EPoS Contribution
EPoS Contribution
Adaptive optics imaging and IFU view of high mass protostars

Nanda Kumar
U Hertfordshire, Hatfield, GB
I will show some first results from adaptive optics imaging and integral field spectroscopy of ultra-hyper compact HII regions obtained in the near-infrared bands. This data enables to identify the infrared protostar, outflow cavities, possible radiation Rayleigh-Taylor instability features within the cavities, toroids/envelopes in BrG emission. The rich data set is compared to benchmark numerical simulations of high-mass star formation.
M. Krumholz, UCSC, US
R. Cesaroni, INAF, IT
M. Beltran, INAF, IT
J. Drew, CAR-UH, GB
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Suggested Session: Massive Star Formation