Protostars and Planets VI, Heidelberg, July 15-20, 2013

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Brought to you by the Heidelberg University Center for Astronomy (ZAH) and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA)

SpeakerChapter PITitle of talkMovieSlides
KrumholzDobbsFormation of molecular clouds and global conditions for star formation[movie][slides]
AndreAndreFrom filamentary networks to dense cores in molecular clouds: Toward a new paradigm for star formation[movie][slides]
ClarkOffnerThe origin and universality of the initial mass function[movie][slides]
FederrathPadoanThe star formation rate of molecular clouds[movie][slides]
HB LiHB LiThe link between magnetic fields and cloud/star formation[movie]
BallyMolinariThe Milky Way as a star formation engine[movie][slides]
McKeeTanMassive star formation[movie][slides]
ZY LiZY LiThe earliest stages of star and planet formation: Core collapse, and the formation of disks and outflows[movie][slides]
StutzDunhamThe evolution of protostars: Insights from ten years of infrared surveys with SPITZER and HERSCHEL[movie][slides]
JeffriesSoderblomAges of young stars[movie][slides]
BateKrumholzStar cluster formation and feedback[movie][slides]
ClarkeReipurthMultiplicity in early stellar evolution[movie][slides]
LongmoreLongmoreThe formation and early evolution of young massive clusters[movie][slides]
SemenovDutreyPhysical and chemical structure of planet-forming disks probed by millimeter observations and modelling[movie][slides]
TestiTestiDust evolution in protoplanetary disks[movie][slides]
SalykPontoppidanVolatiles in protoplanetary disks[movie][slides]
Berginvan DishoeckWater: From clouds to planets[movie][slides]
GreenAudardEpisodic accretion in young stars[movie][slides]
LesurTurnerTransport and accretion in planet-forming disks[movie][slides]
MattBouvierAngular momentum evolution of young low-mass stars and brown dwarfs: Observations and theory[movie][slides]
CabritFrankJets and outflows from star to cloud: Observations con- front theory[movie][slides]
PascucciAlexanderThe dispersal of protoplanetary discs[movie][slides]
MuzerolleEspaillatAn observational perspective of transitional disks around T Tauri stars[movie][slides]
MatthewsMatthewsObservations, Modeling and Theory of Debris Discs[movie][slides]
JohansenJohansenThe multifaceted planetesimal formation process[movie][slides]
TrieloffGailEarly thermal evolution of planetesimals and its impact on processing and dating of meteoritic material[movie][slides]
RaymondRaymondTerrestrial planet formation at home and abroad[movie][slides]
ChabrierChabrierFormation of brown dwarfs vs giant planets: Confronting theory with observations[movie][slides]
HelledHelledGiant planet formation, evolution, and internal structure[movie][slides]
CridaBaruteauPlanet-disc interactions and early evolution of planetary systems[movie][slides]
IdaBenzPlanet population synthesis[movie][slides]
FischerFischerNew exoplanetary systems[movie]
MadhusudhanMadhusudhanExoplanetary Atmospheres[movie][slides]
FortneyBaraffePlanetary internal structures[movie][slides]
DaviesDaviesThe long-term dynamical evolution of planetary systems[movie][slides]
StephanDavisSamples of the solar system: recent developments[movie]
CaselliCeccarelliDeuterium fractionation: The ariane thread from the pre- collapse phase to meteorites and comets today[movie][slides]
GuedelGuedelAstrophysical conditions for planetary habitability[movie][slides]

And the two poster prize talks:
SpeakerPoster NrShort titleMovie
Alvaro Hacar1S036Cores, filaments and bundles[movie][slides]
Esther Buenzli2G023Probing the heterogeneous cloud structure of Brown Dwarfs[movie][slides]