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Welcome to MPIA Galaxy Coffee Wiki!

Galaxy Coffee is the informal seminar of the "Galaxies & Cosmology" Department at the MPIA. It is held each Thursday every week at 11:00 am on the third floor at the MPIA.

Currently, we run Galaxy Coffee in hybrid mode in the auditorium/Hörsaal.

If you would like to participate via zoom, please contact the organisers for the zoom link.

Please contact any of the organizers if you would like to volunteer for the free slots available:

Galaxy Coffee rules:

  • keep the talk brief - as a guideline, focus on one punchline.
  • make sure to introduce the topic for the "general" audience, i.e. students and people not working in the field.
  • we encourage black board presentations, (few) slides are also welcome
  • talk time: 10 - 15 minutes.
  • discussion time: 5 - 10 minutes (during or after the talk).
  • total time per slot must not exceed 25 minutes.
  • including some buffer for announcements and general discussions ('I always wondered if / how / why XYZ works' et al.), total Galaxy Coffee time is ~ 60 minutes.

List of previous talks


Date Slot Who What
12th October 1 Swayamtrupta Panda (MCTIC) Getting stronger with time - the many faces of the Quasar Main Sequence
C: A. Dimoff 2 Eduardo Banados (MPIA) Writing a JWST proposal
19th October 1 Silvia Martocchia (ARI) The origin of globular clusters and their anomalous stellar populations
C: J. Wolf 2 Guillaume Guiglion Leveraging the low-S/N RVS Gaia spectra with Convolutional Neural-Networks
26th October 1 Sthabile Kolwa (U. Johannesburg) Observations of kinetic feedback in radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) host galaxies
C: E. Zari 2 Soumavo Ghosh (MPIA) Influence of bars on action-based dynamical modelling in Milky Way-like galaxies
2nd November 1 Wuji Wang (Uni. Heidelberg) First JWST NIRSpec/IFU observation of z~3.5 radio loud AGN:no evidence of outflow on kpc scales
C: R. P. Dubey 2 Igor Chilingarian (CfA) Ram pressure stripping as the dominant formation channel for ultra-diffuse galaxies in clusters: a strong evidence from low-mass post-starbursts in Coma
9th November 1 Sebastian Völkel (AEI) The Black Hole Ringdown as Probe of Extreme Gravity
C: Tristan Cantat-Gaudin 2 Urmila Chadayammuri Using image-to-image neural networks to paint baryons onto N-body simulations of galaxy clusters
16th November 1 TomᚠŠoltinský (TIFR) Prospects of statistical detection of the 21-cm forest by the uGMRT
C: M. Demianenko 2 Tibor Dome (KICC) 21 cm Intensity Mapping in Fuzzy Dark Matter Cosmologies
23rd November 1 Fuheng "Eric" Liang (Oxford/ESO) Cold molecular gas (cloud) properties across different types of galaxies
C: Lukas Eisert 2 Dan Zucker (Macquarie University, Sydney) Tracing the Assembly History of the Milky Way’s Halo with Stellar Streams
30th November 1 special GC on JWST projects in GC Anna de Graaff - RUBIES, Leindert Boogaard - MIDIS, Antoine Dumont - ReveaLLAGN
C: Nadine Neumayer 2 with 6 + 1 short talks Iva Momcheva - NIRISS, Yanu Khosanova - CEERS, Justus Neumann - PHANGS + Elisabeth Matthews
7th December 1 Carolina Andonie (Uni. Durham) A panchromatic view of obscured quasars: revealing their role in quasar models
C: René Andrae 2 Taavet Kalda (MPIA) TBD
14th December 1 Kate Gould (DAWN) TBD
C: M. Häberle 2 Tianyi Yang (Uni Edinburgh)
21st December 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays!
C: 2
28th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays!
C: 2


Date Slot Who What
4th January 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy New Year
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Happy New Year
11th January 1 Julia Bodensteiner (ESO) Hunting for post-interaction binaries in young clusters with MUSE
C: 2
18th January 1 Anna de Graaff
C: 2
25th January 1 Eric Rohr (MPIA) The case for the existence and detectability of the satellite circumgalactic media in TNG-Cluster
C: 2 Melanie Habouzit TBD

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