6th Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics, Obergurgl, Austria, Jan 2013
"Chemistry in the Universe", Lecture 1
"Chemistry in the Universe", Lecture 2

ALMA School, Bologne, Italy, June 2011
1) Dust in protoplanetary disks
2) Gas in protoplanetary disks
3) Planet formation in protoplanetary disks

"Molecular Astrophysics: from Lab to Theory to Observations", Heidelberg University (2012), Holger Kreckel and Dmitry Semenov
1) Introduction: Molecules in Space
2) Molecular Properties and Spectroscopy (with an exercise)
3) Detection of Molecules (exercise in at the end of PDF)
4) First Molecules in the early Universe (with an exercise)
5) Gas-phase Processes and the First Molecules (exercise in at the end of PDF)
6) Laboratory Astrophysics: Gas-phase Processes (with an exercise)
7) Basics of Star Formation and Stellar Nucleosynthesis
8) Dust Evolution and Surface Processes (exercise in at the end of PDF)
9) Laboratory Astrophysics: Surface and Dust Experiments
10) Physics and Chemistry of the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
11) Chemistry in Dense Molecular Clouds
12) Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disks

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