IMPRS seminar winter term 2010/11

The IMPRS seminar provides a central meeting opportunity for all IMPRS students in order to exchange ideas and experience from different research areas.
In the winter term, the IMPRS seminar is held as a "Oberseminar", ie. as literature seminar with presentations of current research highlights and of fundamental papers in the astrophysics literature.
In the summer term, the IMPRS seminar is held as an advanced research seminar ("Fortgeschrittenenseminar") with students presenting their ongoing thesis project.
After the 1st academic year of an IMPRS generation, the IMPRS seminar continues in the 2nd year as a seminar workshop - an external retreat of 3-4 days during which students present an update of their thesis projects.

Visitors are welcome! The seminar is open for non-IMPRS students.

The IMPRS seminar winter term 2010 (Oberseminar):
Location: Seminar room 1, physics building, Albert-Ueberle-Str. 3-5 (Faculty building)
Date: Thursday, 17:15
Tutors: Kees Dullemond (KD); Christian Fendt (CF);
Joe Hennawi (JH);
Please, prepare for a 20 - 30 min presentation plus 10 min discussion
IMPRS will check for regular attendence

Seminar schedule (preliminary):
Date Speaker Topic Tutor
14/10 Dullemond/Hennawi Discussion / allocation of talks
21/10 Joe Hennawi Presentation style - dos and dont's
21/10 Paola Pinella Dark stars KD
28/10 Gabriele Maier Unified schemes for radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei CF
28/10 Tito Trifonof Deep extragalactic X-Ray surveys JH
04/11 Paul Boley Selecting star-forming galaxies at high redshift JH
04/11 Alessandra Grassi Smoothed particle hydrodynamics JH
04/11 Christian Fendt IMPRS rules & issues
11/11 Karsten Dittrich Large scale structure and cold dark matter JH
11/11 Jayanta Dutta Physics of Neutron stars CF
18/11 Lei Liu Probing the reionization of the universe with the 21-centimeter line KD
18/11 Bala Ramkumar Toward Understanding Massive star formation CF
25/11 Tobias Albertsson Formation of supermassive black holes KD
25/11 Gabriele Cologna The interior of giant planets KD
02/12 Alberto Rorai Hydromagnetic flows from accretion discs & the production of radio jets CF
02/12 Lukas Konstandin Birth environment of the solar system KD
09/12 Sladjana Nikolic The physics of gamma-ray bursts CF
09/12 Yu-Yen Chang The Spitzer View of the Extragalactic Universe JH
16/12 Nils Lippock (Exo) planet synthesis models KD
16/12 Maren Mohler The latest news on type I migration of planets KD
13/01 Rahul Kannan Testing general relativity with pulsar timing CF
13/01 Fredrik Windmark Dwarfs Cooler than ``M'' CF
20/01 Anton Prosekhin Black holes in binary systems. Observational appearance // Accretion discs in astrophysics CF
20/01 Vesselina Kalinova The Cosmic Baryon Budget JH
27/01 Stefan Henke Exoplanet atmospheres KD
27/01 Angelos Kaloviduris Results on HeII reionization from the HST Cosmic Origins Spectrograph JH
03/02 Dario Colombo Evolution of a habitable planet KD
03/02 Johannes Ludwig Galactic stellar and substellar initial mass function CF
03/02 Fazeel Khan A universal density profile from hierachical clustering JH