EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Star Forming Potential of the Perseus Star Forming Complex

Seyma Mercimek
CfA/IÜ, Cambridge/Istanbul, US/TR
The detailed study of all sources are carried on, by comparing the number of existing cores and YSOs from observations with the prediction from column density PDFs. With this investigation, we found a relation between starless cores and protostars that cores may be considered progenitors of the next generation of protostars, assuming the rate of star formation in the recent past is similar to the rate in the near future. These are also new results which have not been investigated previously. In addition, we also calculate the mean density of each starless core and its corresponding free-fall time in order to estimate star formation rate in near future. Following that, we obtained star formation efficiency from the existing stellar cores which later was used to estimate average stellar mass from standard IMF. Finally, we estimate how many starless cores will turn into stars in the predicted free fall time and how many stars will form from calculated core mass.
P. Myers, CfA, US
K. Lee, CfA, US
S. Sadavoy , MPIA, DE
Suggested Session: Cores and Collapse