IMPRS seminar winter term 2012/13

This is the webpage for the ongoing IMPRS seminar. For past seminars please check the seminar archive below.

The IMPRS seminar provides a central meeting opportunity for all IMPRS students in order to exchange ideas and experience from different research areas.
In the winter term, the IMPRS seminar is held as a "Oberseminar", ie. as literature seminar with presentations of current research highlights and of fundamental papers in the astrophysics literature.
In the summer term, the IMPRS seminar is held as an advanced research seminar ("Fortgeschrittenenseminar") with students presenting their ongoing thesis project.
After the 1st academic year of an IMPRS generation, the IMPRS seminar continues in the 2nd year as a seminar workshop - an external retreat of 3-4 days during which students present an update of their thesis projects.

Visitors are welcome! The seminar is open for non-IMPRS students.

The IMPRS seminar winter term 2012/13:
Location: Seminarraum 1, Albert-Ueberle-Str.3-5
Date: Thursday, 17:15
Tutors: Christian Fendt (CF); Simon Glover (SG);
Lisa Kaltenegger (LK); Klaus Meisenheimer (KM)
Please, prepare for a 25-30 min presentation including 5-10 min discussion
IMPRS will check for regular attendence

Seminar schedule:
Date Speaker Topic Tutor
18/10 All Allocation of topics / slots
18/10 Christian Fendt IMPRS briefing
25/10 Felix Jankowsky Theory of brown dwarfs and giant planets (Burrows etal 2001) CF
25/10 Christine Koepferl The HZ for Main Sequence Stars (Kastings etal. 1993) LK
01/11 no seminar Holiday (All Saints' Day)
08/11 Ben Hendricks Sub-luminous type 1a SN from mergers of equal-mass WD (Pakmor etal 2010) CF
08/11 Ilya Khrykin The star formation law in galactic disks (Kennicutt 1989) KM
15/11 Michael Walther Testing general relativity with pulsar timing (Stairs, 2003) CF
15/11 Gabriel Marleau A powerful local shear instability in weakly magn disks (Balbus & Hawley 1991) CF
22/11 Taisiya Kopytova Giant molecular clouds: what are they made from, and how do they get there (Dobbs etal. 2012) SG
22/11 Maria Lenius Physics of neutron stars (Lattimer & Prakash, 2004) CF
29/11 Helen Poon Measuring cosmology with supernovae (Perlmutter & Schmidt) KM
29/11 Daniel Bialas The MACHO project: microlensing results from 5.7 yrs of LMC observations (Alcock etal. 2000) SG
06/12 Andreas Bauer What does it take for a moon to be habitable (Williams & Kasting 1997) LK
06/12 Nick Malygin WMAP: Microwave background results after 5 yrs (Hinshaw etal. 2009) KM
13/12 Simon Bihr ALMA: Instrument and Methods (Wootten & Thompson 2009, and more) KM
13/12 Ruo-Yu Liu Opacity-limited hierarchical fragmentation and th emasses of protostars (Rees 1976) SG
20/12 Sassa Tsatsi The gravitational fragmentation of primordial gas clouds (Tohline 1980) SG
20/12 Jennifer Schober Shock acceleration (Bell 1978) KM
27/12 no seminar Christmas holidays
10/01 Anders Thygesen Faint young Sun (Feulner 2012) LK
10/01 Terese Hansen Halo occupation numbers and galaxy bias (Peacock & Smith 2000) SG
17/01 Dennis Kuegler LIGO: the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory CF
17/01 Shiwei Wu The physics of GRB's (Piran 2004, Ghisellini 2011) CF
24/01 Aiara Lobo Gomes Black holes in binary systems (Shakura & Sunyaev 1973) CF
24/01 Paolo Bianchini Kepler 22b (Borucki etal. 2011) LK
31/01 Miguel Querejeta Measurement of the Rate of nu_e +d ->p+e- interactions produced by Solar neutrinos at the SNO (Ahmad etal. 2001) CF
31/01 Simona Ciceri Unified models for active galactic nuclei and quasar (Antonucci 1993) KM
31/01 Alberto Nardin The MBH - sigma relation: observational evidence and relevance for galaxy formation models KM
07/02 Sven Meyer Electromagnetic extraction of energy from Kerr black holes (Blandford & Znajek 1974) SG
07/02 Raquel Chicharro Dwarfs Cooler than ''M''(Kirkpatrick etal. 1999, Chiu etal. 2006) CF
07/02 Britta Zieser The oxygenation of the atmosphere and oceans (Holland) LK
April Tanya Edwards The cosmic baryon budget (Fukugita etal. 1998) SG
April Mauricio Ortiz The Galactic Center (Genzel, et al., Eckart et al.) KM

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