Alumni/former group members

Former members of the group – and where they are now:

Prof. Frank Bigiel University of Bonn, Germany
Dr. Eduardo Banados Torres MPIA, Germany
Prof. John Cannon Macalester College, USA
Dr. Anahi Caldu Primo Comunicacion de la Ciencia (UNAM), Mexico
Dr. Elisabete da Cunha ICRAR, Australia
Dr. Roberto Decarli INAF Bologna, Italy
Dr. Gisella de Rosa Space Telescope Science Institute, USA
Dr. Emanuele Farina ESO, Garching
Prof. Carl Ferkinhoff Winona State University, USA
Dr. Thomas Greve University College London, UK
Prof. Jacqueline Hodge Leiden University, The Netherlands
Dr. Roger Ianjamasimanana Rhodes University, South Africa
Dr. Sebastian Jester Bundesforschungsministerium, Germany
Dr. Jaron Kurk private industry, Germany
Prof. Kirsten Knudsen Chalmers University, Sweden
Prof. Adam Leroy Ohio State University, USA
Dr. Chiara Mazzucchelli ESO Santiago, Chile
Dr. Eric Morganson University of Illinois, USA
Prof. Dominik Riechers Cornell University, USA
Dr. Helene Roussel IAP, France
Prof. Karin Sandstrom UC San Diego, USA
Dr. Andreas Schruba MPE Garching, Germany
Dr. Bade Uzgil Caltech, USA
Dr. Laura Zschaechner University of Helsinki, Finland


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