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Markus Feldt

PSF Seminar
Massive YSOs
IDL, the Interactive Data Language, is Research Systems' software for data analysis, visualization, and cross-platform application development. It is a handy tool both for quick-look data analysis and full-scale, complex reduction and analysis of science data. Its syntax is similar to fortran but one has to get used to it. Once you are, you will recognize that it can be really fast and handy when doing complex array arithmetics...

I have used IDL to write several packages, two of which are offered for download:
a tool for simulating observations with the MIDI (and maybe the AMBER) instrument. Both instruments are designed for the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) on Paranal/Chile.

A/O version 0.37.1,
imaging pipeline screenshot a package to reduce and somewhat analyze data taken by array cameras. It is currently optimized to work with ALFA/OMEGA data, but can be adjusted to work with others. It is neither well documented nor particularly free of bugs, so beware!!! To use it, download the package, untar it, make sure the directory created is in your IDL path (as must be the astrolib) and type "@start_ao" on the command line. From then on, you will be alone...