EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Comparing theories and observations on star cluster formation

Susanne Pfalzner
MPIfR, Bonn, DE
Stars form predominantly in groups usually denoted as clusters or associations. The observed stellar groups display a broad spectrum of masses, sizes and other properties, so it is often assumed that there is no underlying structure in this diversity. Here we show that the assumption of an unstructured multitude of cluster or association types might be misleading. Current data compilations of clusters in the solar neighbourhood show correlations between cluster mass, size, age, maximum stellar mass etc. We detail what this means for current clustered star formation theories.
Caption: Cluster mass as a function of effective cluster radius for clusters in the solar neighborhood.
H. Kirk, CA
A. Sills, CA
J.S. Urquhart, GB
J. Kauffmann, DE
M. Kuhn, CL
A. Bhandare, DE
K.M. Menten, DE
Suggested Session: Cluster Formation