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Date Slot Who What
5th January 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy New Year
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Happy New Year
12th January 1 Nico Winkel Tracing the onset of the AGN feeding-feedback cycle (
C: Yash Mohan Sharma 2 Maria Stone (University of Turku) Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Companions of Type-I Quasars at Low Redshift
19th January 1 Nils Hoyer A combined HST and JWST analysis of the nuclear star cluster in NGC 628 -
C: T.Cantat-Gaudin 2 Caroline Bertemes (ARI Heidelberg) MASCOT: molecular gas depletion times and metallicity gradients - evidence for feedback in quenching active galaxies
26th January 1 Mariia Demianenko Neural Network Approximation of transients light curves with FULU python package
C: N.Storm 2 Jasleen Kaur Matharu Revealing how Star Formation and Quenching proceed in High Redshift Galaxies with Spatially Resolved Space-based Slitless Spectroscopy
2nd February 1 Justus Neumann Spatially-resolved stellar populations in the MaNGA survey: What drives stellar metallicity?
C: A.De Graaff 2 Evgeny Polyachenko Bars in disc galaxies with cusps
9th February 1 Pablo Galan The survival of stellar discs in Fornax-like environments, from TNG50 to real galaxies
C: N.Winkel 2 Nanase Harada (NAOJ) Multi-transition molecular studies towards the starburst galaxy NGC 253 from the ALCHEMI survey
16th February 1 Wuji Wang (ARI) Mapping intrinsic Ly-alpha nebulae of high-redshift radio-loud AGN with MUSE
C: U.Dudzeviciute 2 David Martinez Delgado Stellar tidal streams with the ARRAKIHS ESA mission
23rd February 1 No galaxy coffee
C: 2 No galaxy coffee
2nd March 1 Anna de Graaff The Fundamental Plane of massive galaxies: confronting observations with realistic simulations
C: G.Green 2 Nhut Truong Probing the effects of supermassive blackhole feedback on the circumgalactic medium with Line Emission Mapper mission
9th March 1 Sarah Gebruers Combining spectroscopy, photometry and asteroseimology for BAF-type stars
C: A.Dumont 2 Javier Román talk rescheduled to March 16: Evidence for globular clusters collapse after a dwarf-dwarf merger: A nuclear star-cluster in formation?
16th March 1 Javier Román Evidence for globular clusters collapse after a dwarf-dwarf merger: A nuclear star-cluster in formation? (
C: S. Ghosh 2 Yannick Bahe (Leiden) How common is galaxy disruption in groups and clusters?
23rd March 1 special Galaxy Coffee Debriefing after Visiting Committee
C: N.Neumayer 2 special Galaxy Coffee Planning of GC retreat
30th March 1 Payel Nandi (ARI) Talk needs to be rescheduled - The dwarf galaxy NGC 4395: possible evidence of AGN and supernova feedback?
C: A.Feldmeier-Krause 2 Albrecht Kamlah The impact of initial rotation on the dynamics of star cluster
6th April 1 Annalisa Pillepich Milky Way and Andromeda like galaxies with the TNG50 simulation
C: Mariia Demianenko 2 Prakash Gaikwad (MPIA) Robust constraints on mean free path and neutral fraction at 5<z<6
13th April 1 No galaxy coffee
C: 2 No galaxy coffee
20th April 1 Thales Gutcke (IfA, Hawaii) Nucleated dwarf galaxies - a formation scenario?
C: Xiangyu Zhang 2 Eric Rohr (MPIA) Jellyfish galaxies with IllustrisTNG: when, where, and for how long does RPS of cold gas occur?
27th April 1 Ryan Rickards Vaught Investigating Multi-Ion HII Region Electron Temperatures with Keck-KCWI and VLT-MUSE
C: C.Clontz 2 Karin Sandstrom New Insights into Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from PHANGS-JWST
4th May 1 Nadiia Pulatova What excites the optical emission in X-ray-selected galaxies?
C: Prakash Gaikwad 2 Benedetta Spina Why dwarf galaxies (don’t) quench?
11th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 GC Retreat
18th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 public holiday
25th May 1 Reza Ayromlou Feedback Reshapes the Baryon Distribution within Haloes, in Halo Outskirts, and Beyond: The Closure Radius from Dwarfs to Massive Clusters
C: A. Dimoff 2 Masafusa Onoue High-z Low-Luminosity Quasar Studies with JWST: First Results
1st June 1 Madelyn Lucey Dynamically Constraining the Length of the Milky Way's Bar
C: M. Habouzit 2 Kareem El-Badry The Fastest Star in the Galaxy
8th June 1 no Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 public holiday
15th June 1 Zhang-Liang Xie Do Radio Jets Aim at Us?: Discern Blazar Morphology in VLA Sky Survey
C: Ravi Pratap Dubey 2 Nelson Ndugu (Makerere University) From Local to Global: Navigating Linguistic Diversity in the African Context
22nd June 1 Bhargav Vaidya (IIT Indore) X-shaped radio galaxies and their interaction with the ambient cluster medium
C: S. Hannon 2 Soumavo Ghosh Can (stellar) bars form in hot thick discs? (
29th June 1 Yun-Hsin Hsu Cannibalism Caught in the Act -- Multiple Cores in SDSS and TNG300 Brightest Cluster Galaxies (
C: L. Eisert 2 Andrea Maccio Comparing simulations and observations using Artificial Intelligence
6th July 1 Hao He Quantifying the Spatial Variation of CO-to-H2 Conversion Factor in the Antennae
C: S. Jamal 2 Chris Wolf The SkyMapper Southern Survey DR4 and recent work on low-redshift AGN
13th July 1 Vedant Chandra Discovery of the Magellanic Stellar Stream Out to 100 Kiloparsecs
C: H.W. Rix 2 Rahul Ramesh (ITA) Angular Anisotropies in CGM Gas Properties
20th July 1 Hermine Landt (Durham) The Second Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping (STORM2) Campaign
C: J.U.Pott 2 Sofía Rojas Bridging the Gap to Access Astronomy in Colombian Schools.
27th July 1 Xiaoying Pang (XJTLU) From the Within Comes the Appearance: The Fascinating Journey of Open Star Clusters from Formation to Evolution
C: M.Häberle 2 Josh Povick Abundance Gradients in the Magellanic Clouds and Their Age Dependence
3rd August 1 Arvind Hughes The rotational parameters of Open Clusters in Gaia DR3
C: J.Lewis 2 Celine Greis (McMaster) Modelling the effects of RPS on the molecular gas of Virgo Cluster galaxies
10th August 1 Vicky Fawcett A striking relationship in DESI quasars
C: A.Hughes 2 Sarah Bosman A first-ever look at an early quasar's rest-frame infrared properties with JWST MIRI-MRS
17th August 1 Timo Kist (Leiden Observatory) Constraining the Reionization History with High-Redshift Quasar Damping Wings
C: J.Neumann 2 Nils Hoyer (DIPC/MPIA) Investigating the presence of massive black holes in nuclear star clusters with SRG/eROSITA X-ray data
24th August 1 Barun Maity (NCRA-TIFR) Exploring Cosmic Reionization using an Efficient SCRIPT
C: V. Fürnkranz 2 Fahad Nasir (MPIA) Deep Learning the IGM at 4<z<5
31st August 1 Olga Borodina (CfA Harvard & Smithsonian) The Role of Active Galactic Nuclei in Galaxy Evolution: How do jets propagate through the Interstellar Medium?
C: J.Isbell 2 Hans-Walter Rix The Formation of the Milky Way's Disk: a new global view from Gaia
7th September 1 Joe Lewis (MPIA) Signature of galaxy formation models in the 21cm signal during the Epoch of Reionization
C: N.Neumayer 2 Ben Pennell (CITA) Epicurean Philosophy: what we can learn from the successes and failures of 2000 year old cosmology
14th September 1 Vale Gonzalez (MPA) Circumgalactic Lyman-alpha emission around submillimeter-bright galaxies with different quasar contributions
C: Y.Khusanova 2 Eric Rohr (MPIA) Understanding the CGM of massive satellite galaxies in the TNG-Cluster simulation
21st September 1 Damir Gasymov (ASIAA/SAI MSU) Analysis of gas properties and kinematics in barred galaxies from MaNGA SDSS
C:C.Clontz 2 Ella Tanchon Measuring galaxy rotation curve with MUSE
28th September 1 Nicolas Martin (Strasbourg/MPIA) The Pristine survey DR 1 and an all-sky metallicity catalogue based on Gaia DR3 BP/RP spectro-photometry
C: K.Paterson 2 Francisco Pozo (HITS) Quasars accretion discs sizes with the LSST
5th October 1 Lukas Neumann (Uni. Bonn) Dense gas and star formation in nearby galaxies
C: N. Pulatova 2 Elias Oakes Are GMCs real? Searching for a virialized scale in NGC 253
12th October 1 Swayamtrupta Panda (MCTIC) Getting stronger with time - the many faces of the Quasar Main Sequence
C: A. Dimoff 2 Eduardo Banados (MPIA) Writing a JWST proposal
19th October 1 Silvia Martocchia (ARI) The origin of globular clusters and their anomalous stellar populations
C: J. Wolf 2 Guillaume Guiglion Leveraging the low-S/N RVS Gaia spectra with Convolutional Neural-Networks
26th October 1 Sthabile Kolwa (U. Johannesburg) Observations of kinetic feedback in radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) host galaxies
C: E. Zari 2 Soumavo Ghosh (MPIA) Influence of bars on action-based dynamical modelling in Milky Way-like galaxies
2nd November 1 Wuji Wang (Uni. Heidelberg) First JWST NIRSpec/IFU observation of z~3.5 radio loud AGN:no evidence of outflow on kpc scales
C: R. P. Dubey 2 Igor Chilingarian (CfA) Ram pressure stripping as the dominant formation channel for ultra-diffuse galaxies in clusters: a strong evidence from low-mass post-starbursts in Coma
9th November 1 Sebastian Völkel (AEI) The Black Hole Ringdown as Probe of Extreme Gravity
C: Tristan Cantat-Gaudin 2 Urmila Chadayammuri Using image-to-image neural networks to paint baryons onto N-body simulations of galaxy clusters
16th November 1 Tomáš Šoltinský (TIFR) Prospects of statistical detection of the 21-cm forest by the uGMRT
C: M. Demianenko 2 Tibor Dome (KICC) 21 cm Intensity Mapping in Fuzzy Dark Matter Cosmologies
23rd November 1 Fuheng "Eric" Liang (Oxford/ESO) Cold molecular gas (cloud) properties across different types of galaxies
C: Lukas Eisert 2 Dan Zucker (Macquarie University, Sydney) Tracing the Assembly History of the Milky Way’s Halo with Stellar Streams
30th November 1 special GC on JWST projects in GC Anna de Graaff - RUBIES, Leindert Boogaard - MIDIS, Antoine Dumont - ReveaLLAGN
C: Nadine Neumayer 2 with 6 + 1 short talks Iva Momcheva - NIRISS, Yanu Khosanova - CEERS, Justus Neumann - PHANGS + Elisabeth Matthews
7th December 1 Carolina Andonie (Uni. Durham) A panchromatic view of obscured quasars: revealing their role in quasar models
C: René Andrae 2 Taavet Kalda (MPIA) Deep potential - inferring the gravitational potential from a snapshot of stellar kinematics
14th December 1 Jacob Isbell (MPIA) First Imaging of an AGN with the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer
C: M. Häberle 2 Tianyi Yang (Uni Edinburgh) Probing the impact of AGN feedback on gas distribution with SIMBA and IllustrisTNG
21st December 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays!
C: 2
28th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays!
C: 2


Date Slot Who What
6th January 1 No Galaxy coffee --
2 Happy New Year! --
13th January 1 Karina Voggel (Strasbourg) The direct dynamical detection of the closest SMBH pair
C: B. Zhang 2 TBD TBD
20th January 1 Fabian Scheuermann (ARI) Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function distances for 19 galaxies observed by PHANGS–MUSE
C: R. Harris 2 Melanie Habouzit The origins of massive black holes
27th January 1 Roland Szakacs (ESO) The Column Densities of Molecular Gas across Cosmic Time: Bridging Observations and Simulations
C: Z. Zhong 2 Wuji Wang (ARI) Spatially mapping the metal-enriched absorbing CGM of a massive galaxy at z~4.5
3rd February 1 Sofía Rojas RECA - The Network of Colombian Astronomy Students
C: B. Husemann 2 Sofía Rojas RECA - The Network of Colombian Astronomy Students
10th February 1 Resilience & Stress Management and

Workplace Culture & Environment Working Groups

Imposter Syndrom Workshop
C: I. Andika 2 Resilience & Stress Management and

Workplace Culture & Environment Working Groups

Imposter Syndrom Workshop
17th February 1 Anna Sippel Quick look at your nearest spiral galaxy
C: Y. Khusanova 2 Prakash Gaikwad Measuring the thermal state of the intergalactic medium during hydrogen (5<z<6) and helium (2<z<4) reionization
24th February 1 Hannah Stacey (MPA) The role of radiative quasar feedback in shaping the evolution of massive galaxies
C: A.Böcker 2 Dominik Riechers Microwave Background Temperature at a Redshift of 6.34 from H_2O Absorption
3rd March 1 Soumavo Ghosh Fate of stellar bars in minor merger of galaxies -
C: J. Lewis 2 Johan Comparat (MPE) The eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth Survey (eFEDS): X-ray emission around star-forming and quiescent galaxies at 0.05<z<0.3 -

10th March 1 No Galaxy Coffee GC Retreat
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee GC Retreat
17th March 1 Thavisha Dharmawardena The 3D structure of Star Formation Regions in the era of Gaia DR3
C: L. Eisert 2 Morgan Fouesneau While waiting for Gaia DR3: a catalog of revised astrophysical parameters from GDR2
24th March 1 Sabine Thater (Uni. Vienna) Cross-checking SMBH mass estimates in NGC 6958
C: R. Meyer 2 Cristina Ramos Almeida (IAC) The cold molecular gas emission of type-2 quasars as seen by ALMA (
31st March 1 Laura Scholz-Diaz (IAC) Dark matter halos as drivers of galaxy stellar population properties
C:V. Fürnkranz 2 Joe Lewis The short ionizing photon mean free path at z=6 in the new Cosmic Dawn III simulation
7th April 1 Mainak Singha (U Manitoba) Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS): Characterizing the warm, ionized outflows in Type 1 AGN -
C: E. J.U. Pott 2 Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova "BPT morphology": the new approach to getting star formation rate if AGN gets in your way
14th April 1 Khyati Malhan The Global Dynamical Atlas of the Milky Way mergers
C: C. Engler 2 TBD TBD
21st April 1 Elham Eftekhari (IPM) Strong CO Absorption Features in Massive ETGs -
C: J. Lian 2 Harshitha Bhat (University of Cologne) Mid-infrared studies of dusty sources in the Galactic center -
28th April 1 Maosheng Xiang Milky Way annals: A time-resolved picture of our Milky Way's early formation history
C: M. Gent 2 Sami Dib The galaxy-wide stellar initial mass function in the presence of cluster-to-cluster IMF variations
5th May 1 Katja Fahrion & Dominik Dold Evaluating the feasibility of interpretable machine learning for globular cluster detection -
C:K. Malhan 2 Nils Hoyer Reinforcing the connection between globular clusters and nuclear star clusters in low-mass galaxies
12th May 1 Alyssa Drake (University of Hertfordshire) The Decoupled Kinematics of high-z QSO Host Galaxies and their Lyα halos
C: M. Häberle 2 Manuela Bischetti (INAF) Discovery of widespread black-hole outflows in z~6 quasars from the XQR-30 survey
19th Mai 1 Silvia Bonoli (DIPC) The J-PAS survey: looking at the sky in 56 colors
C: M. Neeleman 2 Jianhui Lian The Milky Way structure probed by APOGEE survey
26th Mai 1 No Galaxy Coffee Public Holiday
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Public Holiday
2nd June 1 Ling Zhu (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory) Environmental effects on the assembly of dynamically cold disks in Fornax cluster galaxies
C: F. Nogueras-Lara 2 Francisco Aros (Indiana University) Revealing the mass-to-light ratio of globular clusters from their kinematics
9th June 1 Michael Maseda (U Wisconsin-Madison) Ubiquitous [OII] emission in z~0.8 quiescent galaxies
C: A.Hughes 2 Soumavo Gosh Age dissection of the spiral-driven vertical breathing motions in Milky Way-like galaxies -
16th June 1 No Galaxy Coffee Public Holiday
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Public Holiday
23rd June 1 Bhargav Vaidya (Indian Institute of Technology) Unravelling the role of shock acceleration in peculiar radio galaxies -
C: E. Banados 2 Adam Leroy (OSU) Molecular Cloud Populations in the Context of Their Host Galaxy Environments -
30th June 1 Gregory Green Deep Potential - recovering the gravitational potential from stellar phase-space measurements
C: J. Isbell 2 Kareem El-Badry Binaries galore with Gaia DR3
7th July 1 Thomas Connor (JPL) X-Ray Observations of the Jets Powering Early AGN Growth
C: Eric Rohr 2 Chris Hayward (CCA) Obscured AGN can power galaxy-scale cold dust emission
14th July 1 Francesca Fragkoudi Searching for the Milky Way bar’s resonances in Gaia
C: Ekaterina Magg 2 Michael Backes (UNAM - Namibia) The Africa Millimetre Telescope and astronomy activities at the University of Namibia
21st July 1 Olga Borodina On the Tremaine-Weinberg method: how much can we trust gas tracers to measure pattern speeds?
C: Francesca Pinna 2 Hans-Walter Rix & Eva Schinnerer et al. What do we actually “see” in the first JWST data
28th July 1 Christopher Clark (STScI) Dramatic Evolution in the Dusty ISM Across the Local Group
C: Markus Kuhlberg 2 David Hogg Gaia XP spectral coefficients and stellar parameters
4th August 1 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
11th August 1 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
18th August 1 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
25th August 1 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Summer break
1st September 1 Yana Khusanova The [CII] and FIR properties of z > 6 radio-loud quasars
C: Gregor Seidel 2 Eduardo Banados The highest redshift blazar
8th September 1 Verena Fürnkranz The orbit-space clustering of stars in the Milky Way disk
C: Matthew Smith 2 Rebecca Levy (U. of Arizona) The Morpho-kinematic Architecture of Super Star Clusters in the Center of NGC253
15th September 1 Xander Byrne Searching for high-redshift lensed quasars with unsupervised machine learning
C: Maria Bergemann 2 Himanshu Verma (IIT Bombay) Astrometric Microlensing of Primordial Black Holes with Gaia
22nd September 1 Siwei Zou The CGM observation in the all-sky survey and JWST era
C: G. Mattia

in the HdA auditorium

2 Hans-Walter Rix After Summer logistics/planning all-hand group meeting
29th September 1 Oliver Völkel New developments for the virtual conferencing & networking tool sci-an
C: N. Truong 2 Eric Rohr First steps towards jellyfish galaxies as probes of the cosmic gas
6th October 1 Uddipan Banik (Yale) Pushing the frontiers of gravitational encounters and collisionless dynamics
C: M. Demianenko 2 Haowen Zhang (Arizona) Trinity: self-consistent dark matter halo--galaxy--SMBH connection from z=0-10
13th October 1 Folkert Nobels (Leiden) Hydrodynamical simulations of idealised disk galaxies and galaxy clusters
C: J. Wojno 2 Romain Meyer A ~200 pc view of z>6.5 quasar host galaxies
20th October 1 Annalisa Pillepich Computing resources of MPIA - in house and at MPCDF
C: M.S. Nitschai 2 Julien Wolf Uncovering the population of X-ray luminous quasars at z~6 with eROSITA
27th October 1 Carl Ferkinhoff (Winona State U.) The [OI] 63 um line at z~6: Where’d my line go?
C: E. Zari 2 Jianhui Lian Integrated metallicity profile of the Milky Way
3rd November 1 Melanie Kaasinen To See or Not to See a z~13 Galaxy? That is the Question.
C: S. Rojas 2 Thomas Jackson Tuparev AstroTech - Software, Space Junk and Robotic Observatories
10th November 1 Hans-Walter Rix The Poor Old Heart of the Milky Way
C: René Andrae 2 Igor Chilingaryan (CfA Harvard & Smithsonian) Growth of supermassive black holes in the "light-weight" regime: the insights from the local Universe
17th November 1 Kerry Paterson The current state of Euclid: a glance at wavelength calibration
C: Frederick Davies 2 Gourab Giri (IIT Indore) Understanding the origin of peculiar jetted galaxies using multiwavelength modelling
24th November 1 Richard de Grijs (Macquarie) Triggering of chromospheric activity in late-type stars
C: Leindert Boogaard 2 Sebastian Heinz (University of Wisconsin–Madison) Dust Echo Tomography as a Tool to Map the Milky Way
1st December 1 Sviatoslav Borisov (University of Geneva) The recalibration of the UVES-POP stellar library and its use for stellar population synthesis
C: Romain Meyer 2 Rhys Seeburger Finding Black Holes that are actually black
8th December 1 Anna Saburova (SAI MSU) On the enigmatic ‘beasts’ - giant low surface brightness galaxies. How were they formed? How rare are they?
C: Diego Sotillo Ramos 2 Anton Afanasiev (OBSPM) The Galaxy Mass-Size Relation in CARLA Clusters and Proto-Clusters at 1.4 < z < 2.8: Larger Cluster Galaxy Sizes
15th December 1 Ivan Kostyuk (MPA) Escape of Lyman continuum photons from Illustris TNG50 halos during the era of reionization
C: Sarah Bosman 2 Sundar Srinivasan (IRyA UNAM) Analysing multiwavelength light curves of long-period variables in the Nearby Evolved Stars Survey
22nd December 1 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays
C: 2 No Galaxy Coffee Happy Holidays


Date Slot Who What
7th January 1 No Galaxy coffee
2 Happy New Year!
14th January 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Determining distances to all the stars in Gaia Early Data Release 3 -
C:T.Saito 2 Ludovic Delchambre (University of Liège) Quasars as seen by the ESA/Gaia survey - and
21st January 1 Gergö Popping The dust-continuum size of TNG50 galaxies at z=1−5:a comparison with the distribution of stellar light, stars, dust and H2
C:J.Coronado 2 Eduardo Banados The most distant radio-quiet and radio-loud quasars
28th January 1 Fabian Walter The DSA-2000 - A Radio Survey Camera (
C:F.Santoro 2 Daizhong Liu CO excitation, molecular gas density and interstellar radiation field in local and high-redshift galaxies (
4th February 1 Eduardo Banados The most distant radio-quiet and radio-loud quasars part II
C:J.Esser 2 Daniel DeFelippis Circumgalactic MgII Absorption in the TNG50 Simulation and the MEGAFLOW Survey
11th February 1 Jan-Torge Schindler The X-SHOOTER/ALMA sample and the evolution of reionization-era quasars
C: A.Pillepich 2 Ted von Hippel White Dwarfs Ages: A Promising Tool for Understanding the Milky Way
18th February 1 Tom Williams I Feel the Need, the Need for (Pattern) Speed
C:G.Seidel 2 Tom Herbst Behind the Scenes at
25th February 1 Ling Zhu (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory) The discovery of an ancient massive merger event in the Fornax cluster galaxy NGC 1380
C:N.Frankel 2 Dongwook Lim (ARI) Blanco DECam Bulge Survey (BDBS) III: A new view of the double red clump in the Milky Way bulge through luminosity and color distribution (
4th March 1 Knud Jahnke & Eduardo Banados How to write a more successful observing proposal
C:N.Neumayer 2 - -
11th March 1 Nico Winkel The Imprint of Cosmic Web Quenching on Central Galaxies
C:V.Fürnkranz 2 Sustainability group MPIA travel analysis 2018-2020
18th March 1 Christoph Engler The abundance of satellites around Milky Way- and M31-like galaxies with TNG50
C:X.Nhut Truong 2 Meghan Hughes (Liverpool) What to expect when using globular clusters as tracers of the total mass distribution in Milky Way-mass galaxies
25th March 1 Zdenek Prudil (ARI) The Orphan stream in 7D using RR Lyrae stars
C:M.Gent 2 Adriano Poci (Macquarie University) The Fornax3D project: Assembly histories of lenticular galaxies from a combined dynamical and population orbital analysis
1st April 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Lost in Space? Relativistic interstellar navigation by the stars -
C:T.Williams 2 Lorenzo Posti (Strasbourg) Where feedback fails: clues from the dynamics of massive galaxies - and
8th April 1 Teresa Antoja (Barcelona) Gaia Early Data Release 3: The Galactic anticentre -
C:M.Häberle 2 Paul McMillan (Lund Observatory) Gaia EDR3: the kinematics of the LMC and the vertical velocities of the outer Milky Way disc
15th April 1 Matus Rybak (Technical University Delft) Full of Orions? ~100-pc scale mapping of ISM thermodynamics in high-redshift starbursts
C:J.-U. Pott 2 Peter Mitchell (Leiden University) How gas flows shape the stellar-halo mass relation in the EAGLE simulation
22nd April 1 Jacob Isbell A Subarcsecond Atlas of Local AGN in the L- and M-bands -
C:M.Xiang 2 Jan Rybizki Empirical selection function of the Gaia radial velocity sample
29th April 1 Sophia Stuber Frequency and nature of central molecular outflows in nearby star-forming disk galaxies
C:J.Isbell 2 Begoña García-Conde Navarro (Madrid) Phase spirals in cosmological simulations of Milky Way-size galaxies
6th May 1 Gabriela Calistro-Rivera (ESO) Evidence for dusty winds as the origin of QSO reddening -
C:E.Zari 2 Ismael Pessa Star formation scaling relations at ~100 pc from PHANGS
13th May 1 No Galaxy Coffee ---
C: 2 Public Holiday ---
20th May 1 No Galaxy Coffee ---
C: 2 Institute meeting ---
27th May 1 Frederick Davies The Predicament of Absorption-Dominated Reionization
C:H.W. Rix 2 MPIA sustainability group An assessment of MPIA’s computing-related carbon footprint
3rd June 1 No Galaxy Coffee ---
C: 2 Public Holiday ---
10th June 1 Gustavo Medina (ARI) A census of Cepheids in open clusters in the era of Gaia
C: R. Andrae 2 Ignacio Martín-Navarro (IAC) Anisotropic satellite galaxy quenching modulated by supermassive black hole activity
17th June 1 Lucas Valenzuela (USM) The Yin and Yang of Globular Cluster formation: Insights from an empirical model -
C: M. Kaasinen 2 Hans-Walter Rix The Role of Selection Functions in Modelling Astronomical Data -
24th June 1 Selina Nitschai Dynamical Model of the Milky Way using Gaia and APOGEE data
C: G.Mattia 2 Rhea-Silvia Remus (USM) The young and the wild: What happens to protoclusters forming at z=4
1st July 1 Tobias Buck (AIP) The impact of CRs on Milky Way like galaxies
C: S.Bosman 2 Lachlan Lancaster (Princeton) A Fractal Model for Turbulent Stellar Wind Bubbles
8th July 1 Sara Rezaei Kh. What have we learned from the EAS "welfare and mental health" session
C: L.Boogaard 2 Andrea Maccio Galaxies without dark matter
15th July 1 Lukas Eisert Inferring the assembly and merger histories of galaxies with the IllustrisTNG simulations and machine learning
C: S.Nitschai 2 Thavisha Dharmawardena MPIA wellbeing working group (re-)introduction
22nd July 1 Francesca Pinna Resolved kinematics of nuclear star clusters link their formation and growth with the evolution of their hosts
C: E.Schinnerer 2 Antonello Calabro (Rome) Galaxy assembly at high redshift as probed by VANDELS -
29th July 1 Joanna Piotrowska (Cambridge) Putting breaks on star formation in central galaxies: a consistent look across simulations and observations
C:I. Pessa 2 Gandhali Joshi The star-formation histories of TNG50 dwarfs: The connection to quenching and alpha abundances
5th August 1 Carina Fian (Tel Aviv) Revealing the Structure of the Lensed Quasar Q0957+561
C:F.Pinna 2 Fred Davies Small-scale intergalactic structure in reionization-epoch quasar proximity zones
12th August 1 Sebastian Messlinger Learning EPSF-astrometry - surprises and challenges of applying a standard workflow
C:T.Dharmawardena 2 Julianne Dalcanton PHAT, PHATTER, PHAST: Latest results from Hubble mapping of Local Group spirals
19th August 1 Andreas Koch-Hansen (ARI) NGC 1261: A globular cluster from the Gaia-Enceladus Event
C:A.Boecker 2 Sofía Rojas Radio Jet Interactions in the Interstellar Medium of an Extreme Radio-loud Quasar in the first Gyr of the Universe
26th August 1 summer break No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 summer break --
2nd September 1 summer break No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 summer break --
9th September 1 summer break No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 summer break --
16th September 1 Fabian Walter Breakthrough Starshot: Challenges
C: M. Donnari

in the auditorium

2 Fabian Walter Breakthrough Starshot: Challenges
23rd September 1 Jakob Walcher (AIP) The GAMACA project: plans to survey M31 with high angular resolution imaging spectroscopy
C: E.Rohr 2 Jan Rybizki Gaia astrometric solutions: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
30th September 1 GC retreat No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 GC retreat No Galaxy Coffee
7th October 1 Po-Feng Wu Towards precision galaxy evolution: comparing IllustrisTNG and LEGA-C survey.
C: M.Fouesneau 2 Corentin Cadiou The causal effect of environment on halo mass and concentration
14th October 1 Saba Etezad Razavi Constraining IGM temperature fluctuations between redshift 3-4 using XQ100
C: S.Rojas-Ruiz 2 Frederick Davies A VLBA Measurement of the Relative Proper Motion of M87 and M84
21st October 1 Kasper Elm Heintz Measuring the HI gas mass of galaxies in the early Universe with gamma-bursts
C: M. Schirmer 2 Francisco Nogueras Lara The innermost regions of the Milky Way. Different formation and stellar population
28th October 1 Jianhui Lian How much is the Milky Way reshaped by radial migration?
C: D.Sotillo Ramos 2 Ignacio Martin-Navarro (IAC) Rejuvenation triggers nuclear activity in nearby galaxies
4th November 1 Regina Sarmiento Capturing the physics of MaNGA galaxies with self-supervised Machine Learning
C: R.Meyer 2 Enrico Garaldi The Thesan simulations - galaxy formation meets cosmic reionization
11th November 1 Marcel Neeleman Kinematics of z~6 quasar host galaxies
C: N. Winkel 2 Jakob den Brok Benchmarking the CO(2-1)/(1-0) Line Ratio Across Nearby Spiral Galaxies
18th November 1 Dhruba Dutta Chowdhury (Yale) On the Dynamics of Dwarf Galaxies and Nuclear Objects in a Fuzzy Dark Matter Halo
C: J. Gerber 2 Fahad Nasir The Evolution of Small Scale Intergalactic Medium after Reionization
25th November 1 Ashley Barnes (Uni Bonn) Under pressure: constraining the dominant pre-SNe feedback mechanisms for several thousand star-forming regions
C: Z.-L. Xie 2 Thavisha Dharmawardena Deriving the 3D structure of the Milky Way: A fast and scalable Gaussian Process applied to nearby star-formation regions.
2nd December 1 Evgeniya Egorova (SAI) Hunt for eXtremely Metal-Poor galaxies in voids
C: M. Habouzit 2 Thomas Williams The Two-Dimensional Metallicity Distribution and Mixing Scales of Nearby Galaxies
9th December 1 Kirsty Butler Molecular Outflows in z>6 Unobscured QSO Hosts - Driven by Star Formation
C: M. Yardimci 2 Johnathan Henshaw ACES: The ALMA CMZ Exploration Survey — a new ALMA Large Programme on the inner 100pc of the Milky Way
16th December 1 JWST science
 1) Towards Tomographic Mapping of Reionization Epoch Quasar Light-Echoes with JWST -  Fred Davies
 2) The JWST-legacy narrow-band survey of H-alpha and [OIII] emitters in the epoch of reionization - Yana Khusanova
 3) Spectroscopic Confirmation and Characterization of Bright Galaxies at z~9 - Sofia Rojas 
 4) A Complete Census of Supermassive Black Holes and Host Galaxies at z=6 - Melanie Habouzit & Knud Jahnke
 5) The MIRI HUDF Deep Imaging Survey- Romain Meyer & other members of Fabian Walter’s group
 6) COSMOS-Web: The JWST Cosmic Origins Survey - Knud Jahnke
C: F. Walter 2 JWST science
 7) JWST NIRSpec GTO- Bernd Husemann & Hans-Walter Rix
 8) Revealing Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei (ReveaLLAGN) - Nadine Neumayer 
 9) A JWST-HST-VLT/MUSE-ALMA Treasury of Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies - Tom Williams for PHANGS
 10) Illuminating the dust properties in the diffuse ISM with JWST - Sascha Zeegers & Eleonora Zari
 11) Physics and Chemistry of Planet-Forming Disks in Extreme Radiation Environments - Macla Ramirez-Tannus
23rd December 1 No Galaxy Coffee TBD
2 Happy Holidays! TBD
30th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee TBD
2 Happy Holidays! TBD


Date Slot Who What
2nd January 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Happy New Year!
9th January 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2
16th January 1 Annalisa Pillepich X-ray Signatures of Black Hole Feedback
C:N.Kacharov 2 Katja Fahrion (ESO) Nuclear star clusters in dwarfs and massive galaxies
23th January 1 Christina Eilers (MIT) Searching for young quasars
C:M.Donnari 2 Sarah Bosman (UCL) Young galaxies in a quasar's proximity zone at z=5.8
30th January 1 Maxime Trebitsch Simulating the assembly of a high-redshift protocluster during the Epoch of Reionization
C:A.Drake 2 Nicolas Martin Are the dwarf galaxies of Andromeda similar to the dwarf galaxies of the Milky Way? Implications for galaxy evolution.
6th February 1 Laura Salvati (OATs-INAF) Constraints on cosmological parameters from thermal Sunyaev-Zel’dovich galaxy clusters
C:A.Hygate 2 Rainer Schoedel (Granada) Proper motions as key to structure and star formation in the Galactic Centre
13th February 1 Neige Frankel The Dynamical Evolution of the Milky Way Disk is Cool
C:J.Isbell 2 David Martinez-Delgado Ultra-deep imaging with small telescopes
20th February 1 Nikolay Kacharov A multi-component chemo-dynamical model of the Sgr nucleus
C:M.Fouesneau 2 Fabian Walter et al. Results of the survey 'Mental stress at work'
27th February 1 Andrew Tkachenko (KU Leuven) (Interior) physics of intermediate- to high-mass stars in the era of big data surveys
C:M.Kaasinen 2 TBD TBD
5th March 1 Hans-Walter Rix Does the Milky Way have “real” spiral arms?
C:A.Gallagher 2 Hans-Walter Rix et al. Organising the retreat: unconferenced sessions and after dinner speaker
12th March 1 Kathryn Kreckel The SDSS-V Local Volume Mapper Survey
C:E.Banados 2 Tom Herbst The Local Volume Mapper Instrument
19th March 1 Juan Soler A story of stellar feedback in the Milky Way revealed by the 21-cm emission by neutral hydrogen
C:M.Fouesneau 2 Christine Wilson JINGLE: an update on the JCMT dust and gas In Nearby Galaxies Legacy Exploration
26th March 1 Thavisha Dharmawardena The sub-millimetre properties of Betelgeuse during recent optical minimum
C:M.Kovalev 2 Peter Scicluna (ESO) Fitting heterogeneous data with imperfect models
2nd April 1 Elad Zinger Ejective and preventive: BH Feedback and its effects on the

thermodynamics of the gas within and around galaxies

C:I.Georgiev 2 Ryan Leaman Summary of Lorentz Center workshop: Dynamical Reconstruction of Galaxies
9th April 1 Eric Andersson (Lund) How runaway stars boost galactic outflows
C:N.Krieger 2 Yana Khusanova Dust-hidden star formation rate density at redshift z>4
16th April 1 Maya Petkova (ARI) Quantifying structure in simulated emission maps of G0.253+0.016 ('the Brick’)
C:J.Gerber 2 Tomas Ruiz-Lara (IAC) Unveiling the secrets of our Galaxy with Gaia: The recurrent impact of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy
23rd April 1 Eloisa Poggio Evidence of a dynamically evolving Galactic warp from Gaia DR2
C:K.Jahnke 2 Gandhali Joshi The fate of disk galaxies in IllustrisTNG clusters
30th April 1 Wolfgang Brandner Schwarzschild precession of S2: refining the properties of Sgr A*
C:I.Lazar 2 Jan Rybizki A Gaia early DR3 mock (GeDR3mock) stellar catalogue - Galactic prior and selection function
7th May 1 Allison Merritt A missing outskirts problem? Comparisons between stellar halos in the Dragonfly Nearby Galaxies Survey and the TNG100 simulation
C:G.Green 2 Alina Böcker Can we measure age-metallicity distributions from integrated spectra?
14th May 1 GC Survey committee Follow-up “Assessment of mental stress at work”: Results and steps forward
C:K.Jahnke 2 GC Survey committee Follow-up “Assessment of mental stress at work”: Results and steps forward
21st May 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Public Holiday
28th May 1 Ryan Leaman The role of galactic structure and environment in nuclear star cluster formation efficiency
C:M.Habouzit 2 Yohan Dubois (IAP, FR) Cosmic ray feedback in galaxies
4th June 1 Jason Sanders (Univ. of Cambridge) How fast is the Milky Way Bar rotating?
C:G.Mattia 2 Dylan Nelson (MPA) Resolving small-scale cold circumgalactic gas in TNG50
11th June 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Public Holiday
18th June 1 Sophie Koudmani (Univ. of Cambridge) The impact of AGN feedback on simulated dwarf galaxies
C:C.Fendt 2 Alessandro Savino (ARI) The oldest stellar population in the Galaxy
25th June 1 Jindra Gensior (ARI) Heart of Darkness: How galactic dynamics suppress star formation in galaxy spheroids
C:C.Hansen 2 GC Survey committee

Hans-Walter Rix

Next steps to follow-up the stress survey

Best use of 3 Million ‘Open’ Fibers in SDSS-V?

2nd July 1 Bernd Husemann The impact of spillover light contamination for dual AGN identification
C:J.Rybizki 2 Benjamin Moster (USM/LMU) GalaxyNet: Connecting galaxies and dark matter haloes with deep neural networks and reinforcement learning in large volumes
9th July 1 Sebastian Schulz The IRX-Beta dust attenuation relation of galaxies with the cosmological simulation TNG50
C:S.Nitschai 2 Florent Renaud (Lund Observatory) Tilting the outer disk of the Milky Way
16th July 1 Supreet Kaur Women in Astronomy: Past, Present, and Future
C:I.Pessa 2 Khyati Malhan A new perspective on cusp/core scenario with accreted Globular Cluster streams
23rd July 1 Lorenzo Zanisi A deep learning approach to quantitatively compare the fine stellar morphology of simulated and real galaxies
C:T.Herbst 2 Francisco Nogueras Lara Analysing the extinction curve in the near-infrared towards the Galactic centre
30th July 1 Andrea Negri (IAC) The luminosity function of cluster’s galaxies in C-EAGLE
C:D.Sotillo Ramos 2 Mattia Sormani (ITA) Jeans modelling of the Milky Way's nuclear stellar disk
6th August 1 Prashin Jethwa (University of Vienna) Dimensionally downsized decompositions of galactic spectra
C:S.Rojas-Ruiz 2 Felix Bosco The spectro-astrometric signal of a quaser BLR at redshift z=2.2 - Seeking the needle in the haystack
13th August 1 Kareem El-Badry (UC Berkeley) A stripped-companion origin for Be stars, or: How a stripped star a day keeps the black holes away.
C:G.Joshi 2 Joe Hennawi (UC Santa Barbara) Probing Reionization and Early Cosmic Enrichment with the MgII Forest
20th August 1 Maryam Modjaz (NYU) Exotic Explosions
C:F.Bosco 2 David Hogg (NYU) Imaging stellar orbits in the Milky Way
27th August 1 No Galaxy Coffee TBD
2 Summer break TBD
3rd September 1 Abbas Askar (Lund Observatory) Formation of super-massive black holes in galactic nuclei: delivering seed intermediate-mass black holes in stellar clusters
C:Y.Khusanova 2 Thomas Jackson (ARI) The Star-Formation Properties of the Observed and Simulated AGN Universe: BAT vs EAGLE
10th September 1 Bahar Bidaran On the accretion of a new group of galaxies onto Virgo: A kinematic study
C:B.Husemann 2 Marcel Neeleman The Wolfe Disk
17th September 1 Joao Amarante The effects of clumps in disc galaxies: Implications to the Milky Way
C:K.Jahnke 2 Francisco Aros Binaries in globular clusters: kinematics and the detection of intermediate-mass black holes
24th September 1 Giancarlo Mattia Jets Launched by a Non-isotropic Accretion-disk Dynamo
C:M.Fouesneau 2 Nhut Truong Correlations between supermassive black holes and hot gas atmospheres in IllustrisTNG and X-ray observations
1st October 1 Masafusa Onoue Chemical enrichment probed by a z=7.54 quasar
C:I.Smirnova-Pinchukova 2 Celine Peroux (ESO) The Physical Properties of the Circumgalactic Medium
8th October 1 Adrian Bittner (ESO) Nuclear Stellar Structures in Barred Galaxies of the TIMER Survey
C:M.Neeleman 2 Eva Schinnerer & Fred Davies How to prepare a (good) postdoc application
15th October 1 Meridith Joyce Seismic and hydrodynamic methods for predicting the enrichment timescales of high-mass stars: a case study with Betelgeuse
C:I.Andika 2 Ryan Keenan (UofA) Have We Already Reached The Limits of ALMA and JVLA in Explaining the Cosmic Molecular Gas History?
22nd October 1 Reza Ayromlou (MPA) The role of environment in galaxy evolution
C:F.Nogueras Lara 2 Katja Stock (ARI) The role of environment in the dynamical evolution of planetary systems
29th October 1 Hiddo Algera The link between radio emission and star-formation
C:A.Boecker 2 Francesco Santoro AGN-driven outflows: density matters!
5th November 1 Frederick Davies Constraining the Gravitational Lensing of z > 6 Quasars from their Proximity Zones
C:N.Neumayer 2 Nils Hoyer Does the nucleation fraction depend on environment?
12th November 1 Salvatore Taibi (IAC) Stellar chemo-kinematics of isolated Local Group dwarf galaxies
C:J.Rybizki 2 Francesca Rizzo (MPA) A strong gravitational lensing view on the dynamical properties of high-redshift star-forming galaxies
19th November 1 Maximilian Häberle Hunting for an intermediate-mass black hole in the globular cluster NGC 6441
C:F.Bosco 2 Enrico Garaldi (MPA) Unveiling the link between galaxies and IGM at high-z
26th November 1 Chris Byrohl (MPA) The physical origins and dominant emission mechanisms of Lyman-alpha halos in TNG50
C:C.Engler 2 Katja Fahrion (ESO) Globular clusters as tracers of galaxy properties and mass assembly
3rd December 1 Christopher Agostino (Indiana University) Physical drivers of emission-line diversity of 100,000 SDSS AGN with removed star formation contributions
C:J.Schindler 2 Mischa Schirmer Demonstration of the THELI v3 image processing pipeline
10th December 1 virtual GC retreat business cards, topical talks and welcome of new people
C: 2 virtual GC retreat business cards, topical talks and welcome of new people
17th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Happy Holidays!
24th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Happy Holidays!
31st December 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Happy Holidays!


Date Slot Who What
3rd January 1 No Galaxy coffee
C: 2
10th January 1 Johannes Lange (Yale) New Insights into the BOSS Lensing Discrepancy
C: A.Pillepich 2 Gergö Popping ASPECS: the molecular gas content of galaxies and tensions with IllustrisTNG and the Santa Cruz SAM
17th January 1 Felix Bosco Diffraction limited star cluster observations from 8m-class telescopes - so what?
C:M.Neeleman 2 Alina Böcker A galaxy's accretion history unveiled from its integrated spectrum
24th January 1 Philipp Lang Uncovering the stellar structure of Submillimeter Galaxies at redshift 2
C:I.Pessa 2 Camilla Hansen CEMP stars - a new way of obtaining metallicities and classifications
31st January 1 Sebastián Bustamante (HITS) Spin evolution of supermassive black holes in a cosmological context
C:M.Novak 2 Dominik Schleicher (UdeC) Formation of massive black holes via collisions and accretion
7th February 1 Darshan Kakkad (ESO) Ionized outflows in high-z AGN host galaxies with SUPER survey
C: C.Vourellis 2 Giacomo Cordoni (Padova) Kinematics of Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters with Gaia
14th February 1 Giancarlo Mattia Particle acceleration in relativistic magnetic reconnection sites
C:M.Onoue 2 Hans-Walter Rix Gaia as a time-domain survey
21st February 1 Anna-Christina Eilers The circular velocity curve of the Milky Way

in the auditorium

2 Melanie Kaasinen The Molecular Gas Reservoirs of High Redshift Galaxies: A comparison of CO(1-0) and dust-based molecular gas masses
28th February 1 Mischa Schirmer & Knud Jahnke How to write a succeessful observing proposal
C:J.U.Pott 2 Mischa Schirmer & Knud Jahnke How to write a succeessful observing proposal
7th March 1 Martina Donnari The star formation activity of IllustrisTNG galaxies
C: F.Pereira Santos 2 Ryan Leaman A recap of the Lorentz Center workshop 'Formation of Stars and Massive Clusters in Dwarf Galaxies over cosmic time
14th March 1 Christina Eilers & Gergö Popping preparing the GC retreat
C:S.Perera 2 Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova [CII] line excess in AGN host galaxy
21st March 1 no galaxy coffee
2 interview week
28th March 1 Sergey Khoperskov The echo of the bar buckling: Phase-space spirals in Gaia Data Release 2
C: K.Yun 2 Victor Marian On the connection of major mergers and AGNs
4th April 1 Hans-Walter Rix How to give a good presentation: I. preparing content for science presentations
C: E.Schinnerer 2 Tom Herbst How to give a good presentation: II. maximizing impact of your science presentation
11th April 1 Josh Speagle (Harvard) The Devil’s in the Details: Photometric Biases in Modern Surveys
C: G.Popping 2 Milena Valentini (Pisa) Formation of disc galaxies from cosmological simulations: galactic outflows and chemical evolution
18th April 1 Felipe Goicovic (ITA) Hydrodynamical moving-mesh simulations of the tidal disruption of stars by supermassive black holes
C: M.Alfaro 2 Nicolas Martin Tracing the formation of the Milky Way through ultra metal-poor stars
25th April 1 Morgan Fouesneau Gaia DR2, the challenges behind a catalog of revised astrophysical parameters
C: J.Rybizki 2 Andy Gould Elements of Isolated Black Hole Detection
2nd May 1 Anish Amarsi Carbon and oxygen abundances in late-type stars using 3D model atmospheres and non-LTE radiative transfer
C:Y.Zhuang 2 Ignacio Martin-Navarro A two-dimensional view of the IMF
9th May 1 Tanya Urrutia The MUSE-Wide Survey: A (not so) shallow survey in deep fields
C: T.Saito 2 Wu Po-Feng Blind men and the elephant II: what happens when galaxies quench?
16th May 1 Chiara Battistini, Karin Lind, Maria Bergemann, Asa Skuladottir, Maosheng Xiang Highlights of the 4MOST community workshop
C: H.W.Rix

In the auditorium

2 Eric Pellegrini WARPFIELD Pop: From (extra-)Galactic star formation and feedback driven clouds to emission from sub-pc to kpc scales
23rd May 1 David Lagattuta (Lyon) BUFFALO-WINGS: A 3D look at the Frontier Fields with MUSE
C: F.Santoro 2 Duncan Campbell (Carnegie Mellon) A Halo Model for Intrinsic Alignments
30th May 1 no galaxy coffee TBD
C: 2 public holiday TBD
6th June 1 Kareem El-Badry Conduction and cooling in supernovae-driven superbubbles
C: I.Barisic

In the auditorium

2 Marusa Zerjal (ANU) In search of young stars in the Solar neighbourhood
13th June 1 Brent Groves Looking for O/H in all the wrong places: issues in measuring gas phase metallicity in galaxies
C: I.Andika 2 Irene Shivaei Measuring dust in emission and absorption in galaxies at z~2
20th June 1 no galaxy coffee TBD
2 public holiday TBD
27th June 1 Nhut Truong Correlation between supermassive black holes and the hot atmospheres of early-type galaxies
C: JT Schindler 2 Anil Seth (Utah) Nuclear Star Clusters Across A Wide Range of Galaxy Mass
4th July 1 Chiara Mazzucchelli (ESO) The Environment of Quasars at z~6 : a Multiwavelength Perspective
C: A.Böcker 2 Laurie Rousseau-Nepton (CFHT) The SIGNALS legacy survey: On the birth of stars in the nearby Universe.
11th July 1 Maryam Modjaz Stellar Forensics with Exploding Stars via their Host Galaxies
C: F. Bosco 2 João Cardoso Magnetic field morphology in the dense filaments of the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.2
18th July 1 Andrea Maccio Black Hole accretion and AGN feedback in the NIHAO simulations
C: B. Seidel 2 Mario Pasquato (Padova) Train on simulations, predict on observations: making machine learning an integral part of the scientific process in astronomy
25th July 1 Aaron Dutton Star formation and the nature of dark matter
C: M.Schirmer 2 Nick Choksi The origins of globular cluster system scaling relations
1st August 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Quasar and galaxy classification in Gaia Data Release 2
C: S.Buder 2 TBD TBD
8th August 1 Apurba Bera (NCRA-TIFR) Neutral atomic hydrogen at intermediate redshifts
C: A.Sippel 2 TBD TBD
15th August 1 Julianne Dalcanton Understanding the US Decadal Survey
C: A.Skuladottir 2 TBD TBD
22nd August 1 Kathryn Kreckel Mapping Metallicity Variations in Nearby Galaxies
C: N.Neumayer 2 TBD TBD
29th August 1 Melanie Kaasinen Comparing Molecular Gas Tracers at z~2: Do CO and dust continuum emission trace the same regions of the ISM?
C: J.-T. Schindler 2 Elias Oakes Observations and association of GMCs and HII regions in the PHANGS sample
5th September 1 Sofía Rojas Finding Galaxies at z = 7 - 11
C: J.Coronado 2 Laura Sales (UC Riverside) The Formation of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Clusters
12th September 1 Katerina Semenova Observational constrains on atomic diffusion
C: M.Alfaro 2 Gregory Green Deep Multiband Photometry in the Milky Way Midplane
19th September 1 Thomas Nordlander SMSS1605-1443: The lowest detected stellar Fe abundance
C: J.Engler 2 Selina Nitschai Dynamical model of the Milky Way disc using Gaia data
26th September 1 Abbas Askar (Lund) Stellar Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters: Dynamical Consequences and Observational Signatures
C: F.Walter 2 Leonard Burtscher A comparative study of the stellar populations in the nuclei of ultra-hard X-ray selected AGNs
3rd October 1 no galaxy coffee TBD
2 public holiday TBD
10th October 1 Sophia Stuber The abundance of nuclear molecular outflows in nearby galaxies
C: M.Xiang

in the HdA Seminarroom II

2 Ross Church (Lund Observatory) Can super-Earth planets mess up chemical tagging? M67 as a testbench
17th October 1 Marc Sarzi Overview of the F3D survey
C: J.Esser 2 Nikki Zabel The ALMA Fornax Cluster Survey & F3D: resolved molecular gas and star formation in the Fornax cluster
24th October 1 Francesca Pinna Unveiling the complexity of thick disks in nearby galaxies with MUSE
C: E.Zinger 2 Bidisha Bandyopadhyay Resolving the accretion flow in nearby AGN using the EHT and GMVA
31st October 1 Yetli Rosas-Guevara Stellar bars in cosmological simulations
C: N.Frankel 2 Sree Oh Kinematics of galactic bulges and disks
7th November 1 No Galaxy Coffee
14th November 1 Ella Wang 3D non-LTE lithium measurements in the oldest stars in the Milky Way
C:A. Amarsi

in the auditorium

2 Kiyun Yun The classifying jellyfish galaxies on the Zooniverse
21st November 1 Jan Rybizki Inferring Galactic parameters from chemical abundances: A multi-star approach
C:C.Bailer-Jones 2 Bernd Husemann Preparing for the James Webb Space Telescope - Opportunities and Training
28th November 1 Romain Meyer (UCL) Probing reionisation with cross-correlations of galaxies and the Lyman-alpha forest at z~6
C:X.Gao 2 Sustainability group MPIA Sustainability@MPIA
5th December 1 Christoph Engler Satellite and Central Galaxies on Distinct Stellar-to-Halo Mass Relations: Insights from the IllustrisTNG Simulations
C:R.Andrae 2 Aleksandra Hamanowicz Blind search for CO Emission in ALMACAL
12th December 1 Ute Lisenfeld (Granada) Molecular gas and star formation in galaxy mergers: Differences between S+S and S+E pairs.
C: T.Dharmawardena

Note: starts at 13:30

2 Emanuele Farina Once upon a time in a quasar far, far away... A tale from your favourite MUSE
19th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 Happy Holidays!
26th December 1 No Galaxy Coffee
C: 2 Happy Holidays!


Date Slot Who What
4th January 1 No galaxy coffee
2 Holidays
11th January 1 Johannes Lange [Yale] Probing the Galaxy-Halo Connection with Satellite Kinematics
C: M.Donnari

[Nikolay away]

2 Manuel Arca Sedda A spot of light in the dark night: nuclear cluster formation and its implication for the Galactic 𝜸 and X-ray central emission
18th January 1 Bertram Bitsch ERC / Emmy Noether grant - What is (in my opinion) important
C: S.Barboza 2 Grigorii Smirnov-Pinchukov ISM in Ho I and IC 2574: star-forming regions and feedback
25th January 1 Neige Frankel What sets the radial structure of the Milky Way disk?
C: M.Bergemann 2 Tobias Buck High-resolution cosmological hydrodynamical simulations: What do they tell us about the Local Group?
1st February 1 Annalisa Pillepich The assembly and profiles of massive galaxies
C: D.Feuillet 2 Mladen Novak Radio based cosmic star formation history
8th February 1 Rainer Weinberger [HITS] Active galactic nucleus feedback and (some of) its consequences for galaxy formation
C: I.Barisic 2 Jong-Hak Woo Delayed or no AGN feedback?
15th February 1 Camilla Hansen News on Ages and Heavy Element Abundances from Very Metal-poor Stars in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy
C: M.Fouesneau

[Nadine away]

2 Peter M. Frinchaboy [TCU] The Open Cluster Chemical Abundance and Mapping (OCCAM) Survey: Science and Calibration in the High-Resolution Survey Era
22nd February 1 Elad Zinger Cold Fronts and Shocks formed by Stream Collisions in the ICM
C: T.Buck

[Nadine and Chiara away]

2 Valeriy Vasiliev The validity of hydrostatic approximation in a context of short-periodic Cepheids
1st March 1 Gergely Popping Dissecting the IRX - beta dust attenuation relation
C: A.Gallagher

[Nadine away]

2 Chris Faesi Universality vs. environmental dependence in giant molecular clouds structure: Lessons from local galaxies
8th March 1 Eugene Vasiliev Self-consistent models of the Milky Way in the Gaia era
C: T.Buck 2 Annalisa Pillepich A theoretical census of the OVI, OVII and OVIII ions in the Universe
15th March 1 Alyssa Drake MNRAS Behind the Scenes: The ‘Assistant Editor’ Role
C: C.Fendt 2 Tom Herbst Construction matters at MPIA
22nd March 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 interviews at MPIA
29th March 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday
5th April 1 Ása Skúladóttir The chemical connection between damped Lyman-alpha systems and Local Group dwarf galaxies
C: P.Chauke

[Nadine away]

2 Juan Soler The role of the magnetic field in molecular cloud formation: two or three things that we learned with the Planck satellite
12th April 1 Mattia Sormani [ITA] Why rings??
C: C.Hansen 2 Bernd Husemann The story of Jil and Jim (or the discovery of a dual AGN at z~3)
19th April 1 Matteo Bonetti [Universita dell'Insubria] Massive Black Hole Triplets in Galactic Nuclei
C: J.Coronado 2 Marc-Antoine Miville-Dechenes The return of the Diffuse Galactic Light : interstellar turbulence and weak lensing foregrounds
26th April 1 Fan Liu [Lund] Are open clusters chemically homogeneous?
C: I.T.Ho 2 Renuka Pechetti [University of Utah] Centrally enhanced mass-to-light ratios in low-mass early-type galaxies : Evidence for black holes?
3rd May 1 Daniel Weisz (UC Berkeley) UC Berkeley Department Climate
C: T.Herbst

[Nadine away]

2 Alyssa Drake, Mayte Alfaro, Hans-Walter Rix, Tom Herbst Organising the GC retreat & How to prepare the business card
10th May 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 Holiday
17th May 1 Kareem El-Badry (UC Berkeley) The formation and hierarchical assembly of globular cluster populations
C: S.Buder 2 Masafusa Onoue Exploration of the Cosmic Dawn with z~6 Low-Luminosity Quasars
24th May 1 Margherita Talia ALMA view of a massive spheroid progenitor: a compact rotating core of molecular gas in an AGN host at z=2.226
C: J.Esser

[Nadine away]

2 David Martinez-Delgado (ARI) Stellar Streams around nearby galaxies in the Legacy surveys
31st May 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 Holiday
7th June 1 Sabine Bellstedt Total-mass density slopes of early-type galaxies: comparing observations and simulations
C: B.Husemann 2 Joki Rosdahl [CRAL/Observatoire de Lyon] The SPHINX simulations of reionisation
14th June 1 Francisco Nogueras Lara (Granada) The Galactic Centre seen by the “K” HAWK-eye
C: N.Frankel 2 Adam Stevens (UWA) Regulators and disruptors of galaxies' HI content
21st June 1 Vardha Bennert Calibrating the BH mass-stellar-velocity dispersion relation with spatially-resolved kinematics of reverberation-mapped AGNs using 3D spectroscopy
C: N.Kacharov

(Mayte away)

2 Thomas Nordlander How to find metal-poor stars
28th June 1 Diane Salim A new turbulence-regulated star formation law
C: J.Frings

(Mayte away)

2 Fabian Göttgens Observing Globular Clusters with MUSE in 15 Minutes
5th July 1 Tom Zick [UC Berkeley] Could Globular Clusters Masquerade as their Host Dwarf at High Redshift?
C: K.Jahnke 2 Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova SOFIA news and possibilities
12th July 1 Akshay Rana [University of Delhi] Testing Cosmic Distance Duality Relation using Strong gravitational lensing
C: G.Joshi 2 Caroline Straatman [Ghent University] Evolution of the Tully-Fisher relation since z~1 and dynamical masses
19th July 1 Seunghwan Lim [Amherst] Gas contents in the local Universe from Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effects
C: X.Gao

(Mayte & Nadine away)

2 Jan Rybizki Using Chempy to score yield sets and predict the best IMF and number of SN Ia for chemical evolution
26th July 1 Andrea Maccio Galaxies and Dark Matter
C: L.Inno 2 Ute Lisenfeld (Granada) Suppression of star formation in transitioning galaxies in Compact Groups
2nd August 1 Wolfgang Brandner Galactic Center observations with the VLT
C: A. Hygate 2 Yasna Órdenes Briceño (PUC & ARI) Nuclear star cluster and globular cluster population in the Fornax Galaxy Cluster
9th August 1 Chris Duckworth [St. Andrews] The cosmic web and halo assembly bias
C: K.Kreckel

(Mayte away)

2 Joe Hennawi How Long do Quasars Shine
16th August 1 Eva Laplace Exploding stripped stars
C: H.Hiss

(Nikolay away)

2 Laura Inno Radial metallicity gradient with Galactic stellar probes
23rd August 1 Sami Dib Understanding the trends and scatter in the Kennicutt-Schmidt relation
C: K.Lind

(Nikolay & Nadine away)

2 Tobias Buck The importance of feedback in the formation of realistic galactic dwarf galaxy populations
30th August 1 Marta Reina Campos (ARI) Dynamical disruption of GCs in E-MOSAICS and implications for multiple population models
C: Daizhong Liu

(Nikolay & Nadine away)

2 Sarah Leslie The galaxy SFR -- stellar mass relation in COSMOS: environment and morphological dependences
6th September 1 Ayan Acharyya [ANU] Determining effects of spatial resolution on metallicity gradients using simulated galaxies
C: M. Kaasinen

(Nadine away)

2 Nissim Kanekar (NCRA-TIFR) Massive Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts
13th September 1 Andrew Emerick [Columbia University] Chemical Enrichment in Low Mass Dwarf Galaxies: Insights from Simulations Tracking Individual Stars
C: Leaman

(Mayte away)

2 Kathryn Kreckel The Local Volume Mapper in SDSS-V: Connecting Stellar Feedback with the ISM in the Milky Way and Local Group
20th September 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Plausible home stars of the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua'
C: M. Kovalev 2 Riccardo Nanni The X-ray properties of z~6 quasars
27th September 1 Hamsa Padmanabhan [Zurich] The halo model for the baryonic universe: from astrophysics to cosmology
C: Philipp Lang 2 Gigi Leung Joint Gas and Stellar Dynamical Models for the Isolated dIrr WLM
4th October 1 Asger Gronnow Magnetised clouds in the Galactic corona: Fuel for future star formation?
C: N. Krieger

(Nadine away)

2 Urmila Chadayammuri [Yale] Separating the effects of major mergers and AGN activity
11th October 1 Fabian Walter How to write a referee report
C: Neumayer 2 Fabian Walter How to write a referee report
18th October 1 Po-Feng Wu Blind Men and Elephant: Ages and sizes of quiescent galaxies and how they get there
C: Battistini 2 Greg Green [Stanford] A New Gaia 3D Dust Map
25th October 1 Ismael Pessa A VLT/MUSE galaxy survey towards QSO Q1410: looking for a WHIM traced by BLAs in inter-cluster filaments
C: S. Leslie 2 Henry Poetrodjojo (ANU) The effects of diffuse ionized gas on metallicity gradients
1st November 1 No galaxy Coffee
2 Holiday (All Saints)
8th November 1 Sven Buder How Gaia can change your stellar spectroscopic survey - a view on stellar parameters and chemodynamics
C: E. Zinger 2 I-Ting Ho A Machine Learning Artificial Neural Network Calibration of the Strong-Line Oxygen Abundance
15th November 1 Maxime Trebitsch [IAP France] Escape of ionizing radiation from high-z galaxies and AGNs
C: Mastrobuono-Battisti 2 Yulong Zhuang The diversity of stellar metallicity gradients in IllustrisTNG galaxies
22nd November 1 Matthieu Bethermin CONCERTO: a first-generation [CII] intensity mapping experiment
C: Marian 2 Anne Klitsch A survey of molecular gas in HI-Absorption-Selected Systems
29th November 1 Jan-Torge Schindler The extremely luminous quasar survey
C: R.McElroy 2 Eulalia Gallego Cano (IAA Granada) The stellar cusp around the Milky Way’s central black hole
6th December 1
Coryn Bailer-Jones et al. Summary of the conference: The life and times of the Milky Way

with contributions from: Diane Feuillet, Neige Frankel, Sven Buder, Karin Lind, Coryn Bailer-Jones

C: S.Rezaeikhoshbakhat 2 Gandhali Joshi The morphological transformation of spiral galaxies in IllustrisTNG clusters
13th December 1 Annagrazia Puglisi The ALMA view on the M*-Size relation at z>1
C: A.Merritt

Note: special time:13:30!

2 Francisco Aros Globular clusters and the search for intermediate mass black holes
20th December 1 Stefan Maeder (Freiburg) Archeoastronomy: Starmaps and the identification of Geographical North in Neolithic Brittany, ca. 4900 - 2600 BC
C: 2 -- --
27th December 1 No Galaxy coffee
C: 2


Date Slot Who What
5th January 1 No galaxy coffee
2 Holidays
12th January 1 Maria Süveges Extreme-value statistics and its use for the detection of periodic signals in astronomy
C: A. Sippel

[Ema & Nadine away]

2 Nikolay Kacharov Prolate rotation and metallicity gradient in the transforming dwarf galaxy Phoenix
19th January 1 Thomas Müller Visualizations @ HdA
C: A. Mastrobuono-Battisti

[Ema away]

2 Kathryn Kreckel A revised planetary nebula luminosity function distance to NGC 628 using MUSE
26th January 1 Mayte Alfaro M54: A key to the connection between globular and nuclear star clusters.
C: K. Kreckel 2 Jonathan Stern A comment on recent evidence for super-Eddington accretion in massive black holes
2nd February 1 Rebecca McElroy Mrk 1018 returns to the shadows after 30 years as a Seyfert 1
C: N. Kacharov 2 Camila Navarrete Stellar streams around the Magellanic Clouds in 4D
9th February 1 Damian Fabbian [MPS, Goettingen] Three-dimensional radiation-magnetohydrodynamic simulations and advanced spectral synthesis for high-precision studies of stars and their exoplanets
C: C. Straatman 2 Chiara Mazzucchelli Physical Properties of 15 Quasars at z > 6.5
16th February 1 Jan Rybizki What does the Sun tell us about the Milky Way chemical evolution
C: M. Martig

[Ema & Chiara away] in the auditorium!

2 Maria Süveges Learn from every mistake! Probabilistic information combination for astronomical surveys
23rd February 1 Tobias Buck Clumps in high redshift galaxies: Clumpy discs or clumpy light?
C: Jan Rybizki

[Ema & Chiara away]

2 Maan Hani [University of Victoria] The CGM of major mergers in cosmological simulations
2nd March 1 Po-Feng, Wu The LEGA-C survey: dissecting stellar populations in galaxies 7 Gyr ago
C: A.-C. Eilers

[Nadine away]

2 Annalisa Pillepich IllustrisTNG: Chapter I
9th March 1 Allison Man [ESO] Quenching in action? A case study of how the active galactic nucleus affects the interstellar medium in a radio galaxy
C: S. Rezae Kh. 2 Branimir Sesar Chemically Tagging the Galactic Ripple: TriAnd and A13 Halo Overdensities
16th March 1 Jonathan Stern Observational signatures of circumgalactic metal-enriched cool gas flows
in the auditorium!


2 Valentina Guglielmo

[University of Padova]

Studying the population of galaxies in X-ray groups and clusters with the XXL survey
23rd March 1 Jouni Kainulainen Taking steps towards Galaxy-scale physical star formation models
in the auditorium!


2 Alice Zocchi

[University of Bologna]

Kinematical signatures of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters
30th March 1 Alireza Molaei

[IPM, Iran]

The imprint of bars on the formation and evolution of bulges

[Nadine away]

2 Jesus Falcon Barroso [IAC, Tenerife] UV-extended E-MILES stellar population models: young components in massive early-type galaxies
6th April 1 Valeriy Vasilyev An interpretation of the K-term in a multidimensional model of the Cepheid

[Chiara & Nadine away]

2 Roberto Decarli The interstellar medium of quasar hosts in the first billion years since the Big Bang
13th April 1 Vardha N. Bennert A Local Baseline of the Black Hole Mass Scaling Relations
C:V.Vasilyev 2 Thales Gutcke Non-linear effects of a metallicity dependent initial mass function in Milky Way analogues
20th April 1 I-Ting Ho The Chemical Evolution Carousel of Spiral Galaxies

[Chiara, Ema & Nadine away]

2 Wilma Trick Modeling the Milky Way with Gaia
27th April 1 Bram Venemans The most distant quasars and their host galaxies

[Chiara & Ema away]

2 Annalisa Pillepich IllustrisTNG: Chapter 2
4th May 1 Hans-Walter Rix How to give a good talk

[Nadine away]

2 Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti &

Nikolay Kacharov

Organising the GC retreat
11th May 1 Sven Buder Studying the chemo-dynamic cocktail of Galah+TGAS
C: L. Inno 2 Timothy Davis [Cardiff] Black holes and very dynamically cold molecular discs in

the mm-Wave Interferometric Survey of Dark Object Masses (WISDOM)

18th May 1 Roland Gredel MPIA observatories & instrumentation
C:I.-T.Ho 2 Thomas Kupfer [Caltech] A systematic search for Galactic ultracompact binaries using synoptic surveys
25th May 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 Holiday (Ascension Day)
1st June 1 Athanasia [Sassa] Tsatsi Formation and rotation of nuclear star clusters
C:R. Decarli

[Chiara & Ema away]

2 Mattia Sormani [ITA] Periodicity makes galactic shocks unstable
8th June 1 Kareem El-Badry [UC Berkeley] Effects of stellar feedback on dwarf galaxy evolution
C: C.Battistini

[Chiara & Nadine away]

2 Maria Jesus Jimenez Donaire [ITA] EMPIRE: Mapping dense gas in nearby galaxies
15th June 1 No Galaxy Coffee
2 Holiday (Corpus Christi)
22nd June 1 Clio Bertelli Motta [ARI] Atomic diffusion in M67 stars
C: M.Alfaro

[Chiara away]

2 Ignacio Martín Navarro Black hole regulated star formation in massive galaxies
29th June 1 Mischa Schirmer [Gemini] AGN in low-redshift Lyman-alpha blobs
C: G.Worseck

[Ema away]

2 Markus Demleitner [ARI] Be smart with ADQL -- a few hints on creative querying of astronomical databases
6th July 1 Tobias Buck NIHAO-UHD: High resolution simulations of Milky Way mass galaxies
C: R.Leaman

[Ema away]

2 Anna Schauer The formation of direct collapse black holes under the influence of streaming velocities
13th July 1 Anna Weigel [ETH] A phenomenological model for black hole growth in the local Universe
C: C.Straatman 2 Elisabete da Cunha The Taipan galaxy survey
20th July 1 Freeke van de Voort [HITS] The deuterium abundance in the IGM and ISM
C: I. Barisic 2 Jonas Frings The Edge of galaxy formation: simulations of Milky Way satellite analogues
27th July 1 Daniel Lenz (JPL) Why Cosmology should care about the Milky Way - current status and challenges in foreground modeling
C: C. Vourellis 2 Julianne Dalcanton Stellar and Nebular Models in the JWST Era
3rd August 1 Annalisa Pillepich IllustrisTNG: Chapter 3
C: S. Buder

in the auditorium

2 John Weaver Exploring the Recent Merger Remnant NGC 7252 with Integral Field Spectroscopy
10th August 1 Irina Smirnova-Pinchukova The SOFIA flights experience
C: J. Rybizki 2 Hendrik Linz News from IRAM: current capabilities, and what this can do for you!
17th August 1 Maria Süveges Cepheids in the LMC, unstable standard candles?
C: C. Mazzucchelli 2 Ronald Läsker

[University of Turku]

H-alpha emission analysis and Cosmic-Ray production in Tycho's Supernova Remnant shock
24th August 1 Michael Walther New constraints on IGM Thermal evolution from the Lyα forest power spectrum
C: S. Rezae Kh.

[Nadine away]

2 Emanuele Paolo Farina 5 ways to get photo-z of BL Lacs
31st August 1 Rokas Žemaitis

[University of Edinburgh]

Build up of the circum-galactic medium through cosmic time
C: M. Fouesneau

[Nadine away]

2 Arjen van der Wel Galaxy Growth through Merging: Evidence from Stellar Kinematics at z~1
7th September 1 Ivana Barišić Maintaining quiescence at z~1 (through AGN feedback)
C: C. Battistini

[Chiara & Nadine away]

2 Neven Tomicic Star formation tracers at 50 PC scales in M31
14th September 1 Sergey Khoperskov

[Observatoire de Paris Meudon]

Star formation quenching in gas-rich barred galaxies
C: A. Mastrobuono-Battisti

[Ema away]

2 Nikolay Kacharov, Fabian Walter, Diane, Feuillet, Po-Feng Wu Views of the solar eclipse
21st September 1 Santiago Torres


Dynamics of the Oort Cloud in the Gaia Era
C: L. Zschaechner

[Ema away]

2 Po-Feng Wu The scaling relation between baryonic masses and stellar disk sizes of late-type galaxies
28th September 1 no galaxy coffee
2 MPIA outing
5th October 1 Melanie Kaasinen The evolution of the ionisation parameter of star-forming galaxies

[Nadine away]

2 Sara Rezaeikhoshbakhat 3D map of dust in Orion cloud from Gaia TGAS
12th October 1 L.Y. Aaron Yung

[Rutgers University]

Galaxy Formation at Extreme Redshifts: Semi-analytic Model Predictions and Implication on Cosmic Reionization
2 I-Ting Ho Azimuthal variations of HII region oxygen abundance in spiral galaxies
19th October 1 Melanie Kaasinen The evolution of the ionisation parameter of star-forming galaxies
2 Gergö Popping ALMA reveals starburst like ISM in a compact star-forming galaxy
26th October 1 Misha Haywood Hiding its age: the case for a younger bulge
C: A.Mastrobuono-B.

[Chiara away]

2 Francisco Aros Axisymmetric dynamical models of Dwarf Spheroidal galaxies
2nd November 1 Yu-Yen Chang Structural Parameters and NIR morphologies of SMGs
C: C.Eilers

[Nadine away]

2 Bernd Husemann What exactly are changing-look AGN?
9th November 1 Somayeh Sheikhnezami Long-term simulation of MHD jet launching from an orbiting star-disk system
C: N. Krieger

[Nikolay away]

2 Elad Zinger Slow Quenching of Satellite Galaxies at the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters
16th November 1 Francesco Belfiore Do galaxies quench inside-out? Insights from the MaNGA survey
2 Adriano Poci Dynamical Masses and Stellar Populations
23rd November 1 Benjamin Keller [ARI] Superbubble Regulation of Baryons in Cosmological Galaxy Formation
C: C.Bailer-Jones 2 Markus Pössel Gravitational waves: Where do we stand?
30th November 1 Elad Zinger The Role of Penetrating Gas Streams in Setting the Dynamical State of Galaxy Clusters
C: A.Amarsi

[Nikolay away]

2 Daniele Sorini Constraining Galaxy Formation Models with Lyman-alpha Absorption Profiles around Halos
7th December 1 Sebastian Trujillo Gomez The abundance of dwarf galaxies as a powerful tool for Near-Field cosmology
C: M.Alfaro 2 TBD TBD
14th December 1 Ling Zhu Quantifying the relation between galaxy’s stellar orbit distribution and its proxies
C: F.Aros

Starting time: 13:15 Location: Horsaal

2 Sam Geen [ITA] Stellar Feedback from Small to Large Scales
21st December 1 No galaxy coffee TBD
2 Happy holidays! TBD


Date Slot Who What
7th January 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 Holidays
14th January 1 Sara Rezaei Khoshbakht Towards a 3D map of dust in the Milky Way using Gaia
2 Remco van den Bosch Black hole scaling relations... redux edition
21st January 1 Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti Evolution of second generation stars in stellar disks of globular and nuclear clusters
2 Masafusa Onoue (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan) Searching for z>6 Quasars with Subaru/HSC survey
28th January 1 Jakob Herpich Surfing on the bar: the formation of anti-truncated disks
2 Paolo Bianchini Mass segregation and energy equipartition in globular clusters
4th February 1 Marie Martig Red giant masses and ages derived from carbon and nitrogen abundances
[Ema away] 2 Daniel R. Weisz (University of Washington) The Local Group as a Time Machine
11th February 1 Roger Ianjamasimanana Effects of deconvolution and residual scaling on HI velocity dispersion
[Ema, Nadine & Chiara away] 2 Sarah Leslie Quenching star formation
18th February 1 Jonathan Stern Evidence that most type 1 quasars are reddened by dust
in the auditorium [Ema & Chiara away] 2 Morgan Fouesneau Star cluster mass function - Truncated or not truncated
25th February 1 Ema & Jonathan Shaping the Galaxy Retreat 2016
[Chiara away] 2 Wolfgang Kerzendorf (ESO) Living near a black hole - the Milky Way nuclear star cluster
3rd March 1 Joe Hennawi & Knud Jahnke How to write a successful proposal
[Ema & Chiara away] 2 Joe Hennawi & Knud Jahnke How to write a successful proposal
10th March 1 Anna Sippel What globular cluster models and video games have in common
(Nadine away) 2 Roberto Decarli ASPECS view on the Cosmic Infrared Background
17th March 1 Tri Astraatmadja Estimating distances from parallaxes, or: What is (not) a good prior for Gaia?
@seminar room II HdA [Chiara away] 2 Hans-Walter Rix What should ESO envision as its "ultimate" spectroscopic survey facility?
24th March 1 Chiara Mazzucchelli The search for the highest redshift quasars with Pan-STARRS1
[Nadine away] 2 Charli Sakari [University of Washington] Detailed Abundances of M31 Globular Clusters from High Resolution Integrated Light Spectroscopy.
31st March 1 Ryan Leaman The Birth Environment of Globular Clusters
[Nadine away] 2
7th April 1 Rukmani Vijayaraghavan [University of Virginia] The Survival and Destruction of Galactic Gas in Cluster Environments
2 Fabian Walter Highlights of the conference "The Reionization Epoch: New Insights and Future Prospects"
14th April 1 Nikos Fanidakis Data Scientist: the coolest job of the 21st century and how to get one!
2 Nikos Fanidakis "
21st April 1 Jillian Bellovary Fueling SMBHs: Mergers vs Smooth Accretion
2 Neven Tomicic Attenuation and dust distribution in M31
28th April 1 Long Wang [Peking University] DRAGON million-body globular cluster models - black hole properties
2 Ilya Khrykin From Russia with love: WSO-UV - new UV telescope
5th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 public holiday (Ascension)
12th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 GC group retreat
19th May 1 Frederick Davies Measuring the UV background at the end of reionization: Easy as ABC
2 Valeriy Vasilyev Evidence of Fermi bubbles around M31
26th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 public holiday (Corpus Christi)
2nd June 1 Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta The merger framework for Nuclear Star Clusters formation and its implications
[Ema away] 2 Victor Debattista Understanding the chemodynamics of the Milky Way’s bulge
9th June 1 Paola Di Matteo The kinematic signatures of satellite accretions in the Milky Way : a cautionary tale
[Ema away] 2 Martina Donnari [La Sapienza, Roma] Travelling through a galaxy cluster: from outer Hubble flow to inner mergings
16th June 1 Manuel Arca-Sedda The MEGaN project: investigating the formation of a NSC (or perhaps a NSD) in a starburst dwarf galaxy
[Ema away] 2 Carl Ferkinhoff [Winona State University] HARDWARE.astronomy: an open-source hardware initiative for astronomy
23rd June 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 Fachbeirat
30th June 1 Glenn van de Ven IMF shape constraints from stellar populations and dynamics from CALIFA
2 Rodrigo Herrera-Camus (MPE) The ionized gas in nearby galaxies as traced by the [NII] far-infrared transitions
7th July 1 Sarah Leslie Probing dust properties with inclination dependent star formation rates at z~0 and z~0.7
2 Nicolas Guillard Formation of nuclear clusters
14th July 1 Dominika Wylezalek Suppression of star formation by quasar-driven winds in gas-rich host galaxies
[Chiara away] 2 Rhea-Silvia Remus [Universitäts-Sternwarte München] The Co-Evolution of Total Density Profiles and Central Dark Matter Fractions in Simulated Early-Type Galaxies
21st July 1 Andrea Maccio The abundance of galaxies in the local universe
2 Rahul Kannan [MIT] Effect of thermal conduction in galaxy clusters
28th July 1 Nadine Neumayer & Eva Schinnerer Results of the survey on respectful workplace interactions
2 Nadine Neumayer & Eva Schinnerer Results of the survey on respectful workplace interactions
4th August 1 Khee-Gan (K.G.) Lee Keck-FOBOS: A next-generation optical multi-object spectrograph for Keck
2 Cliff Johnson [University of California, San Diego] The Star Cluster Mass Function and its Variation with Galactic Environment
11th August 1 Reza Moetazedian (ARI) Impact of satellite galaxies on bar formation in Milky Way like galaxies
2 Benjamin Weiner (U Arizona) Dwarf satellite systems of Milky Way-like galaxies with the SAGA Survey
18th August 1 Jonathan Stern New constraints on the nature of circumgalactic OVI and their implication for galaxy formation
[Nadine & Chiara away] 2 Emanuele Paolo Farina On the loneliness of high-z QSOs.. (..or not..)
25th August 1 Anna Sippel A black hole love story
[Nadine, Chiara, & Ema away] 2 Tobias Buck Clumpy galaxies - clumpy mass or clumpy light
1st September 1 Hector Hiss Fitting trees to the Lya Forest
[Nadine away] 2 Iskren Georgiev Science with ARGOS during commissioning: capabilities, limitations and planning
8th September 1 Arjen van der Wel Why do galaxies stop forming stars?
2 Tobias Schmidt Constraining the Quasar Lifetime using the HeII Transverse Proximity Effect
15th September 1 George Angelou (MPS) Stellar Ages in the Kepler Era
[Chiara and Nadine away] 2 Tobias Fritz (U Virginia) Constraining halo and satellite properties with proper motions
22nd September 1 Martin Sparre (HITS) The diversity of the simulated galaxy population: starbursts and the scatter in the star formation main sequence
[Chiara away] 2 Anna Boehle (UCLA) An Improved Distance and Mass Estimate for Sgr A* from a Multistar Orbit Analysis
29th September 1 Noriyuki Matsunaga (University of Tokyo) A lack of young stars in the inner Galaxy
[Chiara away] 2 Victor Silva Aguirre (Stellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus) What asteroseismology can do for galactic archaeology
6th October 1 Anna-Christina Eilers What can we learn from quasar proximity zones?
2 Robert Grand [HITS] The Auriga project: High resolution cosmological zoom simulations of MW sized galaxies
13th October 1 No galaxy coffee
2 introduction to 'Mediation services' available to MPIA
20th October 1 Theodor von Hippel Gaia White Dwarfs: A Status Report.
auditorium 2 Nico Krieger Molecular cloud evolution in the Galactic Center with SWAG
27th October 1 No galaxy coffee
2 Betriebsausflug
3rd November 1 Florent Renaud [University of Surrey] The origin of the Milky Way globular clusters
C: W.Trick

[Nadine away]

2 Caroline Straatman The evolution of the stellar mass Tully-Fisher relation for star-forming galaxies since z = 2.5 with ZFIRE
10th November 1 Sven Buder A melting pot of spectroscopy, photometry, and chemo-dynamics - Combining the Galah survey and Gaia DR1 TGAS
C: N.Tomicic

[Nadine away]

2 No 2nd Talk [due to overlap with the Harvard-Heidelberg workshop]
17th November 1 Christine Simpson (HITS) Satellite quenching in the Auriga simulations
C: I.Georgiev

[Nadine away]

2 Elena D'Onghia [University of Winsconsin-Madison] Bending waves in the Stellar Disk and the implications for the estimates of the Oort limit
24th November 1 Mattia Sormani [ITA] A model for periodic blazars
C: S.Leslie

[Ema away]

2 Annalisa Pillepich On the abundance of satellite galaxies: baryons in action
1st December 1 Jakob Herpich Maximum entropy disks in spiral galaxies
C: S.Buder

[Ema away]

2 Tomonari Michiyama [NAOJ] ① ASTE and AKARI survey for nearby merging galaxies &

② ALMA Band3 line survey towards the merging galaxy NGC3256

8th December 1 Roberto Decarli Heavier, bigger, faster, earlier
[Nadine away]

C: P.Lang - at 13:15!!!

2 Mark Lovell Is the Too Big To Fail problem still a Thing?
15th December 1 Anil Seth [University of Utah] Tiny Galaxies, Big Black Holes
C: M.Fouesneau 2 Paolo Bianchini [McMaster University] Dark globular clusters
22nd December 1 No galaxy coffee
2 Holidays


Date Slot Who What
1st January no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday (New Year)
8th January no Galaxy Coffee
15th January 1 Ryan Leaman Disentangling ISM turbulence and latent dynamical heating in Local Group galaxies
2 Remco van den Bosch Compact stellar systems with black holes
22nd January 1 Andreas Schulze (Kavli IPMU Tokyo) The cosmic growth of the active black hole population
2 Andrea Maccio' One model to get them all
29th January 1 Christina Eilers Simultaneous Estimation of Quasar Continua and the Lya forest flux PDF
2 Kathryn Kreckel The metallicity of void dwarf galaxies
5th February 1 Thales Gutcke Evolutionary Tracks on the AGN luminosity - halo mass plane”
(Kathryn & Glenn away) 2 (no 2nd speaker)
12th February 1 Rosalie McGurk (UCSC) Searching for Dual AGNs and Outflows in Galaxy Mergers: Understanding Double-Peaked [O III] as a Selection Method
(Kathryn away) 2 Frederik Davies (UCLA) Lyα Emission from Quasar Ionization Fronts as a Potential Probe of Reionization
19th February 1 Emanuele Farina Seeking for groups: The environment of the PKS 2155-304
(Glenn teaching) 2 Laura Zschaechner JVLA and ALMA Observations of Molecular Lines and Continuum Emission in Arp 220
26th February 1 Umberto Maio (AIP) Early galaxies in the early Universe
(Glenn teaching) 2 Andra Stroe (Leiden) Cooking a 'Sausage': the impact of merger shocks in cluster gas and galaxy evolution
5th March 1 Joe Hennawi How to write a (good) proposal [part 1]
2 Knud Jahnke How to write a (good) proposal [part 2]
12th March 1 Michael Maseda Frontiers of High-redshift Spectroscopy
(GC staff retreat) 2 KG Lee Planck Results: The Best Slides I managed to Steal Off the Internet
19th March 1 Tobias Schmidt The HeII Transverse Proximity Effect
(Kathryn away) 2 Dario Colombo (U. Alberta) Social network theory and Molecular Gas Clusters
26th March 1 09:30 - 12:30 As part of the DAGAL meeting, 5 talks by MPIA members:
2 LECTURE HALL Nadine Neumayer, Greg Stinson, Mark Norris, Kathryn Kreckel, Arjen van der Wel
2nd April 1 Xiangxiang Xue The density profile of the Milky Way's stellar halo to 80 kpc
(Fabrizio away) 2 Alex Buedenbender Weighing the Milky Way with dynamical models
9th April 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Inferring distances from parallaxes
(Glenn away) 2 Arjen van der Wel SDSS + WISE = fun : masses and star formation rates for a million galaxies
16th April 1 Fazeel Khan (IST, Pakistan) Dynamics of Binary Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxy Mergers
(+organizing unconference sessions for GC Group Retreat) 2 Chiara Mazzucchelli The Environment of Supermassive Black Hole Binary Candidates
23rd April no Galaxy Coffee
GC Group Retreat
30th April 1 Marijn Franx (Leiden Observatory) MUSE’s view of the Hubble Deep Field South
LECTURE HALL 2 Khee-Gan Lee The Detection of Host Galaxy Emission from High-z Damped Ly-a Absorbers
7th May 1 Albino Perego (IKP, TU-Darmstadt) Stellar explosion at galactic scale
!!! AFTERNOON 13:30 !!! 2 Ron Drimmel (INAF) Warped kinematics of the Milky Way
14th May no Galaxy Coffee
holiday (Ascension)
21th May 1 Robert Reischke (ITA) The statistics of extremes in cosmology
(Glenn, Nadine, Ema & Chiara away) 2 Torsten Boeker (STScI) Science with JWST/NIRSPEC
28th May 1 Branimir Sesar The nature and orbit of the Ophiuchus stellar stream
(Glenn, Nadine, Ema & Chiara away) 2 Anna Sippel (Swinburne) Chasing black holes in globular clusters
4th June no Galaxy Coffee
holiday (Corpus Christi)
11th June 1 Neven Tomicic Monte Carlo simulations of galaxy protoclusters in COSMOS sky survey
(Ema away) 2 Payel Das (University of Oxford) Stellar haloes as probes of galaxy evolution
18th June 1 Yi-Kuan Chiang (UT Austin) Galaxy Proto-clusters as an Interface Between Structure, Cluster, and Galaxy Formation
(Ema & Chiara away) 2 Greg Rudnick Star Formation Quenching in the Infall Regions of Galaxy Clusters at z~0.6
25th June 1 Tom Herbst A 2-mm All-Sky Telescope
(Glenn, Nadine & Ema away) 2 Roberto Decarli Preview on the ALMA UDF project
2nd July 1 Melissa Ness Summary/Highlights "Local Group Astrostatistics Conference"
2 Tyler Desjardin (Univ of Kansas) Properties of Galaxies in Dense Environments
9th July no Galaxy Coffee
MPIA Summer Conference
16th July 1 Jonathan Stern Can we detect the hot gas bubble postulated by quasar feedback models?
(Ema away) 2 (the last GC from:) Andrea Maccio' Simulating Milky Way satellites
23rd July 1 Ashmeet Singh Precision emulation of the statistics of the Lyman-alpha Forest
(Ema & Chiara away) 2 Tobias Buck Planes of satellites in high-resolution dark matter only simulations
30th July 1 Gail Zasowski (JHU) Using Old Puzzles to Make 4-D Maps of the ISM
(Ema away) 2 Jonathan Bird (Vanderbilt) The Relative Influence of Dynamical Nature and Nurture on the Formation of Disk Galaxies
6th August 1 Hans-Walter Rix Is the Milky Way's Disk just a Bunch of Stellar Donuts?
(Ema away) 2 Daniel Weisz How the Stellar IMF taught me about Flexible Noise Models
13th August 1 Trevor Mendel (MPE) Seeing the forest for the trees: a proposed test of integrated stellar population models using nearby galaxies
(Nadine & Ema away) 2 Francesca Fragkoudi (LAM) The effects of Boxy/Peanut bulges on galaxy models and gas inflow
20th August 1 Girish Kulkarni Cosmological 21cm Signal Predictions from Very High Dynamical Range Simulations
2 Aaron Dutton The response of dark matter haloes to the formation of elliptical galaxies
27th August 1 Jose Oñorbe Modeling the UV-Background in Hydrodynamical Simulations
(Nadine, Ema & Chiara away) 2 Khee-Gan Lee Revealing z>2 galaxy protoclusters with 3D Ly-alpha forest tomography
3rd September 1 Sarah Wellons (CfA) The Evolution of Massive, Compact Galaxies in the Illustris Simulation
(Nadine & Ema away) 2 TBD
10th September 1 Reza Moetazedian (ARI) Contribution of cosmological satellites to the vertical heating of the Milky Way disc
(Nadine away) 2 Peter Zeidler (ARI) Is the Massive Star Cluster Westerlund 2 double?
17th September 1 Laura Inno Cepheids as Galactic probes: the thin disk metallicity gradient
2 Frederick Davies The Fluctuating Ionizing Background at z > 5
24th September 1 Laura Zschaechner AGN Feedback in Action: The Molecular Outflow in Circinus Galaxy as Observed with ALMA
2 Daniele Sorini Predicting the Lyman-alpha Forest from Collisionless Simulations
1st October 1 Farinaldo Queiroz (MPIK) Probing the Nature of Dark Matter with Dwarf Galaxies
2 Ling Zhu Dynamical bulge-disk decomposition based on Schwarzschild models of CALIFA spiral galaxies
8th October 1 Emanuele Paolo Farina Feeding the monsters -- The Dawn of the Quasars
(Nadine away) 2 Ronald Läsker Dynamical Modeling of MaNGA galaxies
15th October 1 Ilya Khrykin -- Moved to the 5th Nov Thermal proximity effect: a new way to constrain quasar lifetime and HeII reionization
2 Ryan Leaman Cooling and heating in the Milky Way's Goldilocks disk
22nd October 1 Paolo Bianchini How far are we from detecting intermediate-mass back holes?
in the auditorium! 2 Jonathan Stern A Universal Density Profile for Circum-Galactic Gas
29th October 1 Michael Walther Constraints on the thermal evolution of the IGM from the line-of-sight flux power spectrum of the Ly-α forest
(Ema away) 2 Open Discussion Is binning always a good idea?
5th November 1 Ilya Khrykin Thermal proximity effect: a new way to constrain quasar lifetime and HeII reionization
(Ema and Nadine away) 2 Last Minute Cancellation TBD
12th November 1 Rosalie McGurk Combining Chandra Observations and Near-Infrared Imaging to Search for Dual AGNs Among Double-Peaked [O III] SDSS AGN
(Ema away) 2 Jan Frederik Engels (Goettingen University) Modelling turbulent feedback in cosmological simulation of CGM/IGM enrichment
19th November 1 Somayeh Sheikhnezami (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran) Wobbling and Precessing Jets from Warped Disks in Binary Systems
(Nadine away) 2 Emer Brady A quantative comparison of IR and Radio SFR tracers in cosmological galaxy samples
26th November 1 Michael Maseda Outflows from low mass galaxies
2 Carl Ferkinhoff The far-IR fine-structure lines and radio free-free continuum: a new metallicity indicator
3rd December 1 Anna Sippel & Anahi Caldu Back to School
(Nadine away) 2 Christine Koepferl Global Star-formation Properties Extracted from Synthetic Star-forming Regions
10th December 1 Tom Herbst How S&$#@ Works: Wavefront Sensing
2 Jan Rybizki (ARI) Inference from Modelling the Chemodynamical Evolution of the Milky Way Disc
17th December 1 Gabriele Rodeghiero The MICADO Calibration Unit
2 Aura Obreja The hidden disks of simulated galaxies
24th December 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 Holidays
31st December 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 Holidays


Date Slot Who What
2nd January 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday
9th January 1 Emanuele Farina The MgII CircumGalactic Medium of Quasars
2 Deniss Stepanovs Launching Jets and Winds from Turbulent Alpha-Omega-Dynamo Disks
16th January 1 Mark Norris UCDs/cEs: The Densest Galaxies in the Universe?
2 Massimo Dotti (Univ. Milano-Bicocca) Massive black hole spins: a link between galactic dynamics and accretion


23rd January 1 Paula Jofre (IoA, Cambridge) Cross-calibration of surveys with Gaia benchmark stars
2 Ben Laevens Latest Update on Search for New Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies
30th January 1 Bernhard Dorner PANIC status and the road to First Light
2 Klaus Meisenheimer MPIA science Projects with PANIC: discussion of first ideas
6th February 1 Jonathan Stern Radiation Pressure Confinement in Active Galaxies
(Glenn and Elisabete away) 2 Michael Maseda The Nature of Extreme Emission Line Galaxies at z~2
13th February 1 Rene Andrae Calibrating synthetic spectra to look like real spectra
(Elisabete away) LECTURE HALL 2 Chrisitan Fendt Jet Rotation Driven by Magnetohydrodynamic Shocks in Helical Magnetic Fields
20th February 1 Jose Onorbe The Role of Feedback Mechanisms in Dwarf Galaxy Formation
(Elisabete away) 2 Jakob Herpich Gamma-ray anisotropies from dark matter in the Milky Way
27th February 1 Michelle Collins The masses of Local Group dSphs - not too small after all
(Glenn and Fabrizio away) 2 Michael Walther Constraints on the Thermal History of the Universe from the Line-of-Sight Power Spectrum of the Lyman-α Forest
6th March 1 Gabor Worseck The Mean Free Path to HI Lyman Limit Photons in the IGM
(Fabrizio and Glenn away) 2 Miguel Querejeta Mapping stellar mass in nearby galaxies
13th March 1 Joe Hennawi How to write a (good) proposal (part I)
(Elisabete and Fabrizio away) 2 Knud Jahnke How to write a (good) proposal (part II)
20th March 1 Nikos Fanidakis Environmental properties of line-emitting galaxies
2 Elisabeta Lusso The nature of massive black hole binary candidates: an SED perspective
27th March 1 Athanasia Tsatsi (TBC) Dynamics of elliptical merger remnants
2 Kathryn Kreckel A far-IR view of the starburst driven superwind in NGC 2146
3rd April 1 Somayeh Sheikhnezami 3D MHD simulation of jet launching from accretion disk
(Glenn and Fabrizio away) 2 Valeria Pettorino (ITP) Primordial gravitational waves seen by BICEP2
10th April 1 Carl Ferkinhoff Early science ALMA Band-9 observations provide a new view on "old" galaxies.
(Glenn and Fabrizio away) 2 Greg Stinson Highlights of workshop on galactic superwinds
17th April 1 Brad Peterson (Ohio State Univ.) Some Recent Results in AGN Variability
2 Ronald Laesker Black Hole scaling relations at low masses
24th April 1 Ilya Khrykin Understanding the Sources of HeII Reionization
(Glenn away) 2 Andreu Ariño Prats (IEEC) On the progress of modeling the Lyman break galaxies to map the intergalactic medium
1st May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday (Labour Day)
8th May 1 Emer Brady Comparative study of dust-(un)biased star formation rate tracers from low to high z
2 Gabriela Calistro Rivera Fitting Spectral Energy Distributions of AGN - An MCMC Approach (MSc thesis)
15th May 1 Anahi Caldu Primo Is there a diffuse molecular gas component in nearby galaxies?
(Elisabete away) 2 Andy Gould Non-Microlensing Science from WFIRST Microlensing
22nd May 1 Sharon Meidt Observational estimation of short molecular cloud lifetimes
2 Lorenzo Posti (Bologna) Distribution-function-based equilibrium models for CALIFA galaxies
29th May 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday (Ascension)
5th June 1 Benoit Famaey (Obs. Strassbourg) Mean velocity flows as dynamical signatures of spiral structure in the Milky Way
2 Gregor Seidel Euclid near infrared imaging simulations: on the creation and destruction of signal
12th June 1 Wolfgang Gaessler ARGOS: Green light to speed up LBT ... has started
(Glenn away) 2 Ken(neth) Wong (ASIAA) Discovery of a Strong Lensing Galaxy Embedded in a Cluster at z = 1.62
19th June 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday (Corpus Christi)
26th June 1 Roberto Decarli Stacking analysis, aka every astronomer's least favorite friend
2 Coryn Bailer-Jones Close encounters of the stellar kind
3rd July 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Gaia status update
(Glenn away) 2 Jonathan Stern Can we resolve the ~100 micro-arcsec broad line region?
10th July 1 Joe Hennawi Why I Don’t Believe Simulations of Galaxy Formation
(Glenn away) 2 Greg Rudnick Molecular Gas and The Decline of Star Formation in High Redshift Cluster Galaxies
17th July 1 Nicholas McConnell (Univ. Hawaii) A Black Hole Safari through the Local Universe
(Glenn away) 2 Kasper Schmidt (UC Santa Barbara) GLASS: Dissecting reionization, z~2 galaxies, and dense environments
24th July 1 Girish Kulkarni The IGM’s Jeans Scale
(Glenn away) 2 Edouard Tollet The time evolution of dark matter profiles in hydrodynamical simulations
31st July 1 Glenn van de Ven Summary IAU Symposium 309 "Galaxies in 3D across the Universe", Vienna, 7-11 July 2014
(Elisabete away) 2 Khee-Gan (K.G.) Lee The First (Nearly) 3D Large-Scale Structure Map at z>2
7th August 1 Cristina Garcia Quasar Environments at z~4
(Elisabete away) 2 Zeljko Ivezic (Univ. of Washington) Two vignettes regarding the Central Limit Theorem that everyone should know about
14th August 1 Tobias Fritz (Virginia) The proper motion of Palomar 5
(Elisabete away) 2 Remco van den Bosch & Melissa Ness MaNGA & APOGEE @ the SDSSIV Collaborative Meeting 27-29 July 2014
21st August 1 Coral Wheeler (UC Irvine) The surprising inefficiency of dwarf satellite quenching
(Fabrizio away) 2 Shea Garrison-Kimmel (UC Irvine) Where are the massive dwarfs? Too-big-to-fail in the Local Group
28th August 1 Joe Hennawi Dense Cool Gas in Proto-Clusters at High Redshift
(Glenn & Fabrizio away) 2 Adam Stevens (Swinburne) Defining galaxies in hydro simulations
4th September 1 Cliff Johnson Cluster formation efficiency in M31
(Glenn away) 2 Remco van den Bosch Mass distribution of an ultra compact dwarf galaxy
11th September 1 Paolo Bianchini The formation of extended clusters
(Glenn away) 2 Simone Recchi (Univ. Vienna) The integrated galactic IMF theory and its consequences for the chemical evolution of galaxies
18th September 1 Arjen van der Wel The LEGA-C survey: when, how, and why spend 128 VLT nights on galaxy spectroscopy?
2 Ling Zhu Discrete Chemo-Dynamical Model of Sculptor dSph Galaxy
25th September 1 Michael Maseda A statistical search for emission lines
2 Brent Groves How much gas?: Xco in M51
2nd October 1 Betsey Adams (Astron) Searching for Local Group dwarfs via their HI content: Ultra-compact high velocity clouds in the ALFALFA HI survey
2 Vikram Khaire (IUCAA, Pune, India) Star formation history and dust attenuation
9th October 1 Anna Ho Rotation Measures of Globular Cluster Pulsars as a Unique Probe of the Galactic Magnetic Field
2 Maria Kapala [CII] Emission in the Bulge of M31
16th October 1 Fabo Feng Does the Sun's motion influence the terrestrial comet impact rate?
2 Mark Norris Being WISE about stellar masses
23rd October 1 Paola Oliva (Swinburne) The story of Brightest Cluster Galaxies told by their stellar populations
LECTURE HALL (Glenn away) 2 Eddie Schlafly 3D dust mapping reveals that Orion forms part of a large ring of dust
30th October 1 Eduardo Banados The radio-loud fraction of quasars
(Glenn away) 2 Carl Ferkinhoff An analytic model for understanding the [CII] "deficit".
6th November 1 J.D. Smith (University of Toledo) The tail of the molecular dog
LECTURE HALL (Fabrizio away) 2 Laura Watkins HST proper motions of 22 Galactic globular clusters
13th November 1 Roberto Decarli Resolved star formation law at z~4
(Fabrizio away) 2 Ronald Laesker Black Hole scaling relations at low masses
20th November 1 Greg Stinson The Constant Disc Gas Mass Conspiracy
2 Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia Warming up for MUSE: Deep Emission Line Spectroscopy of Circumgalactic Gas
27th November 1 Morgan Fouesneau Cluster initial mass function and dissolution
(Fabrizio away) 2 Iskren Georgiev Nuclear star clusters in late-type galaxies: probing evolutionary connections
4th December 1 Ignacio Martin (IAC) IMF: implications on the evolution of early-type galaxies
2 Glenn van de Ven MPIA Working Council
11th December 1 Intro new scientific members TBD
(Glenn away) 2 Intro new scientific members TBD
18th December 1 Jakob Herpich How the initial angular momentum shapes galaxy discs
2 Marie Martig Alpha-rich young stars in the solar neighbourhood
25th December 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday (X-mas)


Date Slot Who What
10th Jan. (Fabrizio away) 1 Anahi Caldu Primo Quantifying ISM turbulence in nearby galaxies on sub-kpc scales
  2 Maria Kapala The Stellar Populations Responsible for Dust Heating in Andromeda: New Results from Herschel and PHAT
17th Jan. 1 Salvatore Cielo AGN Jets in Small Scale Simulations
  2 Elodie Choquet Observing high mass X-ray binaries using infrared long-baseline interferometry
24th Jan. 1 Yu-Yen Chang How did the Largest Ellipticals Form?
  2 Melissa Ness (ANU) Signatures of Formation - the Milky Way Bulge
31st Jan. 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 IMPRS interviews
7th Feb. 1 Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia Illuminating the Cosmic Web
  2 Hans-Walter Rix Insights into the "Fachbeirat" in 3 weeks (February 28 & March 1)
14th Feb. (Glenn away) 1 Jiang Chang How morphology effects the tidal stripping in a minor merger
  2 Joan Font (IAC) Resonant structure of spiral galaxies, using phase reversals in streaming motions from 2D Halpha Fabry-Perot spectroscopy
21st Feb. 1 Kirsten Schnuelle Constraining dust properties with a clumpy torus model
  2 Tri Astraatmadja Starlight beneath the waves: Neutrino telescopes as gamma-ray telescopes
28th Feb. 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 Fachbeirat
7th Mar. (Glenn & 1 Fabo Feng Assessing the influence of astronomical phenomena on the Earth's biosphere
Fabrizio away) 2 Alex Büdenbender The tilt of the velocity ellipsoid in the Milky Way disk
14th Mar. (Fabrizio away) 1 Agnieszka Rys (IAC) 3D view on Virgo cluster and field dEs: dynamical properties and dark matter content
  2 Gordon Richards Which Quasars are Radio Loud?
21th Mar. (Glenn & 1 Kathryn Kreckel The COSMOS HI Large EVLA Survey (CHILES): Preliminary results and future plans
Fabrizio away) 2 Camilla Penzo Effect of dark energy on galaxy structure
28th Mar. (Fabrizio away) 1 Roberto Decarli Recoiling black holes are everywhere! Or not?
  2 Arjen van der Wel Disk galaxy formation: a new (and troubling?) view from CANDELS and 3D-HST
4th Apr. (Elisabete away) 1 Aaron Dutton The bulge-halo conspiracy
  2 Remco van den Bosch Highlights of SnowPAC 2013 conference "Black Hole Fingerprints: Dynamics, Disruptions and Demographics"
11th Apr. (Elisabete away) 1 Elisabeta Lusso What Fraction of AGN are Obscured: Conflict with X-rays Surveys
(Fabrizio away) 2 Eric Morganson Update and discoveries with Pan-STARRS
18th Apr. LECTURE HALL 1 Bi-Qing For (UWA) Infalling Gas from the Magellanic Clouds
(Glenn & Elisabete & Fab away) 2 Dan Zucker (Macquarie Univ.) GALAH takes flight
25th Apr. 1 Andrea Maccio' The Effect of baryons on dark matter (now on more than one galaxy)!
  2 Nicolas Martin Discovery of two new Andromeda dwarf galaxies with Pan-STARRS
2nd May 1 Neil Crighton Signatures of winds and gas accretion? The metallicity of gas in the

circumgalactic medium at z ~ 2.5

(Glenn away) 2 Coleman Krawczyk (Drexel Univ.) Mean SEDs, bolometric corrections, and dust reddening for luminous quasars
9th May 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday (Ascension Day)
16th May 1 Greg Stinson What regulates galaxy formation workshop summary
(Elisabete away) 2 Ronald Laesker Bottom-heavy initial mass function in a nearby compact L*-galaxy
23th May 1 Tim Davis (ESO) Measures of gas phase metallically in the molecular ISM
  2 David Martinez Delgado Searching for faint dwarf galaxies in the Local volume with tiny telescopes
30th May 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday (Corpus Christi)
6th June 1 Nikos Fanidakis The halo environment of the most luminous quasars
(Elisabete away) 2 Chrisitian Leipski, Elisabete Lusso, Roberto Decarli Highlights of Ringberg workshop "Far-infrared emission as window to study the formation of galaxies, Black Holes and dust in the young universe", May 13-17, 2013
13th June 1 Arunima Banerjee (NCRA) Why are some galaxy discs extremely thin?
(Elisabete away) 2 Sebastiano Cantalupo (UCSC) Illuminating the dark phases of galaxy formation
20th June 1 Eric Pellegrini (Univ. Toledo) The escape of ionizing radiation from star forming regions
  2 Michael Di Pompeo (Univ. Wyoming) Does Size Matter? The Intrinsic Sizes of Radio sources and Unification by Orientation
27th June 1 Elisabete da Cunha & Jackie Hodge Highlights of Aspen workshop "The Obscured Universe: Dust and Gas in Distant Starburst Galaxies", May 26 - June 16
  2 Hans-Walter Rix Future MPIA use of CAHA and MPIA's SDSS-IV partnership
4th July 1 Branimir Sesar (Caltech) Mapping the Galaxy with RR Lyrae Stars
(Glenn away) 2 Neal Evans (Univ. Texas) What is (not) going on in the inner 500 pc of the Milky Way?
11th July 1 Ben Oppenheimer (Leiden) Are Metals in the IGM Out of Equilibrium?
(Elisabete away) 2 Diego Fustes (Univ. of Coruna) Analysis of SDSS misclassifications by means of Self-Organizing Maps
18th July 1 Aaron Dutton Highlights of conference on "The Physical Link between Galaxies and their Halos", 25-29 June 2013, Garching, Germany
  2 Julianne Dalcanton Mapping the distribution of dust in M31
25th July 1 Greg Rudnick (Univ. Kansas) Molecular Gas in z=1.62 Cluster Galaxies
  2 Adam Myers (Univ. Wyoming) Weighing Quasar Hosts with the CMB
1st August 1 Gregory Green (Harvard/CfA) Distances and Reddenings for a Billion Stars from Pan-STARRS Photometry
  2 Nina Hernitschek Can Broad Line Regions in AGNs be reverberation-mapped with photometry?
8th August 1 Jorge Barrera Ballesteros (IAC) Tracing and isolating major-merger triggered galaxy evolution
  2 David Hogg Sampling in "catalog space": probabilistic catalogs for crowded-field photometry
15th August 1 Wyn Evans (IoA) The Strange Case of Andromeda II
(Elisabete and Fabrizio away) 2 Jo Bovy (IAS) The baryon-dark-matter relative velocity and the Local Group
22nd August 1 K.G. Lee The Future of High-Redshift Cosmography
(Glenn away) 2 Joan Font (IAC) Mapping the Halpha emission line from interacting galaxies
29th August 1 William Bethune (Univ. J. Fourier) Dust reverberation in NGC4151: does more data help?
(Elisabete away) 2 Hans-Walter Rix MPIA's SDSS-IV partnership
5th September 1 Iryna Butsky (Caltech) The Effect of Baryons on Dark Matter Halo Shape
(Glenn and Fabrizio away) 2 Jacopo Chevallard (IAP) Insights into the content and spatial distribution of dust from the integrated spectral properties of galaxies
12th September 1 Zolile Mguda (Univ. Cape Town) Bent tail radio sources in their natural habitats
(Fabrizio away) 2 Matteo Maturi (ITA) Multi-color detection of gravitational arcs
19th September 1 Alberto Bolatto Dust at the Lowest Metallicities
2 Boyke Rochau A clear view of stellar clusters - membership and internal dynamics using

proper motions

26th September 1 Jiang Chang (MPIA/PMO) The Effect of Mergers on Metallicity Gradients in Elliptical Galaxies
2 Eduardo Bañados Discovery of high redshift quasars from Pan-STARSS1
3rd October 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 holiday (The Day of German Unity)
10th October 1 Janine Pforr (NOAO) Galaxy stellar population properties from SED-fitting for dusty, IR-luminous galaxies
2 Ryan Leaman (IAC) Constraints on Stellar Halo Assembly and Star Cluster Self-enrichment from a New Age-Metallicity Relation for the MW's Globular Clusters
17th October 1 Svitlana Zhukovska Relation between dust and metallicity in star burst (dwarf) galaxies - question of timescale?
(Glenn away) 2 Hans-Walter Rix In preparation of the GC Group Retreat
24th October 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 GC Group Retreat
31th October 1 Nadine Neumayer (ESO) Nearby nuclear star clusters - using the Milky Way as a benchmark object
2 Fatemeh Tabatabaei Variations in the dust emissivity index in M33
7th November 1 Wilma Trick A Spiral Galaxy's Mass Distribution Uncovered through Lensing and Dynamics
2 Ling Zhu Modeling the dynamics of M87 with the Made-to-Measure method
14th November 1 Pedro Capelo (Univ. of Michigan) Black hole dynamics and AGN activity in galaxy mergers
2 Andrea Maccio' Requiem for Warm Dark Matter
21th November 1 Eugene Vasiliev (LPI, Moscow) Orbit analysis and Schwarzschild modelling of triaxial stellar systems
2 Eva Schinnerer The ethical grey zone
28th November 1 Ricky Smart (Obs. Torino) Gaia + Brown Dwarfs chronometers of the Galaxy
2 David Rosario (MPE) High redshift AGN from Herschel and Hubble: A multi-faceted view
5th December 1 Glenn van de Ven Mergers among dwarf galaxies exposed
2 Branimir Sesar The missing satellites should be right THERE!
12th December 1 Laura Watkins (STScI) Internal proper motions of Globular Clusters with HST
2 Else Starkenburg (UVic) Galactic archaeology to its limits - Understanding the chemical signatures of the most pristine stars
19th December 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 Gaia launch event (HdA)
26th December 1 no Galaxy Coffee
2 X-mas holidays


Date Slot Who What
5th Jan 1 no galaxy coffee
12th Jan (Eva away) lecture hall 1 Jörg-Uwe Pott Expected performances of the ELT NIR imager MICADO
  2 Roberto Decarli QSO host galaxies from stacked SDSS images
19th Jan (Eva away) 1 Christian Leipski AMUSE-Virgo: Mid-infrared Photometry of Early-type Galaxies
  2 Elisabeta Lusso Self-regulated Bondi accretion
26th Jan (Eva away) 1 Aaron Dutton The Stellar IMF of Dense Early-Type Galaxies
  2 Joe Hennawi What Powers the Ly-alpha Blobs?
2nd Feb 1 Andrea Maccio' Galaxy density profiles in Warm Dark Matter
  2 Diego Fustes Unsupervised automatic analysis of galactic/extragalactic spectra.

Application to BP/RP outlier analysis in the Gaia catalogue

9th Feb (Gabriele away) 1 Leonid Pilyugin On the abundance determination in HII regions
  2 Hans-Walter Rix News from the ArXiv
16th Feb (Roberto and 1 Amanda Heiderman (UT) The VIRUS-P Investigation of the eXtreme Environments of Starbursts (VIXENS): Survey and First Results
  Gabriele away) 2 Fabian Walter The Hunt for the First SCUBA Galaxy
23rd Feb (Roberto away) 1 Jonathan Downing (ARI) The sizes of red and blue globular clusters
  2 Brent Groves M31 Bulge: Warm Dust & Old Stars
1st Mar (Roberto and) 1 Michelle Collins Curiously cold - some interesting results from the Andromeda system
(Gabriele away)   2 Wolfgang Gässler and Knud Jahnke ARGOS commissioning: science opportunities
8th Mar (Gabriele away) 1 Bram Venemans Detection of atomic carbon and dust at z=7.1
  2 Remco van den Bosch Small galaxies and big black holes
15th Mar (Gabriele away) 1 David Martinez Delgado and Michelle Collins A stellar tidal stream around the nearby dwarf galaxy NGC 4449
  2 Knud Jahnke Astronomy rules: the ethical terms and conditions for conducting research
22nd Mar 1 Kate Rubin MODS results (TBA)
  2 Neil Crighton MODS results (TBA)
29th Mar (Roberto and) 1 Eric Morganson The First Large Contiguous Map of the Monoceros Structure
Gabriele away)   2
5th Apr (Roberto and 1 Joshua Adams (Carnegie) Dark matter halo profiles in late-type dwarfs measured from stellar kinematics
Gabriele away)   2 Xingxiang Xue Back to Basics: How to get good distances to (giant) stars
12th Apr 1 Klaus Jäger MPIA Open House - GC activities
  2 Knud Jahnke Astronomy rules: author's rights and obligations
19th Apr 1 John Jardel (U Texas) A new strategy for mass modeling of Local Group dwarf galaxies
  2 Vesselina Kalinova Dark matter in the inner parts of spiral galaxies
26th Apr (Roberto away; lecture hall) 1 Aaron Dutton
  2 Eva Schinnerer The redshift distribution of SMGs
3rd May 1 Girish Kulkarni and Roberto Decarli Conference Highlights — ‘Interacting Galaxies and Binary Quasars: A Cosmic Rendezvous’
  2 Jackie Hodge Molecular gas in a z=4 proto-cluster
10th May 1 Alberto Rorai Constraining the Thermal History of the Universe with Close Quasar Pairs
  2 Karin Sandstrom Measurements of the CO-to-H2 Conversion Factor in Nearby Galaxies
17th May 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday
24th May (Eva away) 1 Fatemeh Tabatabaei Cold Dust in the Giant Barred Galaxy NGC1365
  2 Greg Stinson What I learned at the STSci Symposium on Gas Flows in Galaxies (theory)
31st May (Eva away) 1 Mariya Lyubenova, Vesselina Kalinova, Robert Singh, Sharon Meidt CALIFA @ MPIA, including stellar kinematics, dark matter and LINERs
  2 Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia, Rahul Kannan What I learned at the STSci Symposium on Gas Flows in Galaxies (observations)
7th Jun (Eva away) 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday
14th June (Eva away) 1 Jairo Mendez Abreu The effect of environment in bar formation and evolution
  2 Camilla Pacifici The star formation history of galaxies in a hierarchical universe
21st June (Eva and Roberto away) 1 Andreas Schulze (Kavli Institute Peking) The active black hole mass function of broad line AGN
  2 Yuan-Sen Ting How many different Abundances in Stars is it Worth Measuring?
28th June (Eva and Roberto away) 1 Elisabete da Cunha Can one ever see dust in high-z Universe
  2 Neil Crighton and Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia Interesting talks from the Baryon Cycle conference
5th July 1 Phil Marshall Weighing the Dark Matter Halos of Local Group Galaxies.
  2 Greg Rudnick A Tale of Dwarfs and Giants: How the passive cluster galaxy population has grown since z=1.6
12th July 1 Simone Weinmann (Leiden) A fundamental problem in low mass galaxy evolution
  2 Julianne Dalcanton (UW) Alarmingly Unusual Stars in the Center of the Nearest Spheroid, as seen by PHAT
19th July (Gabriele away) 1 Markus Pössel plus other (TBC) What questions to expect from the public (at the MPIA Open House)
  2 (both slots)
26th July (Gabriele away) 1 Kathy Cooksey Tracking the Evolution of Strong, 1.5 < z < 4.5 CIV Absorbers with Thousands of Systems
  2 Dan Foreman-Mackey Fully self-consistent dynamical modeling of M31
2nd Aug (Eva away) 1 David W. Hogg The list of all 10^{12} GALEX photons
  2 Roberto Decarli How to dissect a black hole binary
9th Aug (Roberto away) 1 Jo Bovy (IAS) A new measurement of the Milky Way's rotation curve from APOGEE
  2 K.G. Lee SDSS3/BOSS Data Release 9: Public Spectra of 1.5 million Galaxies and 100,000 Quasars
16th Aug (Roberto away) 1 Neil Crighton A direct measurement of molecular hydrogen at z=0.5: molecules in the circumgalactic medium?
  2 J. Xavier Prochaska (UCSC) The Circumgalactic Medium of z ~ 2 Massive Galaxies
23th Aug 1 David W. Hogg (NYU) Using data censored by an arbitrarily irresponsible robot
  2 Ronald Läsker Bulge+Disk don't fit - Impressions from working with GalFit and NIR-data
30th Aug 1 Eduardo Banados Galaxy environment of a z~6 quasar
  2 Joe Hennawi Can Quasars act as Flashlights and Illuminate the Cosmic Web?
6th Sep (Roberto & 1 James Allen (Sydney) Early science from SAMI - The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral Field Spectrograph
Gabriele away)   2 Sladjana Nikolic VIMOS-IFU Observations of SN1006: Detection of Suprathermal Protons
13th Sep (Roberto & 1 Eric Morganson Cross-Matching SDSS and PS1 to Measure Quasar Variability
Gabriele away)   2 Eva Schinnerer What does a scientist look like?
20th Sep (Gabriele away) 1 Greg Stinson Forming Thick Disks Hot
  2 Laura Watkins & Hans-Walter Rix GC group retreat discussion - unconference sessions and after dinner speaker
27th Sep 1 Dae-Won Kim QSO selection using machine learning and time variability
  2 KG Lee Writing Boot Camp
4th Oct (Eva away) 1 Nikolaos Fanidakis What powers Astrophysical Jets
  2 Dading Nugroho Diagnosing galaxy merger events in the recent past of AGN using Integral Field Spectroscopy
11th Oct 1 Kathryn Kreckel Constraining Dust Geometries with Nearby Galaxies
  2 Nicolas Martin Let's stop throwing information away --- an optimal search for dwarf galaxies in photometric surveys
18th Oct 1 Angela Adamo Clump properties of a spiral at z~1.5: can star formation and galaxy evolution be constrained?
  2 Esther Marmol-Queralto (UCM) Satellite galaxies around massive galaxies: the infalling pieces of the puzzle
25th Oct (Roberto) 1 Tessel van der Laan Circumnuclear rings: highlights from my thesis
and Gabriele away)   2 Paolo Bianchini Rotating Globular Clusters
1st Nov. 1 no galaxy coffee [Galaxy Coffee main organizer:
  2 holiday Eva Schinnerer -> Glenn van de Ven]
8th Nov. (Glenn and 1 Camilla Pacifici The rise and fall of the star formation histories of blue galaxies at redshifts 0.2<z<1.4
  Fabrizio away) 2 Laura Watkins A census of orbital properties of the M31 satellites
15th Nov. (Fabrizio away) 1 Hans-Walter Rix How to prepare and deliver an effective presentation (part I)
  2 Tom Herbst How to prepare and deliver an effective presentation (part II)
22nd Nov. 1 just after GC group retreat
29th Nov. 1 Stephanie Juneau (CEA) Star-forming galaxies hide their central black holes
  2 Rene Andrae Are QSO lightcurves stochastic processes?
6th Dec. 1 Aaron Dutton Review workshop "Is the Stellar Initial Mass Function Universal?", Leiden, Nov. 26-30, 2012
  2 Eric Morganson Making a 3DMap of theMonoceros Structure with Pan-STARRS
13th Dec. 1 Nicola Amorisco (DARK) The core size of the Fornax dwarf Spheroidal
  2 Coryn Bailer-Jones Publishing without publishers: a proposal to eliminate journals from astronomy publishing
20th Dec. 1 K.G. Lee 3D Tomography of the z~2 IGM
  2 Hans-Walter Rix How to spell IMF


Date Slot Who What
13th January (Eva away) 1 Fabian Walter The displaced dusty ISM in the M81 Triplet
  2 Arjen van der Wel Very massive, very compact stellar disks at high redshift
20th January 1 ALMA session
  2 ALMA session
27th January 1
  2 Tom Herbst LBT FLAO
3rd February 1 Somayeh Sheikhnezami MHD simulation of jet formation from an accretion disk focusing on physical processes
  2 Crystal Brasseur The Size-Luminosity Relation for Local Group dSphs: Are they simply scaled down versions of larger galaxies?
10th February (Roberto away) 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones Estimating interstellar extinction using stellar photometry and parallaxes
  2 Rahul Kannan Interaction between dark matter sub-halos and gaseous galactic discs
17th February (Roberto away) 1 Neil Crighton Measuring correlations in the intergalactic medium across QSO sightlines
  2 Sharon Meidt A broadband study of AGBs and their environmental dependencies
24th February 1 Alexander Karim, Rene Andrae Lost in the arXiv? -- Can paper raters help you out?
  2 Nicolas Martin How we write (and cite) papers that matter: bibliographical evolution of astronomy's greatest hits over the last decade. (based on Frogel et al. PASP 122, 1214)
3rd March 1 ESO proposal special session Joe, Knud, Eva
  2 ESO proposal special session
10th March 1 David Martinez-Delgado A view of a stellar tidal stream around a dwarf irregular galaxy with Subaru
(Roberto & Gabriele away) 2 Gregor Seidel Automatic detection of strong lensing arcs.
17th March 1 Karin Sandstrom & Brent Groves Highlights from the Lorentz Center Workshop on Dust
(Roberto & Gabriele away) 2 both slots
24th March 1 Josef Fried 3.5m telescope repair
(Gabriele away) 2 Blair Conn Galaxies playing the Juego de la Pelota
31st March 1 Annie Hughes Not for Neat Freaks: Molecular Clouds in the LMC
(Eva & Roberto away) 2 Tessel van der Laan Starformation in Circumnuclear rings, why should we care?
7th April (Roberto away) 1 Knud Jahnke Are stellar and black hole mass growth running in parallel?
  2 Remco van den Bosch z=2 look-a-like galaxies at z=0
14th April 1 no galaxy coffee
(Eva & Gabriele away) 2 Girls' Day
21st April (Gabriele away) 1 Roberto Decarli Highlights from the workshop "Narrow Line Seyfert 1 and their place in the Universe"
28th April (Gabriele away) 1 Rory Holmes An Introduction to the Euclid Space Mission
  2 Fabian Walter Early EVLA results on high redshift
5th May (Eva away) 1
12th May (Eva away) 1 Andrea V. Maccio' Dark coupling and cluster satellites.
19th May (Roberto away) 1 Kester Smith Automated classification of Gaia sources
  2 Nikos Fanidakis How to model an AGN in a hierarchical cosmology
26th May (Eva away) 1 skip, internal symposium on day before
2nd June 1 Holiday, no galaxy coffee
9th June 1 Mauricio Cisternas AGN host galaxies and their black hole to galaxy mass ratio in the last 7 Gyrs
  2 Maarten Breddels Schwarzschild models of the Sculptor dSph galaxy
16th June (Eva away) 1 Eric Morganson (TBC) Five Things I Learned from the AAS Meeting
  2 Arjen van der Wel Extreme emission line galaxies in CANDELS: Star-bursting Dwarf Galaxies at z=1.7
23rd June 1 Holiday, no galaxy coffee
30th June 1 Neil Crighton, Kate Rubin, Yujin Yang What We Learned on the Cosmic Odyssey of Baryons
  2 Michele Fumagalli (UCSC) Stochastic star formation and a (nearly) uniform stellar initial mass


7th July (Gabriele away) 1 Julianne Dalcanton (UW) The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Survey: A First Look at Large Scale Maps of Dust Extinction in M31
  2 Brad Holden (UCO) The Evolution of Early-type Galaxies from z~1 to z=0: Intrinsic Shapes and A Non-Evolving Mass Scale for Disky Systems
14th July 1 Martin Elvis (CfA) Asteroid mining (TBC)
  2 Brent Groves Resolved optical-IR SEDs of galaxies
21st July 1 Robert da Silva (UCSC) SLUG: A New Code to Stochastically Light Up Galaxies
  2 Gabor Worseck (UCSC) The Second Epoch of Reionization: Intergalactic Helium at z~2.7
28th July 1 Jo Bovy Photometric quasar classification and characterization using generative modeling
  2 Mark den Brok Jeans modeling of local group dwarf Spheroidals
4th Aug (Eva and Roberto away) 1 Hans-Walter Rix A narrow-minded view of our Galaxy's disk
  2 David Fisher (UT Austin ?) (visitor of Remco) Pseudobulges: What are they and why do I care?
11th Aug (Eva and Roberto away) 1 Vesselina Kalinova Structure and Evolution of Galaxies
  2 Ronald Läsker The role of Mergers, AGN and Dark Matter
18th Aug (Eva away) 1 Daniel Foreman-Mackey (NYU) Measuring the undetectable 2 / Photometric calibration in the time domain
  2 Jacqueline Hodge and Katharine Johnston ALMA Commissioning and Science Verification: Current Status
25th Aug (Roberto away) 1 Fatemeh Tabatabaei Multi-wavelength Study of ISM in NGC 6946:Radio-FIR Correlation
  2 Rene Andrae How to operate Galaxy Zoo and its likes
1st Sep 1 Rene Andrae Reduced chi square: Why you should not use it
  2 Huabai Li Do we really know the galactic magnetic field morphologies?
8th Sep (Gabriele away) 1 Ronald Läsker Black Hole Scaling Relations: Improved data and new results for M_BH - L_K
  2 Neil Crighton Molecular hydrogen absorption at z=0.56 discovered in HST/COS spectra
15th Sep (Eva and Gabriele away) 1 Brent Groves, Elisabete da Cunha, Fatemeh Tabatabaei, Sharon Meidt Highlights from theSED2011 conference in Preston
  2 both slots
22nd Sep (Eva and Gabriele away) 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 AG Tagung downtown
29th Sep (Eva and Gabriele away) 1 Tessel van der Laan, Leonard Burtscher, Kirsten Schnüllle, Christian Leipski Highlights from the AHAR'11 workshop
  2 both slots
6th Oct 1 Tom Herbst How to give a good presentation: I. maximizing impact of your science presentation
  2 Hans-Walter Rix How to give a good presentation: II. preparing content for science presentations
13th Oct 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones, Fabian Walter some advice for applications
  2 " for postdoc positions
20th Oct 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 GC retreat on Mon - Wed
27th Oct (Roberto away) 1 Andrea Maccio Halo expansion in hydrodynamical simulations
  2 Alexander Karim What is a 'Science Slam' and why you should care
3rd Nov 1 Elisabete da Cunha A predicted ALMA view of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
  2 Eva Schinnerer Some statistics on recent job hires in astronomy
10th Nov (Gabriele away) 1 Fabian Walter [CII]: The only(?) way to study the starforming interstellar medium in normal galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization
17th Nov (Eva and Gabriele away) 1 Emanuele P. Farina (Uni. Insubria) Broad line variability of the VHE emitter PKS 1222+216
  2 Roberto Decarli [NII]: The other way to study the star formation in the Epoch of Reionization
24th Nov (Gabriele away) 1 Greg Stinson Simulating the CGM
  2 Knud Jahnke Is there any evidence for a merger-AGN connection?
1st Dec 1 Girish Kulkarni Formation of Galactic Nuclei with Multiple SMBHs
  2 Eric Morganson Bayesian for Dummies: Easy Ways to Improve Your Science Without Joining the Bayes Cult
8th Dec 1 Leonard Burtscher The Status of MIDI AGN Large Programme
  2 Tom Herbst Whither NIRVANA? - Pathfinders and Upgrades
15th Dec 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 MPIA X-mas party
22nd Dec 1 no galaxy coffee


Date Slot Who What
14th January (Nicolas away) 1 Roberto Decarli The redshift dependence of the MBH-MHost relation in quasars
21th January (Nicolas away) 1 Karin Sandstrom Early Results from KINGFISH
  2 The Life Cycle of PAHs in the Small Magellanic Cloud
28th January (Nicolas away) 1 Clare Dobbs Hydrodynamical simulations of spiral galaxies
  2 Mark Sargent Opacity of Disk Galaxies at z ~ 0.7
4th February 1 Kasper Borello Schmidt + HWR Variability Selection of Quasars + summer visitors
  2 Marie Martig On the formation of red elliptical galaxies
11th February (Nicolas away) 1 Eric Morganson Searching for Cosmic Strings in the HAGGLeS Archive
  2 Hans-Walter Rix plus retreat LOC several announcements
18th February (Eva away?) 1 Jelte de Jong Mapping the stellar structure of the Milky Way's thick disk and halo
  2 Christian Leipski The Dusty Young Universe: Observing high-redshift quasars with Herschel
25th February (Eva away?) 1 No galaxy coffee due to meetings/workshop
4th March (Eva away, Nicolas away) 1 Andrea Macciò Stellar streams and dark galaxies
11th March (Nicolas away) 1 Jason X. Prochaska The Mean Free Path of the IGM
  2 Oliver Porth Are disk winds the origin of relativistic jets and how would they look like?
18th March 1 Kambiz Fathi Looking into the cold gas surrounding the SMBH in the Milky Way
  2 Marjin Franx Results from z=2 to z=10 from WFC3 imaging on UDF
25th March 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 Fachbeirat
1st April (Eva away) 1
8th April 1 Blair Conn The EMPHASSIS project
15th April 1 Jörg-Uwe Pott Luminosity-variation independent location of the circum-nuclear,

hot dust in NGC 4151 - controversial information from V-K reverberation and K-band interferometric measurements

  2 Roberto Decarli Massive Black Hole Binaries: as exotic as Cosmic Strings?
22nd April 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 GC department retreat
29th April (Eva away) 1 Mark Sargent SKA conference summary
  2 GC retreat talk evaluation panel The GC retreat debriefing and talk award
6th May 1 Nicolas Martin The Hercules Milky Way satellite -- could it be a stellar stream?
  2 Andrea Macciò TBA
13th May 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday
20th May (Eva away) 1
27th May 1 Michele Fumagalli (UCSC) Images and simulations to connect gas and stars in z>2 galaxies'
  2 Arjen van der Wel & Fabian Walter Highlights from Ringberg workshop
3rd June 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday
10th June (Eva away) 1 Karin Sandstrom Herschel highlights z=0
  2 Arjen van der Wel Herschel highlights z > 0
17th June (Eva away, Nicolas away) 1 Doug Finkbeiner (TBA)
24th June (Eva away) 1 Surhud More
1st July (Eva away) 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 all hands meeting
8th July 1 Erwin de Blok The South African Square Kilometre Array Precursor Telescope MeerKAT
  2 Eric Morganson The Status of Pan-STARRS and High Redshift Quasars
15th July (Eva away) 1 Crystal Brasseur Stellar Population Templates: Colour-Temperature relations for the near infrared
  2 Ben Weiner Measuring star formation rates and prospects for measuring the Kennicutt-Schmidt relation at z ~ 1
22th July (Nicolas away) 1 Gisella de Rosa & Kasper Schmidt news from the "The First Galaxies, Quasars, and Gamma-Ray Bursts" conference
  2 Glenn van de Ven Introduction to CALIFA
29th July (Nicolas away?, Gisella away) 1 Marion Dierickx What could have created the Milky Way's thick disk?
  2 Greg Rudnick A newly confirmed galaxy cluster at z=1.62
5th August in lecture hall 1 David Hogg (NYU/MPIA) A pixel-level model of the terapixel SDSS imaging dataset
  2 Gabor Worseck (UCSC) The effects of stochastic IGM Lyman Continuum Absorption on SDSS Quasar Color Selection
12th August 1 Andreas Schruba What HERACLES knows about molecular gas in the outer disks of galaxies
  2 Tessel van der Laan & Gaelle Dumas Highlights from the "Molecules in Galaxies" conference
19th August 1
26th August (Eva away) 1 Sharon Meidt TBA
  2 Roberto Decarli & Dading Nugroho (TBC) Highlights from Durham workshop
2nd September (Eva away) in lecture hall 1
9th September (Eva away) 1 Volker Springel (& group) Astrophysics at the HITS
  2 Rene Andrae Sersiclets - or why polar basis functions and Cartesian pixel grids don't go well together
16th September (Eva away) 1 Leonard Burtscher first results of the MIDI AGN Large Programme
  2 Matthew Walker (IoA, Cambridge) On indirect detection of dark matter in dwarf galaxies
23rd September (Gisella away) 1 Institute outing, no Galaxy Coffee
30th September 1 Vivi Tsalmantza A data-driven method for modeling spectra -- Applications to SDSS
  2 Steve Beckwith Planet searches with GPI
7th October (Nicolas away) 1 Gaelle Dumas Cold Molecular Gas in the Inner Two Kiloparsec of NGC4151
  2 Richard Tuffs The Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) Survey
14th October (Eva away) 1 Witold Maciejewski (Liverpool John Moores University) Double bars: regular orbits in oscillating potentials as a diagnostic tool
  2 lecture hall need to finish by 11:15, no 2nd slot
21st October 1 Mariya Lyubenova Stellar populations in the near-IR: clues from integrated spectroscopy of globular clusters
  2 Highlights from "Evolution of galaxies, their central black holes and their large-scale environment" Ronald Läsker
28th October 1 no galaxy coffee, instead
  2 talk by R. Green on LBT status
4th November 1 Roberto Decarli Orientation dependence of the broad line region in blazars
  2 Jonelle Walsh (UV Irvine)
11th November (Nicolas Martin away) 1 Laura Watkins Tracer Populations in the Local Group
  2 Sebastiano Cantalupo (IoA) [guest Andrea Maccio] The Bright Ly-alpha Side of the High-redshift IGM
18th November (Eva away) 1 Matthias Knecht Intrinsic quasar variability in models and observations
  2 Cristina Ramos Almeida (visitor from Katherine Inskip) Evidence for galaxy interactions in powerful radio galaxies
25th November (Thanksgiving, Eva away) 1 Elisabete da Cunha What can we learn from the spectral energy distributions of galaxies?
  2 Remco van den Bosch Dynamical supermassive black hole mass determinations
2nd December 1 no coffee, instead
  2 GC group meeting
9th December 1 Andrea Maccio Comparing galactic satellite properties in hydrodynamical and Nbody simulations
  2 Ole Moeller-Nilsson Future management needs of a software driven science community
16th December (last one this year) 1 Brent Groves Diagnostic tools: Seeing the insides of galaxies
  2 Jacqueline Hodge Deeper, Better FIRST: A High-resolution 1.4GHz VLA Survey of the SDSS

Southern Equatorial Stripe


Date Slot Who What
8th January 2009 1 no galaxy coffee
15th January 1 Chao Liu From LAMOST to GAIA
  2 Nicolas Martin & Sebastian Jester Experiences with LBC data reduction
22th January 1 Christian Fendt Summary of the 2008 Ringberg Jet Conference
29th January 1 Ramin Skibba The Velocity Bias of 'Central' Galaxies in Dark Matter Halos
  2 Francesco Pierfederici LSST in ten minutes or less
26th February 1 Mark Sargent The hunt for the intrinsic value of q
  2 Eva Schinnerer astro-ph/0902.2780: CO interferometry of gas-rich spiral galaxies in the outskirts of an intermediate redshift cluster
5th March 1 Jaron Kurk ESO Large Programme Proposals
  2 Eric Bell How to write successful ESO proposals
12th March 1 Eric Bell Watching stars 'twinkle' using PanSTARRS1 Gigapixel Camera
19th March 1 Christine Ruhland The evolution of the scatter of the cosmic average color-magnitude relation: Demonstrating consistency with the ongoing formation of elliptical galaxies
  2 Tom Herbst The Most Famous Astronomer You've Never Heard Of...
9th April 1 Adam Leroy Resolved giant molecular cloud structure in the Small Magellanic Cloud
  2 Fuyan Bian Clustering of LBGs from LBT Bootes Survey
16th April 1 Ramin Skibba and his gang "Reporting Back from Malaysia: Galaxy Evolution and Environment." (taking both slots)
23rd April 1 no galaxy coffee Girls' Day
30th April 1 Arjen van der Wel JENAM summary/highlights
  2 Eric Bell Stellar population variations in the Milky Way's stellar halo
7th May 1 & 2 Leonard Burtscher, Markus Pössel, Knud Jahnke Preparation for the Open House Day (Sun, 17th May): Questions every Astronomer should be able to answer, but cannot
14th May 1 Chien Peng
  2 Hans-Walter Rix
21st May 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 holiday
28th May 1
4th June 1 Daniel H. McIntosh "The Role of Major Mergers in Galaxy Evolution"
11th June 1 no galaxy coffee holiday
18th June 1 David Hogg Dynamical inference (using the Solar System as a test case)
  2 Xiaohui Fan Weird things about high-redshift quasars
25th June 1 Gaëlle Dumas, Oliver Porth, Leonard Burtscher, Klaus Meisenheimer Workshop summary 'Physics of Galactic Nuclei', Ringberg, 15 - 19 June
2nd July 1 Christy Tremonti Evidence for a Variable IMF from UV and H-alpha Galaxy Surveys
  2 Hans-Walter Rix Reporting on LAMOST
9th July 1 Greg Rudnick The growth of the red sequence in clusters over half of cosmic time
  2 Chris Carilli Up-date on Cosmic Reionization Experiements
16th July 1 Ravi Sheth
  2 Jorg-Uwe Pott AGN observations with the Keck Interferometer and other treats
23th July 1 Dustin Lang (Toronto) Engineering and performance of
  2 Benjamin Weiner The spatial clustering of infrared-luminous galaxies
30th July 1 Jo Bovy (NYU) Galactic masers and the Milky Way circular velocity
  2 Aday Robaina The fraction of SFR directly triggered by mergers
6th August 1 Knud Jahnke Galaxy-Black hole scaling relations from COSMOS
  2 Arjen van der Wel Merging: the only way to make a massive, passive galaxy
13th August 1 no galaxy coffee
  2 IMPRS summer school & IAU-GA
20th August 1 Joe Hennawi High redshift quasar clusterings
  2 David Martinez Delgado The stellar tidal streams zoo in nearby spiral galaxies
27th August 1 Ben Moster Can gas save the thin disk?
  2 Sergey Koposov Constraining the MW potential with stellar tidal streams
3rd September no galaxy coffee GAIA meeting
10th September 1 Leonard Burtscher Highlights from the conference "The Many Faces of Centaurus A"
  2 Mike Gladders GISMO: Extreme Multiplexed Spectroscopy at Magellan
17th September 1 no galaxy coffee institute outing
24th September 1 Nicolas Martin The latest on the Milky Way and the Local Group: a summary of 4 summer conferences
1st October 1 Fabian Walter Blind CO Searches: An alternative method to obtain redshifts in dust-obscured galaxies at high redshift.
8th October 1 Tom Herbst Up-date on LBT
15th October 1 no galaxy coffee, instead GC group meeting
22nd October (Eva away) 1 Aday Robaina The merger-driven evolution of massive, red galaxies
  2 Arjen van der Wel Galaxies at redshift 7 and up: Summary of recent results from the new Wide Field Camera 3 on HST
29th October (Eva away?) 1 Jelte de Jong Leo IV & V: An enigmatic pair of Milky Way dwarf spheroidal galaxies
  2 Yujin Yang Environment of Lyman alpha blobs
5th November (Nicolas away) 1 Hans-Walter Rix Good scientific conduct
  2 (both slots)
12th November 1 Kester Smith Photometric identification of BHB stars in SDSS data
  2 René Andrae Parameterizing galaxy morphologies: Why CAS & co fail
19th November (Eva away) 1 Anna Gallazzi M/L ratios (TBC)
  2 Andrea Macciò New evidence for dark matter
26th November 1 no galaxy coffee, instead Roeser/Camenzind Fest
3rd December 1 Simone Weinmann The degeneracy of galaxy formation models
  2 Joe Hennawi The Gaseous Evolution of Galaxies: What I Learned at Ringberg
10th December 1 Katherine Inskip Some interesting SINFONI results
  2 Tessel van der Laan
17th December 1 Alexander Karim A radio view on the star formation history of mass-selected galaxies at z < 3 in the COSMOS field
  2 Ros Skelton Early-type galaxies: Purely passively evolving?


Date Slot Who What
23th October 2008 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones conference summary
30th October 1 no galaxy coffee, but
  2 GC group meeting (announcement: Josef Fried)
6th November 1 Coryn Bailer-Jones
  2 Linda Watson (TBC)
13th November 1 Andrea Macchio Central mass and luminosity of Milky Way satellites in the LCDM model
  2 Fabian Walter A Hyper-Starburst at z=6.4
20th November 1 Surhud More Cosmic transparency
27th November 1 Stefano Zibetti Are fossil groups a challenge for the CDM paradigm
  2 Hans-Walter Rix Recent Scientific Highlights
4th December 1 Gaelle Dumas Star Formation in M51
  2 Rosalind Skelton, Kelly Foyle, Aday Robaina, Christy Tremonti Highlights from the Conference Galaxy Evolution: Emerging Insights and Future Challenges
11th December 1 Fabio Fontanot Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Models confront Observations
  2 Rix summer visitors for 2009
18th December 2008 1 no galaxy coffee, but
  2 employees meeting