"For every complex natural phenomenon there is a simple, elegant, compelling, wrong explanation"
Thomas Gold

The Early Phase of Star Formation
The MPIA conference series at Ringberg Castle, Germany

Stars are important in astronomy. But we still have no generally accepted paradigm for the initial phase of their formation process.

Hence, scientific meetings about this topic should allow for ample discussions. Those work best in a small group with a few ten persons.

Early phase star formation is complex: a number of physical processes are at work simultaneously.

Correspondingly, the topic requires to bring together enough persons representing all aspects: a large conference with over 100 persons is needed.

EPoS therefore operates with a compromise of about 70 participants packed in a small room to maintain workshop atmosphere.

The style of EPoS meetings is unique among conference series: The talks are short and to the point. Discussions after the talks and sessions are the key ingredient of the scientific program. No advertisements, just talking science.

The meetings have attracted a large fraction of the scientists working in this field worldwide.

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