical Model for Planetary Mass Determination in Low-Eccentricity Multi-Transiting Systems”
Nov. 18 ()Jeroen Bouwman, MPIA"Transit spectroscopy with (almost) no instrument calibration"
Nov. 25 ()Mario Flock, MPIA"Gas and dust dynamics in starlight-heated protoplanetary disks"
Dec. 02 ()no talkHeidelberg-Harvard Meeting
Dec. 09 ()Ralf Launhardt, MPIAStatus report on the NACO-ISPY survey
Dec. 16 ()Jan Eberhardt, MPIA„A second planet around the sun-like star HD 107148 and a revised orbital solution of the system“
Date (Chair)SpeakerTitle
Sep. 4 (Paola Pinilla)Michael Hammer, University of Arizona"Generating Vortices with Slowly-growing Gas Giant Planets"
Sep. 25 (Marcelo Tala Pinto)Surangkhana Rukdee,
Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
"FIOS: Fabry Perot Instrument for Oxygen Searches in Exoplanet Atmospheres"
Oct. 9 (Henrik Beuther)Siyi Feng, EACOA"What can chemistry tell us about the initial conditions and feedback of star formation?"
Oct. 16 no PSF Coffeebut last day of the PSF Retreat
Oct. 23 (Juan Soler)Ugo Lebreuilly, CRAL, ENS de Lyon"Dust dynamics in star formation"
Oct. 30 (Mario Flock)Matías Garate, LMU Munich"Dust back-reaction can stop gas accretion at the snowline"
Nov. 13 no PSF Coffeebut 2nd day of Heidelberg-Harvard Meeting
Nov. 20 (Mario Flock)Benjamin Schobert, Uni Bayreuth"The Impact of Accretion Heating and Thermal Conduction on the Dead Zone of Protoplanetary Disks"
Nov. 27 ()Diana Kossakowski, MPIA"Sustainability at MPIA"
Dec. 04 (Bertram Bitsch)Alexander Chaushev, TU Berlin
Joanna Drazkowska, LMU
" Searching for Transiting Exoplanets with NGTS and Deep Learning"
"From dust growth to planetesimal formation"
Dec. 11 (Hendrik Linz)Bertram Bitsch, MPIA Heidelberg"Host star abundances and their influence on planet formation"
Dec. 18 (Ludmila Carone)Patrick Barth"Open Source and Versatile Magma Ocean Evolution Model for Terrestrial Exoplanets and its Application to the TRAPPIST-1 Planets"
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