Teaching & Lectures

Heidelberg University

Winter Term 2019/2020:
Master Seminar MVSem: Formation and Growth of Supermassive Black Holes

Summer Term 2018:
Master Seminar MVSem: Black Holes

Winter Term 2017/2018:
Lecture & Seminar: Galactic and extragalactic astronomy (Block)

Winter Term 2016/2017:
Bachelor Seminar: "Meilensteine der Galaxienentwicklung"

Summer Term 2016:
Seminar on current research topics (IMPRS 2)

Winter Term 2015/2016:
Tutorials for Experimental Physics 1, PEP1

Summer Term 2015:
Seminar on current research topics (IMPRS 2)

Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians University

Winter Term 2010/2011:
Lecture: Physics of N-body systems, with Andreas Burkert