IMPRS seminar summer term 2008

The IMPRS seminar provides a central meeting opportunity for all IMPRS students in order to exchange ideas and experience from different research areas.
In the winter term, the IMPRS seminar is held as a "Oberseminar", ie. as literature seminar with presentations of current research highlights and of fundamental papers in the astrophysics literature.
In the summer term, the IMPRS seminar is held as an advanced research seminar("Fortgeschrittenenseminar") with students presentating their ongoing thesis projects.
After the 1st academic year of an IMPRS generation, the IMPRS seminar continues in the 2nd year as a seminar workshop - an external retreat of 3-4 days during which students present an update of their thesis projects.

Visitors are welcome! The seminar is open for non-IMPRS students.

The IMPRS seminar summer term 2008, research seminar:
Location: Seminar room 1, physics building, Albert-Ueberle-Str. 3-5 (Faculty building)
Date: Thursday, 17:15
Docents: Dr. Henrik Beuther (HB); Dr. Kees Dullemond (KD);
PD Christian Fendt (CF); Prof. Eva Grebel (EG)
Please, prepare for a 20 - 30 min presentation plus 10 min discussion
IMPRS will check for regular attendence

Seminar schedule (as of Mar. 31, 2008):
Date Speaker Topic Tutor
10/04 Discussion / allocation of talks
10/04 Ronny Geisler Astrometrical planet search with PRIMA CF
17/04 Dominik Schleicher Effects of primordial chemistry on the cosmic microwave background CF
17/04 Julian Merten Combining weak and strong lensing in galaxy cluster mass reconstruction HB
24/04 Kerstin Geissler Mid-infrared imaging of brown dwarfs in binary systems KD
01/05 no seminar 1st of May holiday
08/05 Andras Zsom Monte Carlo Models of Dust Coagulation KD
08/05 Giovanni Natale Dust in the Intergalactic Medium ? CF
15/05 Leonard Burtscher Interferometric observations of ... CF
15/05 Christian Angrick Statistics of gravitational potential perturbations EG
22/05 no seminar Fronleichnam - Corpus Christi holiday
29/05 Osvaldo Aquines Magnetic White Dwarfs - I EG
29/05 Baybars Kuelebi Magnetic White Dwarfs - II EG
05/06 Kelly Foyle Angular Momentum Transfer in Disk Galaxies KD
05/06 Olaf Schulz Low energy neutrinos in IceCube CF
12/06 Massimo Viola Weak lensing-Halo filtering techniques CF
19/06 Maximiliano Moyano Transiting extrasolar planets detection KD
19/06 Nikolay Nikolov Identification of false positives in the Pan-planets survey KD
19/06 Ben Moster SPH realizations of semi-analytical merger trees HB
26/06 Christine Ruhland The evolution of the colour-magnitude-relation scatter HB
26/06 Hsiang-Hsu Wang Evolution and formation of disk galaxies CF
03/07 Ioanna Arka Non-Linear Thomson Scattering and its Potential Application to Astronomical Environments CF
03/07 Anne Bochow The HESS Central Trigger System CF
03/07 Ekaterina Luettjohann Chemical and mineralogical composition in protoplanetary disks KD
10/07 Tatiana Vasyunina Very early stages of massive stars HB
10/07 Sophia Lianou Dwarf galaxies in the interacting M81 group of galaxies EG
17/07 Christoph Deil The H.E.S.S. II Cherenkov Telescope CF
17/07 Denija Crnojevic Chemical evolution of dwarf galaxies in the Centaurus A group EG
24/07 Olga Zacharopoulou Modeling Blazar's spectral energy distribution CF
24/07 Nicola Da Rio Low mass star formation in the magellanic clouds HB