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  • NaCo-ISPY - L-band direct Imaging Survey for Planets around Young stars
  • Feros-RVSPY - Radial Veolcity Survey for Planets around Young stars
  • LIStEN - LBT Imaging Survey for Exo-planets Planets in the North
  • Carmenes - Towards the detection of exoearths around M-dwarfs
  • ERA - Exoplanet search with Radio Astrometry (website soon)

  • ESPRI - Exoplanet Seach with PRIMA (terminated)
  • SERAM - Search for Exoplanets with Radial-velocity At MPIA (finished)

  • EPoS - Early Phases of Star formation - Isolated star formation in Bok globules
  • DUNES - DUst around NEarby Stars
  • CID - Chemistry in protoplanetary disks