EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Magnetic Fields via Aligned Grains: Theory and Simulations vs. Observations

Thiem Hoang
CITA, Toronto, CA
The alignment of interstellar dust is important for tracing magnetic fields in molecular clouds and for correctly measuring the CMB B-mode polarization signal. In this talk, I will first review our quantitative theory of grain alignment by radiative torques (RATs) arising from the interaction of anisotropic radiation fields with the irregular grains. I will then present our ab-initio modeling of dust polarization by radiatively aligned grains for a variety of environments and compare modeling results with observations. Finally, I will present our new simulations of far-IR polarization by aligned grains from star-forming regions, which incorporate MHD turbulence, radiative transfer and radiative torque alignment, and discuss environmental conditions for which the well-known V-shape wavelength-dependence polarization in far-IR could be produced.
A. Lazarian, U W-Madison, US
A. Chepurnov, U Potsdam, DE
Suggested Session: Magnetic Fields