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The dark side of the moon. Or something like that. Taken from the catwalk of the Calar Alto 3.5m telescope by Emil Popow, May 5. 2003 with a digital camera after I was staring at it with my mouth open. Well sorry, I come from a big city, I didn't even know there existed more than 100 stars!

The sunrise, also as seen from the Calar Alto 3.5m telecope. Taken on September 5, 2002 by Nicolas Cardiel, and I combined the individual frames to this sequence.

really wild creature Ancient creatures that lurk in the shadows of La Palma (kj, 09/2003)
one godesse, one nuclear
reactor, one scientist one godesse, one nuclear
reactor, one scientist For asking where the electricity for the demonstration telescope had gone I was in the basement of the Einstein tower during Venus transit on 8. June 2004. There Sun and Venus were projected for the public to view (beautiful!). Then came the question "could someone put his profile in the sun image", which I did, and out came these nice pictures. Well, taken by someone from Associated Press so the first picture popped up not only on Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, but also in El Pais, Algemeen Dagblad, CNN online and Taipei Times...
(pics by Sven Kästner, AP, 08.06.2004)
wavefront distortions "Seeing" in a vacational context (kj, 04/2005).
sculpture at the MoMA Now, is this just another weired abstract painting from the MoMA?
sculpture at the MoMA Well, if you use red/cyan glasses to look maybe it isn't... (kj, 03/2005)
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