Former group members

Matthew Gent (PhD): successfully defended, now Postdoc at IRAP in Toulouse, France
Daniel Haerter (BSc): 
successfully defended
Jianhui Lian (Postdoc): faculty at South-Western Institute for Astronomy Research, Yunnan University, China
Oliver Avril (BSs): 
successfully defended, now MSc University of Heidelberg
Bethany Burt (ERASMUS): one year exchange, School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow
Silvia Anastasia Popa (BSc, HiWi): successfully defended, now MSc University of Heidelberg
Ekaterina Magg (PhD): successfully defended, now in industry
Yanjun Guo (exchange PhD): one year exchange, Yunnan Observatories, CAS
Justin Mathew (HiWi): 
University of Heidelberg
Sarah E. M. Hommel (BSc): successfully defended
Jeffrey Gerber (Postdoc): faculty at 
Purdue University, USA
Camilla Juul Hansen (Postdoc): faculty at Frankfurt University, Germany

Mikhail Kovalev (PhD):   Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, China Academy of Sciences
Andy Gallagher (Postdoc): Institut für Physik und Astronomie, Universität Potsdam
Joachim Bestenlehner (Postdoc): University of Sheffield, UK
Philipp Eitner (MSc): MPIA, PhD fellowship in the GC department
Jonathan Konrad (BSc student): successfully defended
Nina Nordmeier (BSc student): successfully defended, moved to LMU, Munich
Annika Oetjens (BSc student): successfully defended, moved to MPIK, Heidelberg
Tim Moellers (BSc student): successfully defended


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