Simulation tool for VLTI Instruments

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SimVLTI GUISimVLTI is a tool for simulating observations with the MIDI (and maybe the AMBER) instrument. Both instruments are designed for the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) on Paranal/Chile. To do a simulation with SimVLTI, you have to set up a few things first. You start with the large buttons on the left, going from top to bottom:

Each button there will bring up a subpanel. Try to follow your instincts in using these or read the corresponding help sections. All sub-panels follow the same scheme: You adjust some parameters and the click on APPLY. This is important, otherwise your changes will not become active. You can see that the current entries in the sub-panels are active when the APPLY button is greyed out.

When you have setup everything, you run the simulation. This brings up the first plot in the main window and activates the plotting controls. From the latter, you can change some plot parameters as well as print your results or export them in plain ascii data files. If you don't understand some of the extremely self-explanatory button labels, try to find something appropriate in the help file...

SimVLTI Plot

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Markus Feldt, MPIA, February 2001