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ORP - Optical and Infrared Training
ORP Part of the ORP workpackage WP5 JA4 Training - Hosted at MPIA ESO
Hosted at ESO 03/2021-08/2023 ESO

About us

ORP optical and infrared schools are a community training programme, which delivers expert knowledge in infrastructure use and development.

The main programme consists of a yearly NEON Observing school that gives hands-on observing experience to young astronomers at a professional telescope. The programme also includes other schools concentrating on different aspects of observational astronomy and life-long learning. In addition, the ORP workpackage WP5 JA4 Training organises schools at radio and sub-millimetre wavebands and also in different techniques, for example, in adaptive optics and interferometry. You can find more information on the activities on the main ORP Training pages.


Next Schools

Crete Telescope

Our next school is NEON Observing School that will take place 4-16 February 2024. You can find more information on the school from the 2023 NEON Observing School pages.

We will also organise a virtual proposal writing school in 2024. More information will be announced soon.

Contact: send a message to the Work Package leader.