Summary Publications

19 publications, including 10 publications as a 1st author.
In addition, I co-wrote a PASA Review (2017), and a Nature Physics Review (2021).
800 citations in total / h-index 14.

List of Publications

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Co-evolution of massive black holes and their host galaxies: discrepancies from six cosmological simulations and the key role of JWST
M. Habouzit , Masafusa Onoue, Eduardo Banados, Marcel Neeleman, Daniel Angles-Alcazar, Fabian Walter, Annalisa Pillepich, Romeel Dave, Knud Jahnke, Yohan Dubois
MNRAS, 2022, volume 511, pages, 3751-3767, arXiv:2201.09892

Supermassive black holes in cosmological simulations II: The AGN population and predictions for upcoming X-ray missions
M. Habouzit , Rachel Somerville, Yuan Li, Shy Genel, James Aird, Daniel Angles-Alcazar, Romeel Dave, Iskren Georgiev, Stuart McAlpine, Yetli Rosas-Guevara, Yohan Dubois, Dylan Nelson, Eduardo Banados, Lars Hernquist, Sebastien Peirani, Mark Vogelsberger
MNRAS, 2022, volume 509, pages 3015-3042, arXiv:2111.01802

The origins of massive black holes
Marta Volonteri, M. Habouzit , Monica Colpi
Nature Physics Review, 2021, volume 3, pages 732-743, arXiv:2110.10175

Quasar clustering at redshift 6
J. Greiner, J. Bolmer, R. M. Yates, M. Habouzit , E. Banados, P. M. J. Afonso, P. Shady
ApJ, 2021, volume 654, pages A79

Bringing faint Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) to light
Adrian Schirra, M. Habouzit , Ralf Klessen, Francesca Fornasini, Dylan Nelson, Annalisa Pillepich, Daniel Angles-Alcazar, Romeel Dave, Francesca Civano
MNRAS, 2021, volume 508, pages 4816-4843

Supermassive black holes in cosmological simulations I: Mbh-Mstar relation and black hole mass function
M. Habouzit , Yuan Li, Rachel Somerville, Shy Genel, Annalisa Pillepich, Marta Volonteri, Romeel Dave, Yetli Rosas-Guevara, Stuart McAlpine, Sebastien Peirani, Lars Hernquist, Daniel Angles-Alcazar, Amy Reines, Richard Bower, Yohan Dubois, Dylan Nelson, Christophe Pichon, Mark Vogelsberger
MNRAS, 2021, volume 503, pages 1940-1975, arXiv:2006.10094

Properties of galaxies and black holes in cosmic voids
M. Habouzit , A. Pisani, A. Goulding, Y. Dubois, R. Somerville, J. Greene
MNRAS, 2020, volume 493, pages 899-921, arXiv:1912.06662

Decoupling the rotation of stars and gas - II: the link between black hole activity and MaNGA kinematics in TNG
C. Duckworth, T. Starkenburg, S. Genel, T. Davis, M. Habouzit , K. Kraljic, R. Tojeiroi
MNRAS, 2020, volume 495, pages 4542-4547, arXiv:1911.05091

The diverse galaxy counts in the environment of high-redshift massive black holes in Horizon-AGN
M. Habouzit , M. Volonteri, R. Somerville, Y. Dubois, S. Peirani, C. Pichon, J. Devriendt
MNRAS, 2019, volume 489, pages 1206-1229, arXiv:1810.11535

Correlations between black holes and host galaxies in the Illustris and IllustrisTNG simulations
Y. Li, M. Habouzit , S. Genel, R. Somerville, B. Terrazas, E. Bell, A. Pillepich, D. Nelson, R. Weinberger, V. Rodriguez-Gomez, C-P Ma, R. Pakmor, L. Hernquist, M. Vogelsberger
ApJ, 2020, arXiv:1910.00017

The relationship between black hole mass and galaxy properties: Examining the black hole feedback model in IllustrisTNG
B. Terrazas, E. Bell, A. Pillepich, D. Nelson, R. Somerville, S. Genel, R. Weinberger, M. Habouzit , Y. Li, L. Hernquist, M. Vogelsberger
MNRAS, 2020, volume 493, pages 1888-1906, arXiv:1906.02747

Linking galaxy structural properties and star formation activity to black hole activity with IllustrisTNG
M. Habouzit , S. Genel, R. Somerville, D. Kocevski, M. Hirschmann, A. Dekel, E. Choi, D. Nelson, A. Pillepich, P. Torrey, L. Hernquist, M. Vogelsberger, R. Weinberger, V. Springel
MNRAS, 2019, volume 484, pages 4413-4443, arXiv:1809.05588

High redshift supermassive black hole formation models
R. Valiante, B. Agarwal, M. Habouzit , E. Pezzulli
PASA Review, 2017, volume 34, page 31, arXiv:1703.03808

Density profile of dark matter haloes and galaxies in the Horizon-AGN simulation: the impact of AGN feedback
S. Peirani, Y. Dubois, M. Volonteri, J. Devriendt, K. Bundy, J. Silk, C. Pichon, S. Kaviraj, R. Gavazzi, M. Habouzit
MNRAS, 2016, arXiv:1611.09922

Blossoms from black hole seeds: properties and early growth regulated by supernova feedback
M. Habouzit , M. Volonteri, Y. Dubois
MNRAS, 2016, volume 468, pages 3935-3948, arXiv:1605.09394

On the number density of direct collapse black hole seeds
M. Habouzit , M. Volonteri, M. Latif, Y. Dubois, S. Peirani
MNRAS, 2016, volume 463, pages 529, arXiv:1601,00557

Dust cooling in massive primordial halos illuminated by strong Lyman Werner radiation: Implications for black hole formation
M. Latif, K. Omukai, M. Habouzit , D. Schleicher, M. Volonteri
ApJ, 2016, volume 823, page 40, arXiv:1509.07034

Black hole formation and growth with non-Gaussian primordial density perturbations
M. Habouzit , M. Volonteri, M. Latif, T. Nishimichi, S. Peirani, Y. Dubois, G. Mamon, J. Silk, J. Chevallard
MNRAS, 2015, volume 456, pages 1901-1912, arXiv:1507.05971

Effect of primordial non-Gaussianities on the far-UV luminosity function of high-redshift galaxies: implications for cosmic reionization
J. Chevallard, J. Silk, T. Nishimichi, M. Habouzit , G. Mamon, S. Peirani
MNRAS, 2014, volume 446, pages 3235-3252, arXiv:1410.7768

Testing primordial non-Gaussianities on galactic scales at high redshift
M. Habouzit , T. Nishimichi, S. Peirani, G. Mamon, J. Silk, J. Chevallard
MNRAS, 2014, volume 445, pages 129-133, arXiv:1407.8192