Atmospheric grids calculated with petitCODE for various publications can be found here. The file headers and names should be self-explanatory (also check the associated publications for further information). In case anything remains unclear please contact me via email.

Publication Description Temperature Range* Download
Linder et al. (2018) Cool clear and cloudy atmospheric grid for self-luminous atmospheres (emission only). This is an extension of the Samland et al. (2017) grid, to low temperatures. Only Na2S and KCl clouds are considered for the cloudy models. 150-1000 K (3.7 GB)
Samland et al. (2017) Clear and cloudy atmospheric grid for self-luminous atmospheres (emission only) 500-1700 K (clear)
500-850 K (cloudy)
(483 MB)
Mollière et al. (2017)** Atmospheric grid for prime JWST targets (emission and transmission) 547-2734 K (359 MB)
Mollière et al. (2015) Cloud-free hot jupiter (emission only) grid 1000-2500 K (2.23 GB)

*Only temperature is listed here, but the grids also vary other parameters (like [Fe/H], settling parameter fsed, C/O, log(g)...
**This is not a regularly spaced grid, but a collection of models for known exoplanets which cover the log(g)-Teq space ~homogeneously, with varying parameters like [Fe/H], settling parameter fsed, C/O, for all targets.