EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Low-mass young stellar population of the cluster IC 1805

Neelam Panwar
DU, Delhi, IN
Massive stars profoundly influence their immediate surrounding via stellar feedback. Their presence in a star forming region not only alters evolution of the parental molecular cloud but also determine the properties of the associated low-mass population. IC 1805 is a young cluster containing more than 15 massive stars, which excite the W4 HII region. In order to identify and characterize the less-known low-mass young stellar population associated with the region, we used the deep optical data from CHFT, infrared data from 2MASS and Spitzer-IRAC/MIPS, and X-ray data from Chandra. Here, we present physical properties such as, cluster extent, age, disk fraction and mass function of the cluster, and will discuss these results in the context of cluster formation and disk evolution. Based on the spatial distribution of YSOs, and the distribution of gas and dust of the complex, we will provide clues on the star formation history of the cluster, and argue that IC 1805 could have formed in a filamentary cloud.
M.R. Samal, NCU, TW
A.K. Pandey, ARIES, IN
J. Jose, KIAA, CN
Suggested Session: Cluster Formation