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Welcome to MPIA Galaxy Coffee Wiki!

Galaxy Coffee is the informal seminar of the "Galaxies & Cosmology" Department at the MPIA. It is held each Thursday every week at 11:00 am on the third floor at the MPIA.

Currently, we run Galaxy Coffee in hybrid mode in the auditorium/Hörsaal, under 2G rules*.

Up to 50 people can attend in person. We ask everyone (except the speakers during the talk) to wear a mask.

If you would like to participate via zoom, please contact the organisers for the zoom link.

Please contact any of the organizers if you would like to volunteer for the free slots available:

Galaxy Coffee rules:

List of previous talks


Date Slot Who What
1st September 1 Yana Khusanova The [CII] and FIR properties of z > 6 radio-loud quasars
C: Gregor Seidel 2 Eduardo Banados The highest redshift blazar
8th September 1 Verena Fürnkranz The orbit-space clustering of stars in the Milky Way disk
C: Matthew Smith 2 Rebecca Levy (U. of Arizona) The Morpho-kinematic Architecture of Super Star Clusters in the Center of NGC253
15th September 1 Xander Byrne Searching for high-redshift lensed quasars with unsupervised machine learning
C: Maria Bergemann 2 Himanshu Verma (IIT Bombay) Astrometric Microlensing of Primordial Black Holes with Gaia
22nd September 1 Siwei Zou The CGM observation in the all-sky survey and JWST era
C: G. Mattia

in the HdA auditorium

2 Hans-Walter Rix After Summer logistics/planning all-hand group meeting
29th September 1 Oliver Völkel New developments for the virtual conferencing & networking tool sci-an
C: N. Truong 2 Eric Rohr First steps towards jellyfish galaxies as probes of the cosmic gas
6th October 1 Uddipan Banik (Yale) TBD
C: M. Demianenko 2 Haowen Zhang TBD
13th October 1 Folkert Nobels (Leiden) TBD
C: J. Wojno 2 Romain Meyer A ~200 pc view of z>6.5 quasar host galaxies
20th October 1 Annalisa Pillepich Computing resources of MPIA - in house and at MPCDF
C: M.S. Nitschai 2 Julien Wolf TBD
27th October 1 Carl Ferkinhoff (Winona State U.) TBD
C: E. Zari 2 TBD TBD
3rd November 1 Melanie Kaasinen To see or not to see a high-z galaxy. That is the question.
C: S. Rojas 2 Thomas Jackson Tuparev AstroTech - Software, Space Junk and Robotic Observatories
10th November 1 TBD TBD
C: René Andrae 2 TBD TBD
17th November 1 Kerry Paterson TBD
C: Frederick Davies 2 TBD TBD
24th November 1 Richard de Grijs (Macquarie) Triggering of chromospheric activity in late-type stars
C: Yash Mohan Sharma 2 Sebastian Heinz (University of Wisconsin–Madison) TBD
1st December 1 TBD TBD
C: Leindert Boogaard 2 TBD TBD
8th December 1 TBD TBD
C: Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova 2 TBD TBD
15th December 1 TBD TBD
C: Sarah Bosman 2 TBD TBD
22nd December 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays

Coffee Queue

Upcoming events, including observational deadlines

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