Knud Jahnke: Research

Head of the Emmy Noether research group "Coevolution of Galaxies and Black Holes" since September 2007.

Area of research: "Coevolution of galaxies and black holes"

  • stellar content, morphology, ISM state of QSO host galaxies
  • AGN fuelling mechanisms (major/minor merging and gas accretion)
  • quasar host galaxies at high redshift and quasar evolution (GEMS, STAGES, COSMOS, and Pan-STARRS projects, as well as with ground based adaptive optics)
  • integral field spectroscopy of AGN hosts, e.g. with PMAS, VIMOS, and SINFONI
  • A small battle in the field of climatology, involving meteorites, statistics and politics



Public understanding of science:

  • I (co-)created an application to view large astronomical images through just a web-browser. Visit the SkyWalker page for the existing SkyWalkers for the COSMOS, GEMS, and UDF images by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Education/Professional history:


  • Member of the COSMOS and VLA-COSMOS galaxy evolution projects (since 2005; at MPIA with Eva Schinnerer, Vernesa Smolcic, Alejo Martinez Sansigre at MPIA)
  • Member of the GEMS and STAGES galaxy evolution projects (since 2002)
  • Lutz Wisotzki, Asmus Böhm, Isabelle Gavignaud (at AIP); different AGN host galaxy projects)
  • Mara Salvato and others at CalTech (composition, dynamics and kinematics of lower luminosity QSO host galaxies with the VLT)
  • Frederic Courbin (EPFL/Lausanne), Geraldine Letawe et al. (Liége), "VLT spectroscopy of QSO hosts" (since 2000)


  • "Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik II" (Uni Heidelberg, SoSe 2010) [class webpage]
  • "Aktive Galaxien, Quasare, Schwarze Löcher" (Uni Potsdam, SoSe 2005) [class webpage]
  • Übungen zu "Einführung in die Astronomie und Astrophysik II" (Uni Potsdam, SoSe 2004) [class webpage]
  • Übungen zu "Kosmologie und frühes Universum" (Uni Potsdam, SoSe 2003) [class webpage]

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