SimVLTI Installation Tips

SimVLTI runs on Linux, Solaris, and MacOS platforms under IDL 5.1 and greater (it was never tested for earlier versions). It requires that you have the astrolib installed but nothing more.

Download the software by rightclicking on SimVLTI to save the link wherever you want it to be. Under UNIX give the command:
tar xzvf SimVLTI_0.35.1.tar.gz
If this doesn't work, you may have to use the commands
gunzip SimVLTI_0.35.1.tar.gz
tar xvf SimVLTI_0.35.1.tar

Under Windows or MacOS, expand the compressed tar file with your favourite tool.
All this creates a subdirectory called VS

Now fire up IDL.
Within IDL, change the working directory to the VS directory by typing
Attention, MacOS users have to set the working directory from the IDL menu. Then type
The GUI should come up now and you can start playing around or reading some of the help instructions... have fun!

Go to: [MPIA] [MIDI] [SimVLTI] [M. Feldt]