EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
HH 1177: an Optical Parsec-Scale Jet from a Massive Young Stellar Object in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Anna McLeod
U Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
We present the detection of HH 1177, an 11 pc Herbig-Haro flow associated with an extragalactic massive young stellar object (YSO), made with the optical integral field spectropgraph MUSE mounted on the VLT. The MUSE data reveals a highly collimated, bipolar jet detected as red- and blueshifted emission line peaks of the H alpha line emerging from a 12 solar mass YSO in the metal-poor environment of the star-forming region N180 in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The detection of the jet indicates ongoing disk-mediated accretion onto a massive YSO, and given the high degree of collimation, this system is likely an upscaled-version of low-mass star formation. This is the first detection of an optical, parsec-scale jet from a massive YSO outside of the Milky Way.
Caption: RGB of the LMC HII region N180 (left, red = [SII]6717, green = H alpha, blue = [OIII]5007), observed with the integral field spectrograph MUSE. The bow-shocks of HH 1177 can be identified above and below a pillar-like structure, the latter protruding from the surrounding molecular cloud into the HII region (upper right panel). The bipolar jet is identified as red- and blueshifted emission line peaks of the H alpha line (lower right panel).
M. Reiter, U Mich (Ann Arbor), US
R. Kuiper, U Tuebingen, DE
P.D. Klaassen, ROE, UK
C. Evans, ROE, UK
Suggested Session: High-mass star/star cluster formation