The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
Core mass evolution
Wednesday 16:30 - 18:10 Main Conference Room (convenors: Yohan Pouteau and Jürgen Steinacker)
Mass determination of cores in filaments
16:30 - 16:42 Jürgen Steinacker [10+2]
Does the CMF/IMF relationship depend on the Galactic environment?
16:42 - 16:54 Yohan Pouteau [10+2]
Systematic determination of evolutionary time-scales from molecular cloud assembly to embedded stars and HII regions
16:54 - 17:06 Jaeyeon Kim [10+2]
Star forming environment on multiple star formation pathways
17:06 - 17:18 Rajika Kuruwita [10+2]
17:18 - 18:10 Moderators: Convenors [52]

The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.