"Chemistry in Disks" consortium (MPIA, Bordeaux Obs., IRAM, Jena Obs.)

Benchmarking of gas-grain chemical models for protoplanetary disks

Results of benchmarking

Using these 5 representative benchmarking models and our extended chemical network, time-dependent chemistry is calculated for the entire 1000 Myr of evolution. A perfect agreement is achieved between the Bordeaux and Heidelberg chemical models for all considered physical conditions, all species, and all time moments. The calculated time-dependent abundances for all considered physical models are available for download: 1) the "NAUTILUS" output, and 2) the "ALCHEMIC" output. These data can be easily visualized using the IDL plotting routine.

The results for assorted chemical species representing various chemical families and various degree of complexity are compared in figures below. A ZIP archive with all figures in the EPS format is also provided.

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