Matthew Gent


PhD student


PhD: Developing a pipeline to constrain astrophysical quantities of cool stars via Bayesian inference. This characterises the effective temperature, metallicity, surface gravity by taking into account quantities derived from asteroseismology, photometry, distance, and spectroscopy.  

The Prince and The Pauper: Co-evolution of the thin and thick disc in the Milky Way
Gent, Eitner, Laportet al., 2022, submitted to A&A

The PLATO SAPP pipeline for the determination of classical stelar parameters of stars
Gent, Bergemann et al. 2022,  A&A658, id.A147

Masters: Modelling rotation evolution of cool stars on a Gyr timescale. This entailed inferring the quantity open flux as a magnetic field proxy by comparing stellar wind torque models to observational average rotation rates. 

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