University of Heidelberg

SoSe 2024: Oberseminar „Stellar Atmospheres“

WiSe 2023: MSc/BSc seminar „Physics and populations of stars”

WiSe 2022: BSc seminar „Stellare Physik”

WiSe 2021: MSc/BSc seminar „Nucleosynthesis and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies”

WiSe 2020: MSc/BSc seminar „Stellar Populations and Galactic Archeology

SoSe 2019: Block course „Stellar Astrophysics“, includes lectures, seminar, and exercises

WiSe 2018: MSc seminar „Nucleosynthesis and Galactic chemical evolution“

WiSe 2018: Seminar “Galactic Archeology”

WiSe 2017: Oberseminar „Stellar Atmospheres“

SoSe 2017: IMPRS Seminar

SoSe 2016: Full Semester course „Stellar Astrophysics“, includes lectures, seminar, and exercises

WiSe 2015: Experimentalphysik, PEP1 tutorials (in english)

SoSe 2015: Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik III, MSc seminar

WiSe 2014: Experimentalphysik, PEP1 tutorials (auf deutsch)

University of Cambridge
2013 - 2014: Teaching assistant, University of Cambridge: Part II Astrophysics, Course “Topics in Contemporary Astrophysics”

I also gave special lectures at international graduate school, including  the XXIX Winter School of Astrophysics (2017), International PhD School on Science and Technology with E-ELT (2015), and Spring School of Spectroscopic Data Analyses.


In 2015, I produced a science documentary film “Exploring the Universe” in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, MPIA, and SFB 881. A free copy of the DVD can be ordered by request.

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