The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany
EPoS 2020 Posters

P1 Dana Alina On the relative orientation between magnetic fields and matter structures in star forming filaments
P2 Ashley Barnes Where are the commonly used "dense gas" molecular line tracers really emitting within star-forming regions?
P3 Asmita Bhandare Zooming in on star and disk formation
P4 Andreas Burkert Dynamics of the gaseous backbones of galaxie
P5 HannahCalcutt Exploring Class 0 protostars on au scales
P6 Brandt Gaches The Astrochemical Impact of Cosmic Rays in Protostellar Clusters
P7 Josefa Grossschedl Orion A shape and dynamics with Gaia DR2: How 3D changes everything
P8 Mike Grudic Simulating star-forming GMCs with modern meshless MHD methods
P9 Doug Johnstone The Dynamic Evolution of Protostars on Few Year Timescales
P10 Jessy Jose Testing the role of external factors on the universal nature of Initial Mass Function
P11 Jouni Kainulainen Results from the PROMISE survey: Do molecular cloud density distributions REALLY care about turbulence?
P12 Rolf Kuiper Jets and outflows of massive protostars
P13 Shih-Ping Lai ALMA Observations of Magnetic Field Structure in NGC1333 IRAS4A
P14 Valentin Le Gouellec Statistics on ALMA Dust Polarization Observations of Young Protostellar Cores
P15 Hendrik Linz Episodic accretion in high-mass star formation: Masers as canary birds
P16 Maria-Jose Maureira Orbital constraints and mass determination of a young binary system
P17 David Navarro The sulphur depletion problem in molecular clouds: the H2S case
P18 Yuki Okoda Chemical and physical structures around the very low mass protostellar source IRAS 15398-3359
P19 Yoko Oya Temperature Structure of the Pipe Nebula Studied by the Intensity Anomaly of the OH 18 cm
P20 Manuel Riener The detailed velocity structure and distribution of CO emission in the Galactic plane
P21 Peter Schilke High accretion rates in a high-mass star-forming cluster
P22 Anika Schmiedeke Dynamics of narrow, super-critical filaments within a dense core
P23 Dominique Segura-Cox An Envelope Streamer Feeding a Ringed Disk in the Class I Protostellar Phase
P24 Kedron Silsbee Constraining Grain Growth and Cosmic Rays Using Gas and Dust Temperatures
P25 Juan Soler Using Herschel and Planck observations to delineate the role of magnetic fields in molecular cloud structure
P26 Jiayi Sun Demographics and Environment-dependence of Molecular Cloud Properties in Nearby Star-forming Galaxies
P27 Brian Svoboda A systematic VLA+GBT survey fo the most massive 70μm dark clumps within 5 kpc
P28 Jonas Syed Giant Atomic Filaments in the Milky Way
P29 Mehrnoosh Tahani Bow-shaped magnetic morphology surrounding filamentary molecular clouds
P30 Thomas Troland The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Earliest Stages of Star Formation
P31 Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni Sequential onset of collapse at different scales in hierarchically collapsing molecular clouds. Implications for fragmentation studies.
P32 Duo Xu Turbulent dynamo in a weakly ionized medium
P33 Alison Young Observational diagnostics of the first hydrostatic core
P34 Yichen Zhang ALMA View of the Innermost Regions of Massive Star Formation

The EPoS way: Large group, small room, remote location. Consider all aspects. Short talks, intense discussions.