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Hot 'nough for ya?

The Earths temperature is rising, the climate changing, and the next generation will see all the effects of it. It is YOU and ME creating this change, by taking too many flights, heating badly insulated houses, and eating organic spanish strawberries in February. I don't have to tell you, really, do I? If you doubt, check out RealClimate for an up-to-date discussion of climate change facts.

Power to the People

If you are in Germany and would like at least have your electricity produced without coal, nuclear waste leftovers, and certified environmentally friendly, I recommend to change your electricity company. We are very content with the service and pricing of Elektrizitätswerke Schönau. They are the result of a small town rebellion against one of the large utility companies. The townpeople in the end bought their own grid back and produced their electricity henceforth mainly through solar power. Becoming a customer takes 3 minutes to fill out a form, 1 copy of your last electricity bill, and a 55 cent stamp to send it off. Completely hassle free!

If 10 million customers do this, there is no more market for nuclear power any more.

(DISCLAIMER: This it is not necessarily the official opinion of the MPIA or the MPG, if they can have official opinions at all. It is mine, but not mine alone.)

What on earth...???

If you see me riding my bike to the MPIA and wonder what that is, it is: A recumbent bicycle (Liegerad, liggcycel, bicicleta riclinada, velo couche, Human Powered Vehicle), which is comfy, fast, great fun and my all-year-round preferred means of transportation. If you want to learn more on this great 100 year old invention, you could read up on it. Either in german at the Human Powered Vehicle Club Germany or in english at the Human Powered Vehicle Association. My bike was produced by german manufacturer Zox bikes.

Now you know!

Riding in circles

Of course you always wondered why you couldn't take a nice bike trip with your friends and family while talking to them face to face, and without constant attention to the road. Well, hey, here's the solution, you need a ConferenceBike. Only one person steers and brakes, the other six just pedal and have a good time. Ideal for team building and team meetings - or as a reward outing for a finished paper. German craftsmanship is guaranteed and you can rent some all over Germany. There are some in North America, too, notably NYC's Central Park, and some time ago you could also see them stationed at Times Square.

And yes, I do have a financial interest in them, so buy one extra for a loved one's birthday!

Jeder ist ein Künstler!

I am part of the amoebius project, visual-/digital-/text-/real- and other art. However the project has been in hibernation for some time, so no new items were added.

MPIA kj | 29.02.2008.