The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2022 Download

Henrik Beuther
High-mass star formation review (24 MB)
Mika Juvela
Molecular cloud core review (7.2 MB)
Nacho Añez López
Magnetic field and gas, a sticky couple: observations and models to quantify magnetic braking (21 MB)
Andi Burkert
Galactic surface gravity waves (33 MB)
Adam Ginsburg
Dynamical, accretion, and photoevaporative truncation of disks living in dense clusters
Github link / PDF (93 MB)
Josefa Großschedl
3D space motions of molecular clouds and young stellar clusters with Gaia. A better understanding of the star formation history in the local Milky Way (32 MB)
Discussions: Moderator slides
Focus Group Contributions

The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.