"Chemistry in Disks" consortium (MPIA, Bordeaux Obs., IRAM, Jena Obs.)

Benchmarking of gas-grain chemical models for protoplanetary disks


This web page is devoted to several key tests of two modern gas-grain chemical codes developed by the Heidelberg and Bordeaux astrochemistry groups. The detailed descriptions of the physical test cases and chemical networks, along with assorted results of benchmarking are reported in the corresponding paper: Semenov, Hersant, Wakelam, et al. (2010), published by A&A. On this web page we provide brief description of utilized chemical codes along with considered physical models and results.

We've put a lot of efforts to make all necessary details consistent through the model runs, e.g. definition of the gas particle density, density of grain surface sites, the strength and shape of the UV radiation field, etc. We hope this will facilitate and ease the development of other astrochemical models, and provide to non-specialists a detailed description of the model ingredients and requirements to analyze the cosmic chemistry as studied, e.g., by (sub-) millimeter observations of molecular lines.

Last update by Dmitry Semenov (MPIA): March 3, 2015