EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Xray point sources in NGC 281

Priya Hasan
MANU U, Hyderabad, IN
NGC 281 is a complex region of star formation at 2 kpc. This complex is situated 300 pc above the Galactic plane, and appears to be part of a 270 pc diameter ring of atomic and molecular clouds expanding at 22 km/s. It appears that two modes of triggered star formation are at work here: an initial supernova to trigger the ring complex and the initial O stars and the subsequent triggering of low mass star formation by photoevaporation driven molecular core compression. To get a complete census of the Young Stellar Population, we use Chandra ACIS for 100 ksec coupled with data from 2MASS and Spitzer. The Master Xray catalog now has 446 sources detected in different bandpasses. We present the X-ray luminosity function of the detected sources and their energies and spectra. We also evaluate the completeness of our sample and estimate the number of missing sources. We present the spatial distribution of Class I, II and III sources to study the progress of star formation.
S. Wolk, CfA, US
H.M. Guenther, MIT, US
Suggested Session: Cluster Formation