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Welcome to MPIA Galaxy Coffee Wiki!

Galaxy Coffee is the informal seminar of the "Galaxies & Cosmology" Department at the MPIA. It is held each Thursday every week at 11:00 am on the third floor at the MPIA.

Currently, we run Galaxy Coffee in hybrid mode in the auditorium/Hörsaal, under 2G rules*.

Up to 75 people can attend in person. We strongly encourage all in the audience to wear a mask to help make this a safe environment for all attending (while infection rates are high).

If you would like to participate via zoom, please contact the organisers for the zoom link.

Please contact any of the organizers if you would like to volunteer for the free slots available:

Galaxy Coffee rules:

  • keep the talk brief - as a guideline, focus on one punchline.
  • make sure to introduce the topic for the "general" audience, i.e. students and people not working in the field.
  • we encourage black board presentations, but slides are also welcome.
  • talk time: 10 - 15 minutes.
  • discussion time: 5 - 10 minutes (during or after the talk).
  • total time per slot must not exceed 25 minutes.
  • including some buffer for announcements and general discussions ('I always wondered if / how / why XYZ works' et al.), total Galaxy Coffee time is ~ 60 minutes.

List of previous talks


Date Slot Who What
2nd February 1 Justus Neumann Spatially-resolved stellar populations in the MaNGA survey: What drives stellar metallicity?
C: A.De Graaff 2 Evgeny Polyachenko Bars in disc galaxies with cusps
9th February 1 Pablo Galan The survival of stellar discs in Fornax-like environments, from TNG50 to real galaxies
C: N.Winkel 2 Nanase Harada (NAOJ) Multi-transition molecular studies towards the starburst galaxy NGC 253 from the ALCHEMI survey
16th February 1 Wuji Wang (ARI) Mapping intrinsic Ly-alpha nebulae of high-redshift AGN with MUSE
C: U.Dudzeviciute 2 David Martinez Delgado Stellar tidal streams with the ARRAKIHS ESA mission
23rd February 1 No galaxy coffee
C: 2 No galaxy coffee
2nd March 1 Anna de Graaff TBD
C: G.Green 2 Nhut Truong TBD
9th March 1 Sarah Gebruers
C: A.Dumont 2 Annalisa Pillepich Milky Way and Andromeda like galaxies with the TNG50 simulation
16th March 1 Albrecht Kamlah The impact of initial rotation on the dynamics of star clusters
C: C.Clontz 2 Yannick Bahe (Leiden)
23rd March 1 special Galaxy Coffee Debriefing after Visiting Committee
C: Xiangyu Zhang 2 special Galaxy Coffee Planning of GC retreat
30th March 1
C: A.Feldmeier-Krause 2
6th April 1
C: Zhang-Liang Xie 2
13th April 1
C: 2
20th April 1
C: 2
27th April 1
C: 2
4th May 1
C: 2
11th May 1
C: 2
18th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 public holiday
25th May 1
C: 2
1st June 1
C: 2
8th June 1 no Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 public holiday
15th June 1
C: 2
22nd June 1 Bhargav Vaidya (IIT Indore)
C: 2
29th June 1
C: 2

Coffee Queue

Silvia Martocchia (ARI)

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